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Chapter 1

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Spoilers to EotN! A group of Norn children went walking in Drakkar Lake alone. Where they found a cute white bunny next to the entrance of Drakkar Lake Cave. All the friends went to follow it into ...

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Don't Follow the Bunnies


Summary: Spoilers to EotN! A group of Norn children went walking in Drakkar Lake alone. Where they found a cute white bunny next to the entrance of Drakkar Lake Cave. All the friends went to follow it into the cave, expect for Cadawg who warns them not to follow it or be killed from "the evil killer bunnies" as he calls them. Like all children do, none believe him, calling him a coward. Norn do not fear battle, nor they run away from a fight. Five went in and 1 went out. The four who never came back from the cave was never seen again.


Chapter One


"Let me tell you a story. A story that happened long ago. A story that takes you far back, the times when I was just a young one, such as you all are now. A time when I, myself was taught a lesson, a lesson that took four souls to the afterlife... My lesson was this, young ones... what ever you do, never ever. I and mean never, follow the bunnies... Now where to begin? Oh, of course, the beginning..."


75 winters ago...

"Hold your ground you filthy beast!" a tall Norn (1) child shouted, raising his sword above his head. The young child was as tall as above average grown human, his long golden blond hair that was brained; his clothes were made of fur, leather and iron. His blue eyes glared at a dark figure, a follow Norn child, who was lying on the snow ground, his own sword few feet from his right hand. The boy was very short considered to the Norn, only five feet tall height (as everyone else in his age group was at six feet tall). He had long dark red-ish hair, with black eyes, heart shaped face, and a scar going down from his left eye to the bottom on his neck.

"Do you surrender, Cadawg (2)?” the blond child said coldly, his sword now to the dark haired boy’s throat.

The Norn boy, Cadawg, didn’t speck. He kept his lips shut, baiting his tongue, trying not to speck. He knew if he spoke, he would angry the blond boy more with his sharp tongue. His father always said that he was his knack of getting into a trouble when he speck. His mother always told him to watch of what he would say to others. 'Never speck in angrier, Cadawg, my son . If you do, don't speck at all.' was her saying that she told him many times before. Learning this, saved his hide many times. Many of the Norn children beat him up for his quick tongue slashing.

Behind them was a red headed female, who was leaning by a pine tree, folding her arms, sighing loudly. "Give it a rest, Zaham (3)! You been at it all morning! Leave the poor boy alone."

The blond child, Zaham, left his sword away from Cadawg, letting the dark haired boy to get up from the ground. "Ah, Paka (4), I was just having a little fun! Besides, he's just a little runt. Nothing to worry about. He will die anyway. Why make it sooner then later? " It was true. Many children of their kind die because they were weak and small, just like Cadawg. The only way a weak, small Norn being would live long enough if they keep themselves close to the village, not going out to the hunting trips. To the Norn, it was look down among themselves, that one would not fight. It was hard to marry, would one stadias is so low. Norn customs that only equals may marry.

Of what Zaham heard from his father talking to his mother, Candace (5), Cadawg was almost disowned from his family from birth, because of his size when he was born. But his mother changed his father's mind, telling him that Cadawg would grow in time. Zaham and many others wonder if Cadawg had more then Norn blood running through his veins, making him so small. To he ver he had a son or daughter, he would leave his child in the forest. Having a small child, a son no less, is look down among the elders.

"I will never surrender, Zaham." Cadawg hissed, getting up from the snow covered ground.

"Come on guys. Lets go found something to do." Haben (6), Zaham's friend said in a bored tone. He too had blond hair, but it was more on the dark side. He had gray eyes and a square face.

"Yeah! Come on, maybe we can spot some baby caribous!" Sahara (7), the younger sister to Paka, said. She was slimier to her older sister, who was only two seasons older then her.

"Yeah." Zaham said, not wanting to see fawn jumping around. To him, it was too girlish or rather too childish to watch fawns. But on the other hand they had nothing else to do.

Cadawg watched as the four started to walk away, leaving him behind. He is used this type of treatment from others. He was an outsider of his people. He had no friends that was around his age. The only friend that he has is his own mother, but that doesn't count. He had no brothers or sisters to make him up when other children beat him up.

He wasn't the fact that he did want to see caribou fowls. He loved to watch deer, bears and other creatures grazing in the meadows. It was fact that they are not nice to him. To them, he was just someone that is following them. Like a two year following the older kids, wanting to play with them.

Unwillingly Cadawg slowly followed them.

They passed shrine, who Wiglaf (8) stood, his trusty sword at side. He was a stocky, nine foot tall Norn, who had long blond hair and wore a horned helmet.

Wiglaf waved back, unknowingly to Cadawg, Wiglaf was smiling beneath his helmet. It was hard not to grow fondly to the young runt, who had a golden spark in his soul, that many Norn forgotten.

"Oh, look at that!" Paka said, pointing at a group of fawns who was playing with each other.

"Yeah, they are really cute, Paka." Zaham said dully.

"Just because you have don't have a heart, does mean that you should ruin it for the rest of us" Sahara said.

Zaham, picked up a rock and through it at the group of fawns. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Paka yelped, watching the rock hit its target. One of the small fawns yelped in pain. As if immediately the herd of caribous started to attack them. With there large pointed antlers charged at them.

"Now you done it, Zaham!" Haben yelled. The four children ran as fast as they could.

Cadawg, who just approached them, saw what happened. He wasn't surprised, Zaham always cause trouble. He started to run behind him.

"Wow that was close." Zaham said grinning, the five of them stopping just as out of Norrhart Domains.

"Why did you do that for?! Why did you hurt the poor helpless little baby?" Sahara asked him.

"Oh come on, that thing wasn't hurt that bad..." Paka hit him. "Ow, what was that for?!"

"You are so evil!" she replied.

Zaham, glared at her.

"Yeah what's that over there?" Sahara said suddenly, pointing a foot of a dark cave like cavern.

Everyone looked up and where Sahara was pointing at. There was a cute white bunny, sitting there watching them, with his bright red eyes. His pink noses sniffed in the air. They watched as the bunny started to go in the cave. "Great a bunny." Haben said.

"Oh he's so cute!" Paka said.

"Lets go follow it!" Sahara said, started skipping towards the white bunny.

"Why should we follow the stupid rabbit?" Zaham asked.

"Because its cute!" Paka said.

Zaham sighed. "Whatever."

"We shouldn't follow it." Cadawg said, making everyone stop and look a him. "We should go back home now, its getting late."

"Oh come on, Cadawg, lets just pet the bunny." Sahara said, pouting.

"Do you remember the story about Nulfastu Earthbound? The only who rumored to be in disguse as a rabbit?" Cadawg said slowly.

"My Pa said thats a myth." Zaham said. "Shut it, runt. Myths are myths. They are not real."

"Maybe, Cadawg is right. Maybe we shouldn't go follow that bunny. Do you ever seen bunnies with red eyes before?" Sahara said slowly.

"That's normal! White rabbits have pink-ish red eyes all the time! Just a moment ago you, Sahara you wanted to follow the rabbit!"

"I will agree with Cadawg and my sister on this, Zaham."

"You all are crazy! Haben your on my side right?" Zaham asked his friend.

"Yeah, I'm will you."

"Come on, Haben. Lets so these cowards." Zaham said, following the rabbit into the cave.

"Yeh, what for us! We are not cowards!" two voices shouted behind them. Paka and Sahara can running behind. Cadawg stayed behind. He knew going in the cave is bad sign.

"Ow, you coming, runt!?" Zaham called towards Cadawg. Cadawg shook his head.

"The evil killer bunnies live in there! Don't go!"


"Come on guys lets leave him."

The four went into the cave, leaving Cadawg behind in the mouth of the cave. Should he go in after them? Or leave them for dead? But why though? They wouldn't go after him if he was in there...

'Oh spirits!' he thought. Cadawg ran after them.


"Here, cute little bunny! Come back here!" Sahara said happily, running ahead of the small group.

"Sahara don't go that far!" called Paka, smiling slightly at her younger sister.

The cave was huge. A perfect circler shape with large statue of god of some kind.

"Oh look, Paka! There's more of them!"

"Sahara wait up!"

"DON'T GO IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CIRCLE!" Cadawg's voice echoed in the cave. But it was too late.

Sahara jumped in the middle of the circle, grabbing the nearest rabbit.

Then hell broke loose.

Thousands Spectral Vaettir (9) appeared out of no where. Paka, Sahara, Zaham and Haben was trapped.

(End of Chapter)
Words: 2,206

(1) Norn: Are race of shape-shifting half-giants who dwell in the Far Shiverpeaks. The Norn are stocky, muscular humanoids with thick red or blonde hair and tattoos or body paint in Celtic Knot designs. The Norn race may be inspired by the mysterious "Beorn" from J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit". He is a man of prodigious size and strength, with the ability to turn himself into a giant bear. The name Norn may also to be a reference to Beorn.

(2) Cadawg: a male name meaning: Battle sharp. The name's origin is Welsh.

(3) Zaham: a male name meaning: Crime/ filthiness / impurity. The name's origin is Biblical.

(4) Paka: a female name meaning: kitten. The name's origin is Swahili

(5) Candace: a female name meaning: queen mother. The name's origin is English and Biblical. From the hereditary title of the queens of Ethiopia, as mentioned in Acts in the New Testament. It is apparently derived from a Nubian word meaning "queen mother". In some versions of the Bible it is spelled Kandake, reflecting the Greek spelling Κανδακη.

(6) Haben: a male name meaning: Pride. The name's origin is African

(7) Sahara: a female name meaning: Wilderness. The name's origin is Arabic

(8) Wiglaf: is a warrior, one of the many Norn hunters in the Far Shiverpeaks that wait near resurrection shrines, grating any hunting party a Norn blessng. To get one blessing one must impressed him in a battle, once.

(9) Spectral Vaettir: also commonly known as Nightmares. They are foul shadowy, non-corporeal creatures. They resemble as a humanoid figure, that walks on its hands and feet, with a long tail and wide demonic glowing eyes. The one common attribute of all Nightmares is that they usually hidden and sprout from nowhere to strike its victims or prey.

To kill one, holy damage and shadow damage inflict great harm to them. Because Nightmares are non-corporeal beings, they are not "fleshy creatures', which makes them immune against bleeding and other fleshy conduction. Many Necromancer skills targets flesh, so because of this Necromancers have a harder time to kill them. Also, Nightmares do not leave behind a corpse that can be use to create a minion.


Author's Notes: thanks for reading! Please leave a review! I got the next chapter all written up! All I need is the reviews:)

Author's Notes II: Like millions of people, I had fell victim of fallen of following that bunny. grrrrr! I died. My necromancer at the time was a mm, and when my golem died...and my monks dead. My group and I was toast. I went back, changed my skills and killed them all! hahaha! Got a lot of Norn points after that. Its felt so good of killing them of revenge and killing those evil red eyed bunnies.


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