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Chapter 10 : And Love Said No

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PG-13 for some brief languauage. Brendon admits that maybe his baby really isn't his. A/N: For some very strange reason, the end of this chapter was cut off. I might just post it with the next c...

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Brendon POV

I picked the receiver back up and placed it to my ear.

“Is… is it mine?” I sounded unsure of myself but in my heart and mind; I knew it was.
“Of course it’s yours!” she sounded angry but I could still hear the fear in her voice. ”I’m not the fuckin’ Virgin Mary!”
“It can’t be! I mean, how the hell did this happen?!” I yelled frantically.
“From what I can understand; the condom was made of rubber. The rubber expands and causes small holes to form.” She explained as calmly as possible. “The holes must have formed from it being in your wallet for so long.”
“No! You lie. You had to have been with someone else!” my words poured from my mouth. I didn’t want to believe it was true. “I’m only 19, Kerri! I’m too young to be a dad!”
“Well, I’m too young to be a mom but it’s all yours, Urie.” She snapped.
“No fucking way I’m gonna take the blame for this, Kerri.”

I heard her sniffle and wipe her nose.

“This baby is ours, Brendon.” She sobbed
“I’m not going to have anything to do with it. I’ve got too much going on for me. You’re going to have to do this on your own.”

I ended the call and sat my phone on the bed.

After a couple of seconds, there was a shaking of my phone from the vibration setting I had it on.


I picked my phone up and flipped it open; hitting the ignore button.

Kerri POV

My call went almost instantaneously to his voicemail. I called again; making sure it wasn’t a glitch in his phone. The same thing happened. This time I left a message.

Hey. It’s Kerri. Call me back when you get this. Bye.

I hung up and placed my phone on the night stand beside me. I pulled my legs to my chest as I sat there; rocking myself back and forth on the bed.

“Brendon hates me.” I cried out loud to myself as tears streaked my cheeks. My heart was broken and the father of my baby doesn’t want anything to do with me. Things couldn’t be worse.

I pushed my head to my knees; bringing my head back up as I heard my phone ring hoping it would be Brendon. I looked at the name. /Andrea/. I tried my best to wipe my tears away and sniffling the best I could as not to sound melancholy.

“Hey.” I answered trying to sound chipper.
“Have you been crying?”

Damn. Caught red handed

“Kerri, what’s wrong?!” she panicked.
“It’s Brendon… he… he left me.”

Brendon POV

As I had said before, I knew that baby was mine. I know how much she cares about me and I know for a fact that she would never cheat on me.

I laid my head back on the pillow and let out a sorrowful sigh.

“I made her feel so bad.” I rubbed my hands roughly over my face. “Maybe I should call her back and apologize?” I asked myself.

As soon as I picked up my phone, Ryan, Jon, and Spencer burst into the room with various assortments of food and clothing items.

“Hey Bren.” Spencer said excitedly. “Whatcha doin’?”
“Making the most horrible mistake in my life.”
“What the Hell is that supposed to me?” Ryan said as he set his new things on the floor of the hotel room. “What happened?!” he sat down beside me on the bed as I rose to sit up.
“Kerri told me she’s pregnant. I know it’s mine but for some stupid reason. I said it wasn’t and now I feel like shit. I don’t think she’ll ever want to talk to me again.”
“Well, in my opinion, I think you should give her a week to calm down a bit.” He tried to comfort me as he wrapped an arm over my shoulder.
“I mean, I don’t even know why I said it. Has the idea of money already got to me at such a young age?”
“It’s really just too hard to say man.” He tried his best to ease my nervousness. “I think that you really do love her. It’s just that you didn’t think it would be this soon that you’d be a father.”
“Why did I even say all of that to her?” I ran my fingers though my hair.
“Would you like me to talk to her?” Spencer spoke from out of nowhere.
“Would you really do that for me Spence?” I turned my head to look at him.
“Of course man, what else are friends for?”

I stood up and hugged Spencer warmly.

“Thank you man, I know that I’m in no mood to talk to her right now. I doubt she’d want to talk to me either.” I pulled away and placed me hands on his shoulders. “I don’t know what I’d do without you or without any of you for that matter.”

I motioned for a group hug.

“No problem Brendon.” Jon said as he embraced with the rest of us.

Spencer and Andrea POV

Spencer later on that day grabbed his cell and phoned Andrea. She walked around the small café as her phone buzzed in her pocket. She answered as soon as she saw it was Spencer.

“Hey Spence.” She said excitedly as she sat down at one of the tables. “What’s going on?”
“Brendon decided to make a jackass of himself today with Kerri. I offered to call you to see if you would talk to her for us?”
“Yeah, I called Kerri earlier and she told me the whole story.”
“Makes sense that you would, you being her best friend and all.” He said with a soft sigh.
“Wait.” Andrea said slowly as she thought. “Wouldn’t that mean that Ryan would be calling me and not you?”
“Ryan always gets to do everything. He takes the challenges out of life for the rest of us.” He huffed.
“I see.” She said.
“So will you tell Kerri that Brendon is an asshole sometimes and that he really does love and care about her? And the baby as well, of course.”
“Well…” she paused.
“Come on. Please Andrea? If not for Brendon, then for me?”

There was a pause over the line before spoke again.

“Alright, alright.” She sighed. “I’ll be sure to tell her.”
“Thank you so much. For real, from the bottom of our hearts.”
“Yeah, yeah.”
“Later Andrea.”

She hung up the phone and looked back up at her friend.

“What was that about?” her friend looked puzzled.

Andrea skewed her mouth to one side, afraid of how to come out and say it. So she did the obvious.

“Spencer called in behalf of Brendon. He wanted me to say that Brendon is an asshole and all that stuff. He wanted me to apologize to you…”

Kerri POV

“Why didn’t he just call and tell me himself?”

Andrea shrugged.

“Hell if I know.” she said as she placed her phone on the table. “Maybe he just panicked. Sorry for the bad pun there.”
“Meh. It’s alright. We’ve all got ‘em.” She said plainly. She looked directly at Andrea. “You think I should call him again?” a look of worry across her face; just begging for advice.
“Actually, I think you should go see him but he’s out of the country isn’t he?” she paused. “Maybe you should call again. After all, he is your baby’s daddy, right?”

Kerri nodded. “Yeah. He really is.” She placed her hands on top of the small table, pushing herself gently from her seat. “I’ll catch you later Andrea. I’m just going to go back home and get him on his text, hopefully. That way we can talk and see each other.”

She leaned over to give her friend a hug. “Love ya sis and thanks for being here for me.”
“It’s not a big deal Ker. Now go home already, you’re cramping my style.”

Kerri smiled and made her way down the busy streets.

Kerri appeared later at her hotel room. She settled herself on the bed and pulled her phone back out, flipping it open. She scrolled through her contacts and sent a message to the only one she ever really knew that would answer her messages back quickly.

[/Hey what are you up to?


Are you still upset with me?

It was a shocker but I think I can deal with it. I mean it is mine right?

Of course it is. Why would I tell you if it wasn’t

I don’t know. I thought you might just want me because I’m famous

I would never do that Brendy.

I knew you wouldn't. I
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