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Michael James Way, plots.

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I think the chapter title speaks for itself ^^

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Mikey also liked hair. Maybe not as much as his brother, but he was a huge fan. Even though he had always envied people with long, thick hair, Mikey wouldn’t want his hair any other way, just because it was him, it was his trademark. Some people would say that on some photos his hair actually looked like a girls. But Mikey didn’t care, not at all… Okay maybe a tiny bit, but just a little bit, not more than a tiny bit of a tiny bit. Yup, that was how much he cared. It’s was no big deal…

Yeah, okay so he admitted it. He did care more than just a tiny bit, it annoyed him endlessly when some one said that his hair looked like a girls. Because spent more time fixing it than he spent looking for an outfit to wear on a concert. Yes, the hair straightener took some time, and it was not his fault that Frank thought it would be a great idea to pull out the plug every time Mikey would put it in…

Mikey didn’t think much of Gerard’s scrapbook (if you could call it that) either. For him it was just a book with pages filled with pictures Frank’s hair and occasionally some of Ray’s hair. The fact that he wasn’t in it didn’t bother him at all; he didn’t want to be a part of it. Because that would just have been weird and Mikey didn’t want his brother to stare at pictures of him. Just the thought of Gerard with a picture of Mikey’s hair in that book in the bathroom, creeped him the fuck out. What Gerard used to do with the book in the bathroom, Mikey honestly didn’t want to think about, his mind usually ended up drifting somewhere he absolutely didn’t want it to go and he ended up having nightmares for weeks!

Mikey just thanked God Frank didn’t know about the scrapbook, Frank was the obliviousness himself. He wouldn’t have known about Gerard’s obsession unless it was naked and dancing in his lap and that wouldn’t exactly be pretty either… Though Mikey was sure the other guys had noticed Gerard’s scrapbook. No, wait. Scratch that. He was positive that they had seen it! It was actually kinda hard to miss it. Seeing Gerard’s stuff was all over the place. Countless of times Mikey had tripped over a pair of Gerard’s shoes, shirt, notepads, pencils you named it and Mikey had tripped over it (not that Mikey was clumsy or anything, it just always happened to get in his way) and whenever he would fall that book would be near by staring mockingly at him. That fucking book deserved to die a horrible death! Someday he swore it was gonna burn. Burn alive! And then they could see who was laughing! Sometimes Mikey was worried he was starting to sound more and more like Gerard…

But back on track again the scrapbook was just another proof of Gerard Way’s crazy obsession. That’s why he couldn’t quite get why Bob was sad. Who the fuck wanted Gerard to be obsessed with them?!?! Okay, that was a question that didn’t need an answer seeing that there was thousands, maybe millions of girls that wanted Gerard to be obsessed with them.

And now Mikey was annoyed, like really annoyed. More annoyed than he could ever remember being his entire life, it even beat the time when Gerard had broken his favorite album.

Not once had he heard Bob cry before, he hadn’t even seen the guy sad before for crying out loud! The guy was either happy or neutral. For months he hadn’t even thought that Bob could cry or be sad for that matter. But now Bob had proved him wrong, and he was sobbing into Mikey’s arms. Gerard was going to pay for this. Oh, yes he was gonna pay. Only evil people made Bob cry!

Not too far away Mikey could hear Frank and Ray explaining to Gerard what had happened, and then he heard Gerard’s familiar giggling. The motherfucker was giggling! While Bob was crying in Mikey’s arms! Bob had calmed down a little after Mikey had hugged him, and his sobs had almost stopped, but he was still shaking.

“It’s all gonna be okay, Ray and Frank went to stop that horrible singing”. Mikey patted Bob on the back again.“It-it’s ju-just s-so ho-horr-horrible”, Bob manage to stutter out.Honestly, Mikey had no idea what to do; the only think he could thing off was to comfort Bob. Yes, it was slightly awkward seeing Mikey wasn’t exactly a person who hugged or liked to be hugged. But desperate time’s calls for desperate measures and this was as desperate as it could get.

But oh yes Gerard would pay for all the hell he and that stupid book had cause. And Mikey, yes Michael James Way had a plan.

A/N: So there you have it chapter 3 =) Not sure when Chapter 4 will be up, but hopefully within the next couple of days. cookies to everyone that reviewed! and remember Reviews are love =)
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