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Reading in the bathtub isn't weird!

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XD I'm sorry I've been gone so long, hope this makes up.

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My face was buried in his chest, his arms wrapped tightly around me in a protective hug. I felt my body lift into my air and my feet swung around.

“Hey Gerard.” I said giggling and giving him a friendly kiss on the cheek when he let go of me.

“Hey Emily,” I heard a female voice say. I turned my head and looked to Gerard’s side. With her hand laced in his, there stood Lyn Z.
“Hey Lyn Z.” I said shaking her hand. She did what guys do and pulled me into a hug instead.
“Nice to finally meet you”

I smiled, it felt kind of comforting to be accepted by her. The four of us gathered into a car provided by the record company and we drove off to the bus area of the venue.
“Home.” I said, smiling.
Gerard rolled his eyes, “Not for long” he said looking all lovey dovey at Lyn Z. It was cute in a kind of fluffy sickening kind of way. I simply smiled.
Frank gave a small nod, as if he was unsure if he agreed or not. I stayed silent.

“What’s up shorty!” Ray, Bob, and Mikey said as we entered the living area of the tour bus.
“I’m on tour with My Chem,” I said shrugging, “nothing out of the ordinary. No, not at all.” Ray gave me a big smile, Mikey gave a little chuckle, and Bob went back to playing Guitar Hero. I dropped my things down right where I was and ran over to him, watching the screen almost as intently as he was. Right. Right. Mistake. Nice one!

“Crap you’re good!” I said whistling slowly.
“Wanna try?” he asked me. I looked at him wide-eyed, “I suck.” He shrugged and said, “You can even try our song…” My eyes lit up and he set Dead! on easy for me. I took the little guitar and sat down on the couch, leaning forward closer to the screen, strumming and clicking buttons, always a beat too fast for the conveyor belt. “Damnit…” I muttered in frustration. All the guys laughed at me and I handed the guitar over in defeat. “I should unpack and crap.” I said. Gerard nodded and went to show me my bunk.

I stood, inspecting the spot, trying to figure out who belonged in the surrounding bunks.
“So….” Gerard said.
“Huh? Oh, nothing haha.” I said smiling at him. I crouched down to my stuff and grabbed a flashlight, which I taped to the top of my bunk. I mentally thanked Amanda for being so crafty in camp.
“Ever been to Australia?” he asked.
“Ever been out of the country?”
“Oh, okay.”

“I guess I’m still just the awkward little fan girl, right?” I said lightly, still unpacking.
"Nah, you're a good kid."

We heard some noise in another part of the bus, Gerard went to check it out. I decided to finish unpacking.


It's been about a week into the tour. I'm not going to go into detail or anything. It's fun to say the least, and the shows are amazing. But they won't let me go into the pit. Afraid that I might get trampled or some shit like that.

I am sitting in the bathtub, the curtain is closed, the door is unlocked. I forgot.
I am reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It is incredible.
Why am I in the bathtub reading a book?
Because I can.
Because no one can see me.
Because of the echoing silence that surrounds me.
Because even I need to get away.

I heard the door creaking open. My eyes got wide, no one realized I was in here. They probably thought I was in my bunk. I quietly peered out the curtain, concealing myself, and my eyes widened more.

Mr. Frank Iero had to go to the bathroom. I shut my eyes as he unzipped his pants like he would if he were alone. Fuck me fuck me fuck me, I couldn't look!

Well, that's not true now, is it.

I opened my eyes as he leaned over the toilet, grabbing onto his member to aim into the toilet.

Am I crazy to say it was beautiful? Now I wish that he had gone to the bathroom a little bit longer. Maybe he'll come in another day. Maybe he'll be horny and.... well, it would be wrong for me to think like that, wouldn't it.

But it would be hot.
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