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Transparent Mask.

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updated! for real? oh my! enjoy, I'm not sure why I chose this title but it kind of works in my head so yea. :D

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I lie awake in my bunk, I hadn't picked up my book since that little incident in the bathroom. I know about our age difference, about his fiance, about everything; I tried to act normal and stop thinking like that, I really really tried. He's just a friend, I had never seen one and got a little too excited, that's all. That had to be all.

I heard snoring and carefully climbed out of my bunk. I was tired as hell but if I knew anything, I knew the kind of dreams I would be having, and I wouldn't allow myself to have such dreams. This isn't fanfiction, he's not going to find out and be all like "EMILY! I LOVE YOU TOO!" and take my virginity away. I knew it was creepy, but fangirly dreams are the hardest to escape.

I tried to read but got bored of it almost immediately. I considered drawing but I'm a perfectionist and a horrible drawer, so I would end up completely disappointed in my art and angry at myself. I couldn't write a story, kinky things would escape my fingers and that wouldn't exactly help the situation. I sat there staring at nothing for the longest time until my eyes glazed over, everything was eerily still and silent. I finally blinked and caught sight of the back room. Hesitantly, I got up and made my way there, feeling slightly shaky on the moving bus after sitting for so long.

I opened the door and saw all of the boys' instruments, my eyes focusing on a white guitar with a frankenstein strap. I picked it up and slid it over my head, popping up some tabs that I had started before the concert and never got to finish. I positioned my fingers on the third fret of the fifth string and the first fret of the fourth string, hitting the fifth string, then the fourth, then the third. Demolition Lovers. It was a pretty irritating coincidence that this was the only song I started learning by My Chemical Romance.

By the time I reached the section after "As snow falls on desert sky until the end of everything," I couldn't hear the footsteps coming closer.
"Aw, I didn't know you play guitar!" I heard Bob say, a sleepy smile spread across his face. My head shot up out of concentration and my eyes widened as I was caught, it took a second to breathe slower. "Oh, hey Bob... didn't notice you were there." I gasped.
"Sorry to intrude." he said, looking like a dog that had just been caught pissing on the brand new carpet.
"No, no. It's fine, I'm just surprised." I said, putting the guitar down and patting the seat next to me. He walked over and asked if I could play up to the point that I learned. I sighed, "Do I have to?" I asked. He nodded, that bastard. I sighed and positioned my fingers on the neck of the guitar, beginning the intro to the song.

"I always thought of you as a singer." he said as my fingers paused over the strings and I looked up.
"Um... I am." I said, I never sang around the boys. I just felt weird about it. Really weird. I sucked, and I knew it. Videos don't lie.
"Damn, what else do you do?" he asked. I chuckled, "Nothing dear Bobert."
He didn't give me the funny look I had been expecting.

I put the guitar down, "Ya know, I never get to spend time with good ol' Bob!" I said and gave him a noogie.
"Now you know why!" he said pushing me off, still sluggish.
"Aww, so.... want to tell me your life story?" I asked. "There's like, nothing on the internet." I gave him a playful punch, even though I knew I wasn't lying.
"Um... are you serious?" he asked.
"Um... no, I'm just a bad conversationalist." I said, looking down.
"What do fans say about us?" he asked, but I wasn't sure if he really wanted the answers.
"Well, we all think that you and Ray don't get enough attention... um, Gerard is sex on legs, Frank is pretty much a God, and Mikey is just kind of the goofy kid I guess..." I said, a blush rising to my cheeks. Bob laughed, "Wow."


"You thought that too?"
"......................some of it......."

Bob's a quiet guy.
Bob doesn't tell secrets.

Author's Note! what do you guys think???? please review! I keep changing it up and I just don't know what's going on with this story but have no fear, it shall continue!!! It might get kind of strange and seem disconnected at points but still :D Thank you to everyone who keeps up with this! I know I'm a horribly inconsistent writer so thank you so very very much!

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