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Worst. Chapter. Ever. If you could even call it a chapter. Seriously, I’m just drained. It’s a filler. Swear to G-d I hate time elapses and I like doing things day by day but right now I’m sick of it so time elapse away! That’s all this ‘chapter’ is. Um… yea, read if you dare. Sorry about the disappointment ahead of time:

Pasta ended up being the main meal of the night, pasta and flounder. Both Frank and I only ate the pasta, but he didn’t say anything about it.

My fork clinked against the bowl as I cleaned up my finished meal. “I’m all packed and it’s only 7:20…” I said trailing off. Frank nodded as he finished up his pasta.
“Tour?” he asked. I shrugged.
“If you really want to… there’s nothing to see though.”
It was his turn to shrug. “Or?” he asked.
“Or… Donkey Kong old school style. Super Nintendo, 1994.”
His eyes lit up, “You like video games?” I laughed.
“I don’t have much, only Super Nintendo… so it’s either Mario or Donkey Kong…”

I brought his plate to the sink before he could say anything and in a flash I had raced him up the stairs. Winning, since he forgot where to go. “This way” I said, heading over to the guest room. I watched as his face fell, his mouth stayed shut even though I knew what he wanted to say. “Yea, it smells bad. Um… avoid any stains and just sit on these mattresses I guess,” I said pointing to the piled twin mattresses across from the TV. As he took his seat I popped in the game.
“Have you ever played?” I asked. He nodded, “Dude… I must’ve been like… your age.” He said grinning; he was good at math.
“Okay, in that case, you’re Donkey.” I said handing him the main controller, letting him pick a game slot. He ended up choosing Contest mode, I smiled to myself, he was going /down/.

---------------------time elapse------------------------

“WHAT THE FUCK!” Frank said in frustration. I must’ve been at least a world ahead of him. I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically, my fingers continued pressing buttons and moving my characters around. Unfortunately, with my eyes closed, I ended up falling down an easy jump and losing a life. Now Frank was laughing at me.
“Dude… I have like, 50 lives.” I said, making him stop laughing immediately. “Well… that’s because you did the first level like, a million times.” He said pouting.
“Safety precaution.”
“Sounds like a condom….” He muttered under his breath.
“Trojan wants you to be safe, use a condom every time.” I said conversationally. He looked at me like I was a freak, which, I was. But still…
“What time is it?” he asked. I had a feeling he was tired of getting his butt whooped.
“Um… wow. It’s almost 11…”
“And your parents aren’t yelling at you?”
“They are… in their heads… we better save it or something.” I said. Since it was my turn I went to Candy’s Save Point and then shut down the game.
“Crap what?”
“Crap where are you going to sleep?”
“I won’t make you use the guest room… or my brother’s room, he’s a pig… um…”
“I’ll take the couch.” He suggested.
“No, you won’t. You sleep in weird little bunks on tour and I have to get used to weird little bunks on tour, so you get big comfy bed, I get couch.”
“No way!”
“Don’t argue.”
“Or what?”
“Or… I’ll tell Jamia you made a move on me!”
“She wouldn’t believe you,” he said matter-of-factly. Damn, he was an unphased man.
“I’ll figure out something, so yea, you get bed, I get couch. Besides, I have to shower anyway so you can start sleeping while I’m doing that and such.”
“I can’t convince you otherwise?”
He sighed in defeat, “Fine.”

------------next day-----------------

We boarded the plane, and slept the whole entire to Melbourne. I had told my friends that I was going on tour on the phone right before our flight number was called. They were pissed that I wasn’t taking them along. Boo hoo. That’s why I didn’t tell them in the first place!

I was awakened by a bladder need. Duty calls.
Unfortunately, I had window seat. “Frank?” I said in a Homer Simpson whisper.
“Fraaaaannnkkiiee” He flinched but remained asleep. I rolled my eyes and climbed over the seat and his sleeping figure.
“What the hell?” he mumbled, just as my butt was in his face, about to step down.”
“I’m going to the bathroom,” I said, mortified.
“Erm… Okay.” He said, lolling his head back to the side.

---------------------------more time elapse------------

Ya know what? I’ll just post this and they’ll be in Melbourne next chapter, how does that sound? I hate fillers. I’m not creative right now. If you enjoy this… yea, even I hate it. But you get the point, right? He thinks Emily’s a freak, Emily loves him, they’re kinda ish friends now, butt in face, donkey kong. Okay. Whatever. I’ll get working on the next chapter whenever the hell I can, I have tons of schoolwork and just life and shit so I’m sorry if I don’t update quickly. Um… yea, I know I don’t, it’s a bad habit. Too bad. Review if you want, I always like reviews, regardless of what they say.

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