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What's a small favour between friends?

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"Come on, Mirage."




"Hey, I said please!"

"And I said no."

"What if I say 'Pretty please with sugar on top'?"

"How about no, Hound, no!"

Hound stopped on his tracks and crossed his arms, something that made Mirage stop as well and look at the green mech who had been following him doggedly - no pun intended - for the last hour. Thankfully, the corridor on that particular area of the Ark was empty but for the two of them, otherwise there would have been several stares aimed at their direction by now.

"That's not going to win me over either," the spy noted.

"I don't get why you're so adamant about this!" Hound said. "Last night you had no problem whatsoever."

"Last night was different."

"In what way?"

"I was overcharged," Mirage answered coolly. "It was a mistake that won't happen again." And with that, the spy started walking away towards his room again.

Hound shook his head and he walked up to his friend's side. "It was fun and you know it," he said. "In fact, you should do it more often."

"Hound!" Mirage was practically glaring at the jeep now.

"Come on, you humourless mech, it's not going to kill you!" Hound insisted.

Mirage looked like he was going to shout out his frustration, but he controlled himself. "I don't want the others to find out, okay?" he said in a lowered tone, leaning close to Hound. "Otherwise, they won't let me have a moment's peace, just like you aren't right now!"

Hound heaved a dramatic sigh. "Fine, you made your point; I'll leave the matter to rest. But," and at that he locked his gaze on the spy's, "on only one condition."

Mirage looked at his friend suspiciously. "Is it what I think it is?"

"Maybe." And yet Hound's grin was quite broad and enough of an answer.

Mirage shook his head. He knew now that he was defeated. "All right. But only one more time and that's it."

"No problem."

"I mean it, Hound. You won't ask me again."

"I won't."



That, Mirage supposed, was enough reassurance. However, he still looked at his surroundings to make sure Hound was the only one around. Once he decided that they were alone, he took an overly majestic poise with one hand on his hip, and then parted his lips.

"Starscream, you fool! You are so incompetent that you wouldn't be able to lead an army of ants to a picnic! Soundwave, have Laserbeak spy on the Autobots and this time make sure no flesh farmer mistakes him for a turkey! And for the love of Primus, have Ravage take a bath or we'll be up to our necks with turbo-fleas! And will someone get Skywarp out of the floor and fix that glitch in his teleportation mechanism already?"

Hound couldn't help it. He started laughing so hard he had to use the wall as support and so not end up rolling on the floor.

Who would have thought that Mirage was so good at impersonating Megatron?


Footnote: In the unlikely possibility that you don't get why Mirage can be so good at mimicking Megatron, I can only say two words: Frank Welker.
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