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Chapter Two

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Spoilers to EotN! A group of Norn children went walking in Drakkar Lake alone. Where they found a cute white bunny next to the entrance of Drakkar Lake Cave. All the friends went to follow it into ...

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Don't Follow the Bunnies


Summary: Spoilers to EotN! A group of Norn children went walking in Drakkar Lake alone. Where they found a cute white bunny next to the entrance of Drakkar Lake Cave. All the friends went to follow it into the cave, expect for Cadawg who warns them not to follow it or be killed from "the evil killer bunnies" as he calls them. Like all children do, none believe him, calling him a coward. Norn do not fear battle, nor they run away from a fight. Five went in and 1 went out. The four who never came back from the cave was never seen again.


Chapter Two


"Paka! Sahara! Zaham! Haben!" Cadawg yelled running down the steep stoned hill, his sword in his hands. "I'm coming!"

"I FUCKING TOLD YOU!" Paka's voice yelled across the battl, stabbing the nearest nightmare, killing it. "I TOLD YOU WE SHOULDN'T COME HERE!"

"Paka! Shut up! Just kill!" Zaham yelled back, knocking a Nightmare in the head, who growled in annoyance.

"Sahara! Sahara, look out!" Paka yelled abruptly. Two nightmares jumped on top of Sahara, one slashing on her back and the other on her stomach.

"NO! Sahara! Sahara!" Paka yelled, watching her younger sister cry in pain and fell on the ground in a large thump. "NO!" She ran to her sister, reaching for her hand. There was blood everywhere.

"Paka, watch out!" Haben yelled.

Paka whipped her head up just in time to block the Nightmare's large claws that was aiming to her head. The Nightmare screamed its unearthly cry, as Paka stubbed it across it's belly. Her now blue eyes were blood shoot for revenge. She will revenge her sister.

Meanwhile, Cadawg tried to get to them, but was blocked by another group of Spectral Vaettir who was attacking him. He whipped his heavy sword, marking each mark, killing each Nightmare.

'There was too many of them!' he thought, barely ducking down to the ground avoiding a large burst of energy that swapped above his head.

He knew something like this was going to happen, he just knew it! But they wouldn’t listen. Why didn't they listen to him?

Then a piecing blood-heardaling scream.

"Haben!" Zaham yelled watching his friend fell on the ground, three feet away from Sahara's corpse. Haben’s eyes were clouded before he hit the ground. He was dead before he hit the ground..

"YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT YOU MONSTER! YOU KILLED HABEN! YOU WILL PAY!" Zaham yelled, killing the demon with is hellish cries. “TAKE THAT! AND THAT!” Zaham yelled killing the Nightmares in each thrust.

Unknowingly to everyone, Nulfastu Earthbound appeared at the edge of the battle, his long ghostly white tail whipped around him. His yellowish red eyes narrowed at his servants attacking the three Norn children (two of which he saw was dead). Of all the people his pets would lier into his domain, they had to bring children. To his metal note, he will speck to his pets privately, if they survive. Normally he wouldn't hurt children. But... he was bored. They will do nicely. Besides, they haven't had fun in a long while.

Nulfastu Earthbound laughed at the idiotic blond boy, who slashing any of his servants getting to near, yelling at the top of his lungs. “Foolish boy.” He muttered. He whipped his Earthbound Mesmer staff at him, hitting him with his most powerful skill.

“ZAHAM LOOK OUT!” Cadawg screamed just in time to see a bright light, soring though the air towards Zaham. But it was too late.

The Mesmer boss’s attack hit him across his back. Zaham cried in pain, as all his energy was stolen from him. Nulfastu Earthbound’s servants took this opatinaty and started to attack him. Zaham couldn’t defend himself. He was too weak and helpless.

Cadawg watch in horror as Zaham fell on the ground not moving. Finally Cadawg killed the last Nightmare that was blocking his way into the blue circler shape. He ran to the middle of the blue half-circle, approaching two corpses. Sahara’s eyes looked at him with her ghostly stare that chilled his heart as he looked at her beautiful face. Haben’s form was little off to his right, his face down as his staff lied forgotten.

Zaham slowly dragged his painful body towards him, grasping for breath, his blood pouring from his mouth, nose and ears. “Sahara—” Zaham coughed. “Haben…”

Cadawg eyes widen, knowing that Zaham was dying. If only he was a monk! He could've healed them all! Making sure that all of them were healed and on the same time killing these creatures!

Paka, who still screaming in rage in fury, standing on guard of her baby sister body, killing the nearest Nightmare who dared to come near her and her dead sister. Her daggers dripping in bluish muck, her face covered in sweat. “Die, you fucking bastards!” Paka screamed to each killing blow she affected among them.

Cadawg didn’t see it coming. If he did he would’ve blocked it, screamed it or something.

Nulfastu Earthbound smiled, his eyes glowed in amusement, raising his staff in the air. Paka unexpectedly fell on the ground; her head flopped on top of Sahara’s chest.

Then every Azure shadow turned to face him, none attacking. There too many of them, Cadawg knew. He spotted Nulfastu Earthbound, whom smiled evilly at him. With a hellish cry of his battle cry Cadawg ran towards the mesmer boss and swung his sword at him.

The next moment he found himself on the stone ground. He tried to get up, but couldn’t. The last thing he saw was those evil yellow eyes of Nulfastu Earthbound who floated towards him.

Cadawg closed his heavy eye lids… and fell into unconscious. He knew no more.


Cadawg opened his eyes.

For a moment he didn’t know where he was and why he was there. He started to sat up and gasped as pain sudden shot up though his body.

Looking around himself, he saw he was in his bed at home.

‘How did I get here?’ he asked himself. Then he remembered. His eyes widen. He looked around, but he was alone. ‘Where are the others? I hope they are okay.’ he thought to himself.

Then there was voices were heard outside his door….

“We found him half dead…”

“… The only survivor….”

“How did he survive, though? Zaham and the others were better at hunting then him.”

“He is far to small—”

“My son is a survivor! He is as good as any!”

“ Nnamdi (1), be quiet. You will wake him!”

“Sorry, dear…..”

'The only survivor' echoed in Cadawg's mind.. That can't be! No they are not dead! They can't be!

He knew that they were. He had witnessed their deaths. He watched as their life slow fade away...

Tears started to flow from his eyes.

Angrier started to form around his heart and soul.

'How dare they will them.' he thought, his fists clutched together. Even if they were cruel to him, they didn't deserve to die. 'I will train myself to kill those cursed spirits.' he decided to himself.

To this moment on. He wasn't Cadawg warrior son of Nnamdi.

No... he will be Cadawg son of Nnamdi, the first Norn Shaman to this village.

He will have revenge. He will kill Nulfastu Earthbound and his servants.

Even if it will take his last breath.

(End of Chapter)

Words: 1,349

(1) Nnamdi: a male name meaning: "My father is alive" in Lgbo. This name is given to a child when it is believed that he is a reincarnation of his grandfather.

Author's Notes: thanks for reading! Please leave a review!

Alas the end is very near. :( The next chapter will jump though time about... 20 years later. When Cadawg is about 28 to 39-ish years old.

There will be sub-seguel to this story. The story is about: Cadawg when he is training to be a Shaman (holy-man) in the village.

Thanks for reading!


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