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Commitment pt1

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Joe's POV his thoughts about his and Steven's relationship, and Billie now knowing about it. done to the song Avant Garden by Aerosmith. next chapter is from Steven's POV.

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I had a friend who spoke of fate & he
knew of another place in space in time
he told of how me & my lady could look but we would never find

It was so funny to be in this situation, Billie and I were done, and I was now with Steven. I was happy, just looking at my situation I was reminded of something Steven had said almost a year ago.
When he found out I was going out with Billie he supported it, but I knew he didn’t like her. He said I’d be better with someone else, I just couldn’t see it at the time. I wish I’d seen it sooner though, then I wouldn’t have wasted so much time.

said if you please I beg your pardon
sometimes the things you see they just aint so
your life can be an avant garden
cause loves what makes your garden grow

I was so caught up in thinking I had the perfect girl I blocked out the faults. I didn’t want to hear what Steven said, and I lost my self in her lies. I let myself be used, and I wouldn’t believe anything Steven told me. In my eyes Billie could do no wrong, and looking back I think Steven was in his own way trying to get me to notice him in another way. I just never caught the little hints he dropped. I went through a living hell for a year never thinking to look to Steven as the better person I could be with, At least not until I found out about Tom. Breaking up with Billie was the best thing I could have done. It finally gave me a chance to look at Steven in a different perspective. To finally see that the person I’d been searching for was right in front of me the whole time.

the sun leads the way the moon lights the sky
I see you & I lying in my Avant Garden
I dream of the day when our worlds collide
we wont be denied here inside our Avant Garden

Now here we were together just like it should have been so long ago. Billie and Tom now knew about our relationship, but I didn’t care anymore. I always thought I would freak out if anyone ever found out me and Steven ever had anything going on. But now that we actually did have something going on, it didn’t bother me any. I didn’t care what anyone would think, because we were meant for each other and needed to be together. No matter what people thought we wouldn’t break off our relationship.

Sometimes my life aint what it seeming
Right from the start its what your hearts believing
could all this just be lucid dreaming
but dreams aint just enough for me

Everyone thought I had it all with Billie. No one realized how bad things were, or any of the things that were going on behind closed doors. I didn’t even know half of the things going on.
When I found out about Billie and Tom, I felt like the dream I had convinced myself I was living had been a nightmare the whole time. And now being with Steven I felt every moment with him was just like a dream come true. But just being a dream wasn’t enough, I wanted this to be my reality. No more Billie, all I cared about now was Steven.

the sun leads the way the moon lights the sky
I see you & I lying in my Avant Garden
I dream of the day when our worlds collide
we wont be denied here inside our Avant Garden

I paced back and forth in the bedroom. Steven was showering now, and I had been here alone left to go over what had just happened. I was going to tell Steven about Billie knowing about our relationship now. I just never got to it. I loved Steven, but I didn’t if Steven felt the same way I did on how about other people knowing about us. As I heard the water stop I knew my time for telling him was nearing. I had a feeling he felt the same way I did, but now was the time I would find out for sure.

you know its just aint right
to deal with other shite
no one should ever be so broken hearted
dont ever be afraid cause when you got it made
yeah you dont even have to try

He came out through the bathroom door dressed in silk pajama bottoms with his hair wrapped in a towel. Now was my time. Watching him as he walked over to the dresser I thought about ways to break it to him. Finally I came to the conclusion that the best way was just to go out and tell him. I would never know if he felt the same way unless I just went out and asked.
Inhaling I said “Hey Steven I have to tell you something.”
“Yeah, what is it?” he said as he began brushing out his hair.
When I didn’t answer right away he turned around to face me. “what is it Joe?”
“I don’t know an easy way to put this. Steven Billie knows.” I went out and said it, now I was waiting for an answer.

so i'll be waiting in your garden
watching all your flowers grow

“she knows?”
“yeah,” I mumbled. “she found out when I went to go pick up my clothes. I was kind of an idiot, and showed up in your pants.”
“I know,” he said smiling.
“You knew, and didn’t tell me,” I asked looking up at him.
“well I don’t care if she knows. Plus you looked really good in them.” He said smiling
I returned the smile. I had my answer. He didn’t care either. We had nothing to worry about.

the sun leads the way the moon lights the sky
I see you & I lying in my Avant Garden
I dream of the day when our worlds collide
you'll know we've arrived here inside our Avant Garden

“So you don’t care if others know?”
“No, I’ve waited so long for this to finally happen, I don’t care what anyone thinks. Do you?”
“No, I love what we have. I just wasn’t sure if you felt the same way I did. I didn’t know how you would take it if anyone knew.”
“Well I’m glad were on the same page then, because I could care less. I think most people think we already got something going on and nothings gone wrong with our career.”
I laughed. “ I thought that exact same thing. You know, I’m glad we finally took a chance and started this relationship up.”
“me too.”

the sun brings the rain the moon needs the sky
i see you & I lying in my Avant Garden
beware of the lies a word to the wise
there's sweet cherry pies
and truth inside our Avant Garden

“So you don’t care?” I asked.
“Nope. You?”
“Yeah,” I said. “So if you don’t care you wouldn’t mind if I did this would you,” I said leaning over and kissing him.
“No,” he said in between kisses. “I wouldn’t mind, I’d love it.”
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