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Getting a Reaction

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0Unrated was a lie when they smiled and said,"you won't feel a thing"...

When we were done, we all went out the back door towards the bus only to find a bunch of screaming fans; just like Kate had said.

Good thing there are barriers or they'd be all over us...

I watched as Frank went over to a group of girls screaming him name. He looked really happy as he started signing autographs and taking pictures with them. I went over to where he was and they all started yelling my name too, or different versions of it... Gerard! Gerald! Jared!

Frankie looked at me and laughed at that last one. /Jared/, he mouthed, and I smiled back at him, and started signing autographs for them too.

A girl with black hair in pigtails started yelling that she wanted apicture of the two of us together, which we agreed to. There we were, standing there in front of the girl, me with an arm around Frankie's shoulder, waiting for the flash to come, when he suddenly turned to me, grabbed my face, and licked it from bottom to top, right when the flash went off.

All the girls started screaming even louder - they liked that sort of thing for some reason - but I just kind of stood there, stunned. We always did stuff like that on stage - God knows how many times we've all grabbed each others asses, kissed and licked each other on stage - but this time I didn't expect it at all. I was just... shocked.

Frankie was laughing as he saw the crowd's reaction, so I guess he didn't see the look on my face.

I finally woke up when I heard Kate's high-pitched voice coming from the bus: "Come on, guys! We have to go NOW!"

Bob stuck his head out of the bus too and waved a finger at us while yelling, "Enough making out, you whores, you don't wanna make Kate mad!" making fun of her. She shot him a look and sat in her seat, looking grumpy.

Frankie and I both waved goodbye to everyone, smiling, and went to get on the bus; we had a long drive ahead of us and we all wanted to sleep.

Ray and Mikey looked like they were already sleeping, and Bob was just settling in his bunk when Frank and I went over to ours.

"Goodnight, Gee," Frankie said to me, smiling. Heading to his bunk, he yelled over to Bob, "Hey! Try not to snore tonight Bob-o; we'd like to sleep for once!"

'Night, Frankie." I replied laughing. We both stripped off our shirts, not bothering with the jeans, and threw them on the floor. I hopped onto my bunk and closed the curtain after getting one last grin from Frankie.

I laid in bed for what seemed like hours awake, but was really only 10 minutes. Concerts always wear me out and I couldn't stay awake for long. But for those 10 minutes, Istared at the ceiling, thinking about why I was overreacting to what Frankie did. /He /always licks me! Why does it feel different this time? Stop thinking about it... it was nothing... nothing... Frankie...
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