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Tricks or Treats... You Decide

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You decide the fate of the characters in the story. Just review on what you want to see and the best suggestion will be the one going in the story. If I don't get any suggestions within 2 days I'll...

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It was a cold, dark, Halloween night. I was taking my little sister trick-or-treating like I do every year. Ok who am I trying to kid, I love trick-or-treating. It was a family tradition for my birthday since it was the same day. So here I am, 21 years old, with my little 13 year old sister. It’s nearing midnight and we’d be out since 8. Yea I know, it’s a long time, but we normally don’t get back till around 3am. We already have 3 huge pillow cases full of candy and were nearing our 4th soon. We rounded the corner and saw a huge amount of cars. We figured someone was having a party and, yes, we decided to crash it.

We walk in the front door and see hundreds upon hundreds of people dancing and having a good time. Wandering around for a bit, we found the hostess of the party.

“I don’t know you, do I?” She asked us. She may not have known us but that’s ok.

“No you don’t. We saw that someone was having a party and we wanted to see if we could join. Do you mind?” I felt like being polite to her.

Before she could protest a young man, about 23 years old, came up and answered us. “Of course she doesn’t mind. The more people the better. Besides it’s not up to her. I’m running the party.” He stopped after that, eyeing us both before pointing to my sister. “How old is she?”

“I’m 13. Is it a problem?” Yea my sister’s a smart ass.

“No just don’t drink anything you shouldn’t be drinking, or anything a guy offers you unless it’s me or my friend Jason.” She nodded in understanding before he whispered something to her. “I wouldn’t trust anything my sister here gives you so walk away with it if she does and give it to someone else.” She laughed silently and nodded. I could tell she was going to like this.

Everyone in this place was dressed up; if not in a costume, as an emo or punk rock person. It was very interesting to see many older people still enjoy the spirit of Halloween. My sister ran off somewhere to go dance. I didn’t really care, it’s Ami we’re talking about, she’s THE dancing queen! I, on the other hand, wandered around some more before accidentally bumping into someone.

“Sorry about that. I guess I wasn’t looking.” I stated, quite embarrassed. Not only did I bump into him, I spilled his drink all over him and myself. This was even more embarrassing, seeing as how I was dressed like one of the Bow Chicka Wah Wah girls.

“It’s alright I’ll forgive you.” He laughed, looking me over. Ok so here’s the thing. I’m 5’7” and taller than this guy who I presumed to be around the age of 27 or 28. I have dyed black hair, with a tint of purple, and red streaks. Very curvy if you ask me, but I kept the hour-glass shape of my mother. My outfit was skimpy; a red bra covered in a black lace shirt that cut short right above my belly-button, and red boy-shorts covered with black lace boy shorts. Also, I was wearing black stockings and knee-high leather boots. Now that’s what I call dressed like a slut, especially with all the glitter in my hair and on my body. My other younger sister, who was 17, would be proud. I was toned with strong legs, tight abs, and a belly-button ring that said BITCH is big bold letters.

I quickly covered myself, feeling quite unconscious. Boys make me do that sometimes, especially older men.

“I’m Jason.” He quietly stated, stuttering slightly. “And I’m sorry you are now covered in a Monster.” So now I smelt like oranges. For those that don’t know, a Monster is an energy drink, and the Kaos has orange juice in it.

“I’m Alexee, and it’s fine, I’ve been covered in worse.” I truly I have. My old neighbor Tony spilt beer on me before and the smell was worse, and wouldn’t come out for a week. I had to walk around school when I was 12 smelling like beer for a week. That was mortifying.

I didn’t talk much after that. Mainly because I ran off to find he bathroom and try to wash the now sticky drink off of me before I ended up getting stuck to something.

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