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You're So Cold

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“Get him out. He wasn’t supposed to wake up…"

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Title from "So Cold" - Breaking Benjamin

Frank was cold. He knew that for sure. His body felt like it was being frozen from the inside out. He could feel things sticking from his skin… needles? Yeah, needles that was it. They were scattered over his body, pushed in just under his skin. There was green wherever he was, but he couldn’t feel because of the cold.
He opened his eyes.
Hold on, wait… that couldn’t be right, everything was blurry.
He was in some sort of neon green fluid. He was held in by metal cuffs around his ankles and wrists.
What the fuck?
His eyes cleared slightly. There were men with lab coats around him, studying him, observing him, injecting stuff in him!
He realized he wasn’t breathing and panicked, gasping in the liquid, forgetting he didn’t have to breathe. The liquid filled his lungs and he choked, struggling limply against the restraints.
The people around him started shouting, telling others to drain the tank.
They did. The stuff went down into a grate in the bottom of the tank. Frank was still held to the wall, but without the watery solution his body had nothing with solid enough resistance around it to keep him floating slightly. His joints felt like they were going to pop out of their sockets as his weight attempted to drag his chained up bulk down to the bottom with the current.
He hit the floor grill with a loud thump as the cuffs were released. Bruises sprouted around his body, he was immobilized.
Someone hit a few buttons on a panel and white gas flooded the tank. It swirled around Frank for a minute, drying his skin, and then was sucked down through the drain as well.
“Okay, he’s decontaminated,” a voice said, “put him away and call the boss. This is bad.”
The front of the tank made a hissing, clunking noise as the door opened.
“Get him out. He wasn’t supposed to wake up… uh… put him in with 389,” The voice ordered.
Two men in white biohazard suits gripped Frank by the arms and dragged him off the floor. They put him in white clothes. His brain was clearing slowly and his eyes were almost adjusted to the dry air. He was carried down the huge hallway of triple locked doors until they got to one labeled ‘24’ in black spray painted letters.
The men opened the doors and pushed Frank inside. There were two other people in the room, crouched and slumped in the corner. The cell next to it, 25, was adjoined but separated by metal bars.
The two paused and looked at each other questioningly.
“Are you sure we should put him in here?” one asked.
“Come on, chief’s orders, he’ll be fine,” The other answered unsurely.
“No! You can’t put him in there, NO!” a voice screamed from the attached room.
The suited men sniffed and shoved Frank in.
“Please, no, you can’t, he’ll- just don’t put him in there!” the voice yelled.
The door was slammed shut and the sound of locking bars resounded in the chamber.
The two others in the room were in white just as he was. Their hair was dark and messily splayed across their faces.
“Look what we have here…” one sneered, a British accent twisting the cruelty in his voice as he picked himself up off the floor and crawled toward Frank.
“Frank, no, run! Get away from them!” the same insistent voice said.
Frank looked over to the other room. There was only one person in it. A boy with blond, long hair was gripping the bars with white knuckles, his eyes wide in terror.
“Ooh, look at you… you’re a pretty one, aren’t you?” the man advancing on Frank muttered.
Frank felt fingers grip his throat.
“Leave him ALONE,” The blond haired boy growled.
“You wanna protect him? Is he precious to you, Adam? Well, then, we’ll have to make it messy, won’t we?”
Adam hurled himself at the bars to no avail, the rattling noise echoing.
“Aiden, get the fuck away from him,” Adam yelled.
“Uh-uh, I don’t think so… he’s my little play toy, now,” Aiden replied.
His grip got tighter; Frank could feel his vision blurring as he gasped.
Aiden pushed him down on the floor, crawling up on his chest. He nibbled on Frank’s jaw, tongue flicking out on his skin.
“Mmm, tasty… Don’t fight me, Frankie-boy… The dark is so much better…” Aiden growled, sinking his teeth into Frank’s neck.
Frank cried out, his fists grinding into the white flooring. His eyes felt heavy, black tunnels sinking around the edges, but he could see Aiden’s eyes seemingly glow black. The pain radiated through his body, sinking into every vein under his skin. He could hear Adam yelling in the back of his mind.
“Say goodnight…” Aidan whispered, the weight on Frank’s chest leaving just as he blacked out.
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