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Chapter 2

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switches POV's "Ok you can make it up to me. But how are you going to without getting caught?" What is Alexee talking about? Read to find out!

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Jason’s POV:

I followed her to the wherever she was going. I had an idea it was to find a bathroom, but she was headed in the complete opposite direction! I finally caught up to her (soccer helps) and grabbed her arm gently. “If you’re trying to find a bathroom, it’s the other way.”

“Maybe I’m trying to find the door?” She said. Now that one hurt. I don’t know why though, when Ashlee said that to me it didn’t hurt, I was usually happy. I think she noticed the look of hurt on my face, which I tried to hide, and she started to laugh. “I’m kidding Jason. Can you show me where the bathroom is?”

I gladly accepted and guided her through the mass of people. I didn’t really notice that many people were here until now. And I never noticed that Dane Cook was right. It really is the most complicated to get to bathrooms during parties, and it’s always the most annoying problem. Just to get to one bathroom we had to go down the hall, up the stairs, around the corner, into the master bedroom, through the walk in closet, into another bedroom (which I figured to be Patrick’s hiding place since it was hidden), and finally into the bathroom. There might have been another way that may have been quicker, but too many people were here to get through that way.

“That was complicated.” She stated. “Dane Cook is definitely right about bathrooms.” I had to laugh at that because she basically said what I was thinking.

She then started wiping herself off with a washcloth. The next thing I knew, I was helping her. She didn’t object but I could tell it was rather uncomfortable for the both of us. “Again, I’m really sorry about this. Let me make it up to you, please?”

Alexee’s POV:

He asked if he could make it up to me. I didn’t know what to say. Who am I to know who I’m talking to? He could be some molester or something and I wouldn’t know because he’s wearing a freaking dinosaur costume. He did look kind of familiar though, like I had seen him somewhere before wearing that exact outfit. Then it hit me, Pete Wentz. I started thinking back to the beginning of the party. The boy looked exactly like Patrick Stump.

I was in the middle of cleaning off my arm when I stopped. Looking up at me were gorgeous hazel/brown eyes. This definitely had to be Pete. I had to play this cool though. “Ok you can make it up to me. But how are you going to without getting caught?”

He looked as confused as a skater in a kitchen. “Caught like how? I was just thinking about taking you out to dinner or something. Why would I get…” he trailed of and immediately when wide-eyed. Wow, he is as stupid as he looks. “How did you find out?”

“I own Release the Bats 1 and 2 because my sister is a huge fan. You decorate her walls like no other.” He laughed with me and we both eased up a bit. “Pete, why do you have people call you Jason if it isn’t your name?” I continued wiping myself off while he wiped off my shoes for me.

“I don’t really know. The looks they give me are priceless so I guess I just do.” I nodded and smiled. “So now I ask you this, what is your name?”

“My name is Alianna but people call me Alexee.” I answered Pete and sat down on the floor next to him when I finished wiping off my legs and feet.

“How do people get Alexee out of Alianna?”

“My full name is Alianna Nevaeh Alexee Parker. So I go by anything that has something to do with my name.” I laughed and looked at my phone before looking over at Pete. “I have to get going. My sister and I have to get at least 6 bags of candy by 3am and it’s already 1. It’s tradition. Do you want to come?”

[[Will Pete say yes or no? Will he find out that it’s Alianna’s birthday and take her to do something special? Who knows cause’ I don’t. It’s up to you so get to reviewing!!!]]
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