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Robert Cory Bryar, scared and sobbing.

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Bob's p.o.v kinda... :P

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It wasn’t just Frank that had noticed that something was up with Gerard. Bob had noticed it too. It was actually kinda difficult not to notice, seeing Gerard wasn’t exactly acting discreetly and he wasn’t exactly trying to hide his scrapbook either. Bob would find it lying around in different areas of their bus, all depending on where Gerard had been spending his time the last hour. And more than once, Bob had found himself looking in the scrapbook.

Though the mere thought about the scrapbook made Bob shudder, it was full of pictures of Frank’s hair and occasionally some of some random dude or Ray’s fro.
It wasn’t the fact that Gerard seemed to be obsessed with Frank’s hair that upset Bob. No, it was more like that there wasn’t a single picture of Bob’s hair in the book, not one. Not a tiny little one, and not even in the background of all the Frank pictures! This had angered Bob, a lot. He was proud of his hair, it was unique, nice and it was ginger for crying out loud! How many bands could honestly say that they had a gingered haired man in their band!?! Stupid Gerard and his stupid hair scrapbook. Bob had lost count of all the times he had wanted to flush that stupid book down the toilet, just so he could get it out of his way. But of course he couldn’t do that, Gerard would be devastated and not to mention that the toilet would be ruined and Bob really didn’t feel like pissing in a bottle

It wasn’t just the scrapbook that annoyed Bob, but also the stupid song that Gerard seemed to enjoy so much. Bob swore that if he ever heard that fucking hair song again he was going to throw a tantrum or get very violent. For Bob that was usually a calm and collected person this was huge. Bigger than an entire stadium filled with kids screaming for ‘MCR’. But he had to draw the line somewhere and that was it, Gerard had already gotten his entire left foot over that line, and if even as much as one of his toes crossed that line Bob was going to explode. Well, depending on the situation of course. He wouldn’t for an example make a fool of himself on stage or on an interview of some sort. That would be pushing it too far and Bob didn’t like yelling in the first place.

Bob stared into the air, in the distance (well as far away you can get from a person in a bus) Bob could hear singing. He groaned once he realized what song it was and who was singing it. Gerard. Of course it was Gerard! Who else could be singing that horrible song? That fucking hair song!

Bob grabbed the nearest object and started hitting himself with it. This object turned out to be Gerard’s scrapbook. He immediately dropped it, and started shaking. Before he knew what he was doing himself he started screaming. Very loudly. Like a girl.

He then proceeded to run to the bathroom (still screaming) and then locked the door. There he closed the toilet lid and sat on top it. Rocking himself back and forward trying desperately to calm himself down.

None of the other guys had noticed Bob’s absence or the screaming for that matter. It wasn’t until Ray suddenly wanted to go the bathroom really bad that he noticed that the door was locked and he heard heavy breathing followed with some sort of murmuring. Usually this wouldn’t worry him, seeing Gerard looked himself up in the bathroom with his scrapbook and would stay in there for hours (and to be honest Ray didn’t want to know Gerard’s breathing was so loud…). But Ray could hear Gerard singing that fucking hair song, and he wanted to go the bathroom really bad.

“Frank? Bob? Mikey? Whoever is in there, can you please hurry up?” Ray yelled trying to catch the attention of the person in side. But the heavy breathing and murmuring didn’t stop, it actually got louder.

Frank, who had heard Ray yelling, joined Ray outside the bathroom door.

“What’s up?” Frank asked curiously, eying the door.

“I have no idea”, Ray answered honestly. Frank shrugged and started knocking on the door. The knocking had disturbed a busy Gerard, he couldn’t hear himself singing anymore. So he started singing louder. This made Bob scream out of terror before he turned into sobbing.

“Dude, are you okay?” Frank asked concerned.

“Who are you guys talking to?” Mikey’s voice came from nowhere making both of them jump.

“Fuck, man. You need to stop doing that”. Ray said while shaking his head. Mikey just grinned at the both of them and shrugged.

“We don’t know, but now that you’re here we think it’s Bob…” Frank’s voice trailed off.
Mikey leaned against the door. He immediately heard the heavy breathing and the sobbing.

“That’s Bob?” Mikey sounded concerned, “We need to break up that door, now!” The two others just nodded and started kicking the door. And it wasn’t long before they had managed to open the dor… errrh… at least what was left of it.

Inside they saw Bob sitting on the toilet lid, with a horrified look on his face. Mikey quickly made his way over to him and started patting him on the back while saying it was all gonna be okay. He then hugged Bob.

Frank and Ray just looked questionly at each other.

“Ttt-th-thhhe s-sso-oong” Bob managed to stutter before he once again broke into sobs.

“Shush, it’s all gonna be okay”. Mikey said and continued to hug Bob. Making Ray and Frank feeling slightly out of place and slightly creeped out.

“Maybe you two should go and make Gerard stop singing”, Mikey whispered to the other two. They nodded and raced towards Gerard, trying to get away from Bob and Mikey as quickly as possible.

“Gerard!” Frank hissed.

“What!?!” Gerard snapped, was annoyed that some one had interrupted his song and his wonderful day dream about Frank’s hair. But his face quickly softened once he saw who had hissed at him.

“Oh, it’s you”, Gerard said, suppressing a smile.

“You need to stop singing that song”. Ray explained carefully, pointing towards the bathroom.


Ray sighed, and let Frank explain what was going on.

“Your song scared Bob, and now he’s in the bathroom crying”. He said simply staring at Gerard. For a minute Gerard looked horrified before he broke into a fit of giggles.

Frank glared at him, making Gerard immediately stop with the giggling.

“Just listen”, Ray added. The silence embraced the room. And they could hear Bob’s sobbing and Mikey's voice whispering that it was all gonna be okay.

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