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ok yeah the titles suck, but they work. this chapter is to garth brooks' thunder rolls, if you've heard it you could probably guess what's gonna happen. basically Billie finds something out about J...

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Joe's POV:
"mmm, Steven," I say between furious kisses. "I have to go."
"Do you really?" he asks rubbing a hand up my chest as he toys with my hair flashing puppy dog eyes.
"I wish I didn't have to baby," I say grazing a hand across h is cheek.
"Then don't," he said leveling my gaze.
"I have to pick some things up," I say wrapping an arm around him, resting his head on my shoulder.
Squirming to look up at me he said "you could use my clothes, just don't go Joe."
"I don't want to be a hassle, I'll just go pick up my things, and then I'm back Steven."
"I'm not sure about this, I mean it looks like it's going to rain." He whined.
"I'll be fine, it's only a 15 minuet drive. Trust me babe."
"I do."
"I'll be back," I said kissing his lips before walking outside.

Three thirty in the morning,
not a soul in sight,
the city's looking like a ghost town
on a moonlit summer night.
Raindrops on the windshield,
there's a storm moving in.
He's heading back from somewhere
that he never should have been.

I had already backed out of Steven's driveway and was heading to my house when raindrops started hitting the windshield. Guess he was right, I thought turning on the windshield wipers.
'What was going to happen? Would Tom be there? What would Billie say?' all these questions raced in my mind.
'Wait, I'm going in to pick up clothes, nothings gonna happen, the house is in my name, and if Tom's there he's not gonna want to start something.' Satisfied with my reasoning I turned on the radio.
'Hmm, Alice Cooper's no more Mr. Nice guy. I'll keep it here,' I thought removing my hand from the dial.
"No more Mr. nice guy, no more Mr. Clean no more Mr. Nice guy he's sick he's obscene..."
A huge bolt of lightning lit up the sky, and the thunder soon followed. I eased my foot off the gas, slowing, seeing how bad the rain was.

And the thunder rolls.
And the thunder rolls.

Billie's POV:
Tom had gone to pick up some stuff from his house. He'd refused to wear Joe's clothes. I knew it'd be a good hour before he was back, but since it started raining I had gotten worried.
I'd lit a couple of candles and stood by the window waiting for his car to pull into the driveway.
Lightning flashed and I nervously chewed at my nails.
'God I hope he's ok.' Then my thoughts drifted to Joe. He hadn't come back. It'd been a day, and he hadn't shown up. I had no idea where he'd gone, or how he was, and it worried me.
I fiddled with my hair and gazed out towards the street. Placing a had on my stomach I whispered, "Come home safe."

Every light is burning
in a house across town.
She's pacing by the telephone
in her faded flannel gown.
Asking for a miracle,
Hoping she's not right.
Praying it's the weather
that's kept him out all night.

I turned from the window and walked to get my cup of tea from the table. Taking a sip I frowned, 'it's cold'. Placing the cup back down I nervously began pacing the length of the couch.
Just then I heard a car pull into the driveway. I rushed to see Tom.

And the thunder rolls.
And the thunder rolls.

Joe's POV:
I had just pulled into the driveway, but now I stay with the keys in the ignition. I looked up through the rain soaked windshield and saw Billie.
She must have seen me, because for a second our eyes locked.
I saw her and knew there was nothing between us. I was over her, and it looked as if she was over me. Glad that there wasn't anything between us I knew this would be easier. I took the keys out and headed towards the door. She picked up on why I was here and left the window and headed to the door.

The thunder rolls, and the lightning strikes.
Another love grows cold, on a sleepless night.
As the storm rolls on, out of control.
Deep in her heart, the thunder rolls.

I knocked on the door and she opened it.
"Hey," she said making room for me to step inside out of the rain.
"Hey, I need to pick some stuff up"
"Oh, sure come in."
As I walked in I took in my old house's appearance.
'Nothing too different. None of my pictures up, but you can only figure that.'
"Come for the clothes didn't you?'
"Yeah, are they still in my closet?"
"Yes, haven't moved them."
With that I made my way upstairs. Grabbing a bag I began throwing in my clothes.
I had piled in enough jeans and shirts to last a month. While I was putting in my shoes, I felt eyes on my back.
Knowing it was Billie I slowly turned around. I put a hand in my hair figuring it might be crazed from any escapades with Steven. I was on my way to the door when she placed a hand on my chest.
She may have wanted to say something, but now her eyes stayed fixated on my neck, which had been exposed.
I closed my eyes, because I knew it was coming.
"Who's is it"
That was it, she'd cheated, wanted out, and now she had the nerve to be mad about a hickey. Well I could play the same game. I motioned to her stomach and asked, "Who's is it?"
"God damit Joe," she said hitting me on the arm. " That's why we never worked."
"No, we didn't work 'cause you screwed my best friend!" I yelled walking through the door and headed towards the stairs.
She followed behind me and yelled out " you wanna know why else it wouldn't have worked? 'Cause your fucking Steven!"
I turned around "what!?"
'Crap she knew'
"Don't play stupid. It's written all over you! You actually smell like him, and those aren't your jeans!"
I looked down, now realizing why the jeans were tighter than usual.
"At least he doesn't cheat," I said and walked out to my car.

She's waiting by the window
when he pulls into the drive.
She rushes out to hold him
Thankful he's alive.
With all the wind and rain
a strange new perfume blows,
and the lightning flashes in her eyes,
and he knows that she knows.

I was long gone from the house, but I couldn't get to Steven's fast enough.
She knew. I should have been more careful.
Wait why? She screwed with Tom, and I actually loved Steven. Why should it matter if it's out in the open?
Hell it couldn't hurt us, half the people thought there was something there between us, and sales just kept pouring in.
So she knows, who cares?

And the thunder rolls.
And the thunder rolls.

Billie's POV:
He was screwing Steven. I knew there was chemistry there, but I never thought he'd act on it. Wow.
As I was taking this in I heard another car pull in the drive.
I raced to open the door and came face to face with Tom. Throwing my arms around him, I hugged him tightly.
"your never going to believe it Tom."
"What?" he asked walking in, and setting his bag down.
"Joe came by to pick up clothes, and well, Tom he's screwing Steven," I said shock obvious in my voice.
Tom seemed to take in what I'd just said then he opened his mouth and said " Really?"
"who cares, at least I got you."
"And I've got you."
This was the turning point, there was nothing between me and Joe. I had Tom, and he had Steven.
There was no us, and I was happy with that.

The thunder rolls, and the lightning strikes.
Another love grows cold, on a sleepless night.
As the storm rolls on, out of control.
Deep in her heart, the thunder rolls.
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