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A Sight for Sore Eyes

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...another night and I'll see you, another night and I'll be you, some other way to continue, to hide my face...

I woke up the next morning, feeling groggy and not knowing where I was. I looked around the room and saw Frank sleeping in his bed, all curled up and snoring softly, too softly to bother anyone. He looked so peaceful and adorable I just had to smile.

I got up, trying not to make any noise, and went into the bathroom. I'd take a shower and then head downstairs to see if Icould find some breakfast. I'm always really hungry when I wake up.

I turned on the water and pulled off my boxers, throwing them to a corner of the small room just as Frankie walked in, rubbing his eyes and yawning.

He looked so cute that, for one moment, Iforgot I was naked.

"Frankie! What the fuck?! Can't you see I'm here, naked!"

Yawning loudly, he said, "Aaaaand? I've seen you naked tons of times, Gee. Have you grown anything new down there or something?" and started laughing at his own joke.

He was right; we had seen each other naked a bunch of times, and there I was, blushing for fucks sake.

"Yeah, ok," I said, glaring at him, and jumped into the shower, pulling the shower curtain shut. Frankie chuckled as he peed and then left.

I took a quick cold shower, to wake me up, among other things. When I was done, I got out of the bathroom wearing some jeans - most of my jeans looked alike - and drying and messing my hair up with a towel at the same time. Frankie was sprawled on his bed, watching TV, waiting for his turn to shower.

He got up and ran to the bathroom when he saw I was finally done, sticking his tongue out at me with his eyes closed in his cute baby way.

I shook my head and continued to dry my hair. It was always a mess, no matter what I did with it. So, why bother?

When that was over and I was dressed, I had two major cravings to tend to: coffee and cigarettes. I went over to my suitcase looking for my "emergency" pack and opened it, taking one of the cigarettes out. Lighter, lighter, lighter... I thought as I searched through my things for one. Just as I was about to go into the bathroom and ask Frankie where his was, I stopped myself. Don't wanna see him naked... it's too weird now... so I started searching through his suitcase instead.

/His jeans!/He always had the lighter on him, so it had to be in the jeans he wore yesterday... /gotcha/, I thought, smiling to myself.

"Hey, going to steal my pants now too, or what?" Frankie came out of the bathroom with a towel covering his most intimate parts and towelling dry his hair as I had done.

"Just your lighter," I answered, lighting up the cigarette, trying not to look at him.

Just as I had it lit, he ran up and snatched it from me, jumping away as I tried to snatch it back.

He took a long drag and said "Ahhh" with a face of pure happiness, trying to piss me off.

"There's more where that came from," I mumbled, taking out another one from my pack.

"You owed me one from yesterday, anyways. You actually still owe me another one."

"What, you keeping tabs now?" I looked up at him and saw him sitting on my bed with his head back and slowly exhaling the smoke.

That had to be the sexiest image I had ever seen: Frankie, on my bed, with nothing more than a towel, all wet, his hair all messy, leaning back and exhaling my addiction with a look on his face that made me want to... where the FUCK did that idea come from?!

I got up suddenly, from where I was sitting in front of my suitcase, and stuffed my pack of cigs into my back pocket. "Get dressed; I need coffee."

"Mmm, that sounds like heaven..." he murmured, still sitting on my bed. He got up, holding the almost finished cigarette in his mouth, and went over to his suitcase and got some clean boxers and a shirt; he'd put on the same jeans as yesterday.

As he dropped the towel to the floor, Iturned around, not wanting to see him the way he was born... well, and with added tattoos, of course.

He chuckled to himself when he saw me do that, and said, "You're /weird/, man," shaking his head.

"Yeah, whatever. Hurry up," I told him grumpily, lighting up another cigarette.

"I'm coming, I'm coming."

I took a quick glance back at him and saw he was dressed except for a shirt, which he was pulling on. I walked to the door and opened it, waiting for him to go out. "Key?"

"Got it," he said, grabbing it from the floor, where it ended up somehow.

"You can straighten your hair on the way down, let's go." I closed the door after him and we went towards the elevator. Eleven floors to go down.

"Why? What's wrong with it?"

"It's all sticking up and messy... you usually have it straight," I told him, scratching my head.

"Look who's talking, Gee," he said with asnort. "Your hair is the biggest mess I've ever seen."

"Yeah, but mine gives out asexy-under-control-mess vibe, while yours gives out an I'm-too-lazy-to-brush-my-hair vibe." I loved teasing him. It's so fun and easy. He already had a worried look on his face as I pressed the button for the elevator to come up. It opened aminute later and we went in, still talking about his hair. I finished the last of my cig and dropped into a cigarette butt container next to the door before getting in.

"Aww, fix it, Gee. I might see Sam down there," he said worriedly, closely examining his reflexion in the mirror-covered elevator.

Sighing, I grabbed him and turned him towards me, and started flattening it as best as I could, especially the front part that had to be straight for it to almost completely cover his eye, like he usually had it.

It was in that moment that I realised just how gorgeous he was. His eyes were beautiful, like I had seen the day before when he woke me up, but just his whole face was... breath-taking. With his eyes, his little face, the hair hanging over it, and his hot piercings... it all came together perfectly. I just stood there staring at him for a few seconds... afew seconds too long.

"Are you... done?" he asked, in a strange tone of voice.

He must have noticed that I kind of froze up. "Err, yeah, yeah. All done," I blurted out, backing away and turning towards the door. Talk about awkward.

We heard a ding from the elevator as we reached the bottom floor, and the door opened. We both practically ran out, hating the tension and lack of space that there was in the elevator. and everything will be fine. That's what I had thought. HA. What a laugh...
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