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The Pool Scene

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...let's go down! This elevator only goes up to ten, he's not alright he's always looking at men, by down the pool he doesn't have any friends, as they are face down and bloated, snap a shot with the lens...

Ok, she obviously didn't say her name was Skank, but she should have. It suited her better.

She gave him a huge smile and said, "I'm Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam. Pleased to meet you... both", looking at me as she said /both/.

I gave her a fake smile and continued stuffing my face with my croissant. What a way to make a guy sick in the morning... I can see why Frank is talking to her though.

She was pretty... ok, god dammit, she was beautiful. She had long black hair and eyes to match. She was slim and kind of pale but there was something about her that... was fucking attractive. She seemed like a dumbass though. Why the hell is she wearing makeup to go swimming?

"...yeah, we just got here this morning. Ihad to drag Sleeping Beauty here out of bed just a few minutes ago. I get him, though; we're all pretty tired from last night with the concert and all..."

Here he goes again. Letting her know he's in a rock group; excellent way to pick up girls, for sure. Now look at her... all wide-mouthed and excited and asking questions to a grinning Frankie. There's no stopping them now.

It doesn't matter though, why should Icare? Frankie always gets the girls he wants, why should it bother me? It shouldn't. It doesn't. Or does it?

-cough, choke-

/"/Gee, are you alright? Don't choke and die on me now, what would I do without you?" he asked, teasingly, patting me on the back.

I swallowed the piece of croissant I was chewing on and, having finished it, said, "Yeah, I'm fine... well, erm, I'm gonna go see what Mikey's doing. We'll catch up later", I told Frankie. I got up and left, turning around for a second to say a polite "Nice meeting you Sk... Samantha". She smiled and waved, glad to be rid of me, I suppose.

What is my problem... I need a girl, that my problem. But, of course, I'll never get one if I go around silently naming perfectly nice ones 'Skanks'... I should just grow up.

Mikey was still in the pool with Ray and Bob having a water fight when I went over to see them.

"How's the water?" I asked them.

"Pretty nice," answered Ray.

I nodded and went over to a nearby chair."You should come in!" Mikey called after me.

I laughed and said, "No way in hell."

I looked back at Frankie and saw him with Skank. She's just gonna have to stick with that name, it suits her too well.

"Gee, Frankie's got himself a new friend there, hasn't he?" Bob asked me, grinning.

I nodded slowly and continued to look at the two. She was laughing her head off from something Frank was saying. He /is/a pretty funny guy in his own sarcastic way.

I finally managed to look away from them, and started analyzing the pool scene; there were lots of people, lots of groups of girls. Most of them were even girls with no guys hanging around. I looked around and saw that a lot of them were pretty, some gorgeous, even. But not one of them, /not one of them/, caught my attention. I couldn't manage myself spending any time with these girls...

When it was lunch time, we all went in to eat. Thank god, Skank didn't come with us because she wanted to stay out bit longer. Ugh.

The rest of the day we didn't do much of anything. Mikey was burned from being in the pool so we just decided to hang around the hotel for the rest of the day. We joked, laughed, had play-fights, had dinner and even watched some TV down in the big TV room. It was pretty relaxing.

I was sitting next to Frankie and he had his head on my shoulder; he had the perfect height to do that; it seemed like his head was made to fit perfectly onto my shoulder, however stupid that may sound.

Later on, Kate came in and stood in front of the TV, looking at the 5 of us with our room keys in her hands.

"Erm, 'we interrupt this program to announce the sudden appearance of a hideous sea monster with what appears to be a new kind of shiny weapon in her hand... will she destroy the universe? Find out after she gets her big ass out of the way," Frankie said in a reporters voice, into an invisible microphone in his hand.

I burst out laughing - I couldn't help it. I mean, /come on/, it was funny! Even though Mikey didn't think so... he gave us a killer look. Talk about no sense of humor.

"Well, Frank, if you're done with your little joke - and Gerard has regained control of himself - I'll continue with what I came here for. Here are the room keys. There are 3 rooms for the 5 of you. Only one of you will have your own room, and that'll be Ray since he won the last rock-paper-scissors game - a childish way to decide things but, effective nonetheless... As for the others, Bob and Mikey will be sharing a room and Gerard and... Frank will be sharing another room"

Frank smiled, happy with himself for getting her pissed like that. He grabbed my hand and jumped up, making my heart beat faster. He went over to Kate, giving her a sweet smile, to which she responded to with a snort of disgust, and handed him our key. He took it and we all headed to the elevator; our room was on the 11th floor.

We said goodnight to the others and headed towards our room, which was a little way down the hall.

Frank opened the door to the room, and we just stood there looking into it with our mouths open. I wasn't a rich kid by far, and had never seen a room as nice as this one.

"Holy fuck!" yelled Frank, running in and landing on the closer of the two queen-sized beds. "This place is awesome!"

I walked in, looking around in amazement, and sat on the other bed, the one farthest away from the door. "It sure is..."giving a whistle in approval as I continued to look around the room.

Frank jumped up and went to go look in the bathroom. He started yelling something about how big the mirror and shower was, but I was too lazy to get up and see.

"I'm tired, baby, let's go to sleep..." I whined at him.

Frankie came out of the bathroom yawning and saying, "Yeah, I'm tired too. All that flirting has made me sleepy." He flopped on his bed, grinning. "Did you see how gorgeous Sam was? I mean, /wow/. She should have came to eat lunch with us, that way the others could have seen her."

"They saw her."

"Really? Did they say anything about her?"he asked, sounding excited.

"They just asked if you were making new friends..."already becoming bored with the topic.

"Hopefully I'll see her again tomorrow and she'll become more than a friend," he said, laying on his bed, grinning and looking up at the ceiling. "Tomorrows our last night here, ya know? This is just supposed to be a little break before we go back to living the'tour-bus-life'."

"Change is good," I said, happy to get away from the people here...especially one black-haired girl.

Frank got up and pulled his shirt off, throwing it onto a nearby chair. He yanked his black jeans off after that, and left it with the shirt; he likes to sleep in just his boxers. Can't say that I mind... what I mean is, that I understand because it's more comfortable. Yeah, that's it.

Trying to convince myself of that, Iundressed and got in bed too, after we both brushed our teeth and had a mini water fight in the bathroom. Everything was fun with Frank. Even standing around in boxers and just brushing our teeth. Just boxers...
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