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Meet the Skank

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Just to make this clear, i use italics quite a lot, but i think it helps the reader understand the story better. When I whole sentence is in italics its because it's what Gerard is thinking, his th...

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...'cause we are all a bunch of liars, tell me baby, who do you want to be? And we are all about to sell it cuz it's tragic with a capital T. Let it be, let it be, let it be...

"Gee... wake up, Gee...come on, babe... wake up..."

Whose voice was that? So close to me... /I /could feel his breath on my ear as he shook me slightly.I need to open my eyes...

When I finally decided to listen to the voice and face the world, I slowly opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen only a few inches from mine. Wow... what amazing hazel eyes...

"Gee? Are you alright?" Frankie asked me with a worried look on his face as he studied mine.

I sat up quickly - too quickly - and bumped my head on the bottom of his bunk (which was on top of mine), startled. Holy shit! Those were his eyes? I freaked out, that's the only word for it.

"Yeah... I'm fine... dammit..." I said, holding ahand to my head where I had bumped it. "Just wasn't expecting to see your eyes... I mean, to see anyone so close to my face... just waking up, I didn't expect you to be right on top of me... I mean -"

Frankie smiled and said, "Sorry, man. Didn't mean to scare ya. Didn't know I was that freaky looking... well, yeah, Idid, but still..." He was grinning now.

"Don't be stupid, I'm just not a morning person." I said, trying to smile back at him, but failing.

"Here, let me see that bump... ouch, that's gotta hurt. I'll have to be more careful next time I come wake you up or you'll really fuck up your head... even more than it already is," he said, still grinning.

I punched him in the arm and slowly got up, used to his sarcastic sense of humor. "What time is it?"

"It's almost 9:30. I came to get you because we're finally at the hotel and they have a huge pool, man, it's unbelievable! Come on, you have to check it out, you can have breakfast there,"he said, grabbing my arm and dragging me towards the bus door.

"Hold on, I don't have my shirt," I told him, trying to slow him down.

"Oh, I won't let that bother me," he said, grinning even wider now, and continued to drag me towards the door.

His last comment really made me smile for some odd reason, so I let him drag me to the door, managing to grab my shirt that I had abandoned on the floor on the way.

When he finally got me off the bus, he let go of my arm. I stopped a minute to pull my shirt on, and then continued after him.

Nice hotel. As I caught up with Frank, I looked up and saw how big the place was... wow.

"Umm, can we really afford this place?" I asked with a trace of worry in my voice.

"We can after last night. According to Katewe can afford a lot of things now, she says we're going to be the next big thing, if you care about that sort of thing." He always put special emphasis and a face of disgust when he said our new managers name.

"Where is everyone?"

He snorted a laugh and said they were all out in the pool. "We've all been up for awhile now. Not like you, sleeping beauty," he said teasingly, grinning again. He was always smiling... sleeping beauty...

"You're usually the one sleeping in late, what happened to that?"

"Yeah, but Ray and Bob were bullshitting around and woke me up. I'm surprised you didn't hear them." He led me towards the pool, where Mikey was diving in and Bob was trying to dunk Ray.

"No way in hell am I going to go swimming. I'll go head over to the pool bar. What are you gonna do, babe?" I always got burned and I didn't like my body enough to go around in public with no shirt on.

"I'll go with you for awhile; I don't feel like swimming now either."

We each sat on a stool; I ordered a coffee and a croissant since I was starving and Frankie ordered just a coffee, which he seemed addicted to. You could hook it up directly to his veins and he'd probably love you for it. Hell, I can't really talk since I live off the stuff too.

I ate the first croissant in 3 bites and ordered another one, thinking about why the hell I was so hungry. Frankie was sipping his coffee and checking everyone out.

We were just sitting there, watching the guys and making smartass comments every once in awhile, when a girl with long black hair in a blue bikini showed up, and sat next to Frankie.

Frank looked at me and smiled, as if silently saying do you see what I see?

In that moment, I hated the girl... what awhore... walking around a bikini that's too small... now she's even smiling at him... I bet she'd do anything just to -

"Hi. I'm Frank. This is Gerard. What's your name?"

My name is Skank. Nice to meet you.
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