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Chapter 3

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Spoilers to EotN! A group of Norn children went walking in Drakkar Lake alone. Where they found a cute white bunny next to the entrance of Drakkar Lake Cave. All the friends went to follow it into ...

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Don't Follow the Bunnies


Summary: Spoilers to EotN! A group of Norn children went walking in Drakkar Lake alone. Where they found a cute white bunny next to the entrance of Drakkar Lake Cave. All the friends went to follow it into the cave, expect for Cadawg who warns them not to follow it or be killed from "the evil killer bunnies" as he calls them. Like all children do, none believe him, calling him a coward. Norn does not fear battle, nor do they run away from a fight. Five went in and 1 went out. The four who never came back from the cave was never seen again.


Chapter Three


20 winters later...


A tall Norn walked quietly down the snow covered hill. The Norn gripped his bluish staff tightly as his knuckles turned white. His fur covered robes whipped around his stocky body. The Norn's breath was low, his dark eyes narrowed as he quietly marched, passing bands of centaurs and Stone Summits (1) and other foes that eyed him, but ignored him, knowing who he was and how powerful he became.

Watching the Stone Summits, ahead of him far to his right, made his blood boil. He was not fawn with the idea that slavery was good thing. Slavery is cruel act of humanity, having servants or prisoners are a lot better in his opinion. But he is not here to attack them, where is the honor in that? There is no benefit for him if they kill them.

It had been years since he step foot on this land. 20 winters be exact, since he was a small child, following four other Norn children; Paka, Sahara, Zaham and Haben into Drakkar Lake Cave where they met their fates that ended their lives. Thousands of Spectral Vaettir (2) attacked them, killing Paka, Sahara, Zaham and Haben leaving him for dead. But he survived, and now he is here to have his revenge against Nulfastu Earthbound (3), a Mesmer boss, the Master of his Spectral Vaettir servants.

Cadawg stopped at the foot of the cave. He had changed since he first came here. He wasn’t the short Norn child he was back then; so naive, weak, shy little child. No. He was now one of the tallest Norn in his village, the only Shaman that ever lived. His body is covered in Celtic knot tattoos showing everyone his high states, his strength from Bear, Raven and Wolf.

Cadawg stood there in the foot of the cave. Is he strong enough for this?

It was now or never.

Just then a white bunny stumbled in front of him. The bunny stopped, its red eyes seemed to glare at him, its pink nose switched.

“I know your trick, beast. I am here to meet you /Master/.” Cadawg growled at the bunny. The bunny made no movement. Cadawg and the bunny glared at each other for the longest moment. “Escort me, beast. That is your order, isn’t? Escorting victims to your /Master/?”

The bunny made no reply, Cadawg didn’t expect it to (bunnies don’t talk); as he watch it hopped into the cave. Cadawg followed it.

The cave was large, as Cadawg slightly remembered it. Its walls were smooth, unearthly light bounced across the walls as if dancing. Cadawg took a deep breath, as he followed the bunny.

The bunny stopped in the middle of the broke blue half-circle in the heart of the cave. Cadawg stood in the middle of it; half expecting Spectral Vaettirs appear out of nowhere.

Nothing happened.

Cadawg growled in an annoyance.

“Nulfastu Earthbound! I came for vengeance!” Cadawg yelled out. Just as he said it, Nulfastu Earthbound himself appeared in front of him, alone.

Nulfastu Earthbound stood there, just a few feet from him, Cadawg couldn’t move. He was so close to completing his vengeances…..

“I know you……” Nulfastu Earthbound said slowly, his voice was unearthly cold.

“Of course you do.” Cadawg said, not filching Nulfastu Earthbound ghostly smirk. Nulfastu Earthbound was the same as he remembered him. Nulfastu Earthbound still had his long ghostly white tail, yellowish red eyes and his body full of white, blue and purple light as if Nulfastu Earthbound was nothing but light itself.

Nulfastu Earthbound tiled his head slightly. “You short warrior Norn child with those other four children that died here. I thought you died as well. I let the Norn take your body and there’s. I had no need to stink up my domain with you earthly bodies….. But no madder. You will die by my hand. Come to take vengeance of your… /friends/? Can you hear their screams still…Cadawg?”


“/I FUCKING TOLD YOU!" Cadawg heard Paka’s screaming voice. "I TOLD YOU WE SHOULDN'T COME HERE!"/

"Paka! Shut up! Just kill!" Zaham’s voiced echoed…..

"NO! Sahara! Sahara! NO!”

"Paka, watch out!"





Their screams still echoed in the cave. Cadawg shrived at the memory.

Cadawg didn’t repose, refusing to look at Nulfastu Earthbound’s smiling face. How did Nulfastu Earthbound knew his name? How did he know that he still have nightmares of what happened here?

Nulfastu Earthbound laughed abruptly, shortly followed by thousands of laughs, from all the Spectral Vaettirs that seemed to surround him. “You were foolish then and you are foolish now. You are surrounded by my servants, you are alone and you will die alone.”

Cadawg didn’t reply. He will not let Nulfastu Earthbound get to him. ‘/Let him talk/,’ Cadawg thought. ‘/As I think of a plan to kill you…./’

Nulfastu Earthbound laughed again. He stepped closer, as Cadawg stepped back. “I see you have no sword…but a staff? A monk staff I see. Going to hit me with that? Norn do not heal, they do not see reason to practice the art of healing….”

“Yes, I am a Sharman, here to kill you and your servants.” Cadawg said, gripping his staff tightly in his hands. Nulfastu Earthbound laughed again, as he raised his right hand and snapped his fingers.

At the sound of the snapped fingers, Spectral Vaettirs appeared out of nowhere, he was trapped. “Kill him.” Nulfastu Earthbound demanded. Spectral Vaettirs smirked as they jumped up and attacked Cadawg, with their deadly claws.

Cadawg stepped back, avoiding the claws, raising his monk staff around his head, killing all the Spectral Vaettirs who dared to come near.

As Cadawg killed the last Spectral Vaettir, Nulfastu Earthbound was unpleased. How could his servant be defeated from this—this monk Norn? Where was he taught to learn the healing/holy magic?!

Cadawg smiled. “‘/You were foolish then and you are foolish now. You are surrounded by my servants, you are alone and you will die alone’/” Cadawg mocked him. Nulfastu Earthbound cried in rage as he attack him.

Cadawg smirked, as he dodged the light from Nulfastu Earthbound’s staff.

Cadawg turned around, as a light blue light hit Nulfastu earthbound square on the chest. Nulfastu Earthbound fell on his back. Cadawg walked up to him, putting his foot on his chest, keeping him from escaping.

“This is for them, Nulfastu Earthbound. You will pay the price, in hell!” Cadawg hit Nulfastu Earthbound with bright light.

Nulfastu Earthbound, murder of thousands who prey victims the trap, was now dead.

Cadawg took Nulfastu Earthbound staff, standing up and roared.

The roar was heard though out Drakkar Lake.

Cadawg had kept his promise.

He had refilled his vengeance

Cadawg was finally free.




Children from many races, sat around the old Norn, eyed in awe. They were in the warm tent, as the old Norn sat in the middle, his legs crossed, holding two staffs in one hand.

“Did that really happen, Master Sharman Norn sir?” asked a one.

The old Norn laughed. “We will never know young one. Perhaps it is true. Perhaps it’s only a tale told for children.”

“What do you think, Sir?” asked another.

The Old Norn smiled. “It happened.”

(End of Chapter)


Words: 1,716

(1) Stone summit: are guilds of xenophobic dwarves who live high up in the shiverpeak Mountains. Their hatred of other cultures (particularly humans) runs so deep that they won’t even deal with the other dwarf clans who have trading relationships with the human nations; however they are willing to do business with the human slaves traders. To learn more to go this website: http/ gw. gamewikis. Org wiki stoneSummit

(2) Spectral Vaettir: also commonly known as Nightmares. They are foul shadowy, non-corporeal creatures. They resemble as a humanoid figure, which walks on its hands and feet, with a long tail and wide demonic glowing eyes. The one common attribute of all Nightmares is that they usually hidden and sprout from nowhere to strike its victims or prey.

To kill one, holy damage and shadow damage inflict great harm to them. Because Nightmares are non-corporeal beings, they are not "fleshy creatures', which makes them immune against bleeding and other fleshy conduction. Many Necromancer skills targets flesh, so because of this Necromancers have a harder time to kill them. Also, Nightmares do not leave behind a corpse that can be use to create a minion.

(3) Nulfastu Earthbound: there is not much about him. Only that he is a Nightmare Mesmer Boss and that he appears in a hollow in the South Eastern part of Drakkar Lake, between the portals to Varajar Fells and Norrhart Domains (where the is a incomplete blue circle on the map). Here is the list of the skills that he used:


Elemental Resistance

Ether Feast

Lyssa’s Aura (elite)

Mantra of Concentration

Sympathetic Visage

Author’s Notes: Yes, I finally updated this story! And yes it’s FINISHED! It is my FIRST fic that I ever finished, that is NOT a one-shot! Yeah!

Okay, I am not sure that holy damage is the only way to go to kill Spectral Vaettir and Nulfastu Earthbound fast, but I know that cold and holy damage is BEST to kill undead villains, but I am not sure about spirits. But spirits are undead but not in body form. Do you know what I mean right?

Thank for reading!

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