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.if you've ever been alone you'll know.

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"I care about him. I’d jump off a bridge for him, Mom; I’d rob a bank, I’d probably kill someone for him."

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(part 3 of 3)

Almost everyone from inside was watching them. Gerard made an exasperated, annoyed, and desperate face before cutting throat motion toward them and kept Frank close.

He mouthed ‘Don’t you dare fucking scare him’. Some of his relatives scowled at the language while Frank fumbled for Gerard’s hand.

“Frankie, it’s alright. You don’t have to be paranoid here, okay?” he whispered reassuringly, turning around to shield Frank with his body, “Come on, Mini Me, you can do it. Be natural. Be like you would be around me. Wait- uh, no. Not exactly like you’d be around me, but you know what I mean.”

Frank, despite himself, laughed into his sleeve. Gerard laughed back and Frank took a deep breath.

“You wanna go back in?” Gerard asked.
Frank nodded.

Gerard opened the screen and pushed past his gawking relatives.

Everyone scrambled back to trying to look innocent. Gerard rolled his eyes and patted Frank’s back.

“Mommy, I thought you said not to kiss boys like that!” Gerard heard his little cousin, Andy, say to his Aunt Laura across the room.

Gerard smirked and looked over at Frank.

“Sorry, baby, I didn’t mean for them to hear that.” Gerard said apologetically.

“Don’t be. It’s okay.” Frank said, somewhat aware of half the Way family staring at them.

Gerard let himself be pulled aside by his mother.

“Why didn’t you tell me, Gerard?” she asked.

“Because… well, he didn’t want me to. He’s really sensitive. I mean, he was… he was, like, abused as a kid, you know?” Gerard said, watching his mother’s eyes widen, “His parents would kick him around because he couldn’t see and be cruel to him… He was really sick when he was 9. Some kind of infection.”

“Dear Lord, poor child.” She gasped, “When did you meet him?”

Gerard hesitated.

“Th-that’s the thing…” he said, his voice weak, “I lost my job at the high school a while ago.”

“What? Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because… ‘Cause the reason I got fired… was Frank.” Gerard elaborated haltingly.

“What d’you mean?” she asked.

“I… We… I mean, I didn’t know he was… he sort of… flirted with me. I mean, I didn’t realize it at first, but he’d always try and talk to me unnecessarily and say things... He’d just… yeah. And I just, I wasn’t thinking one day and I went and… I kissed him. He freaked out a bit to say the least.” Gerard said, cringing.

His mom just looked at him, waiting.

“I… He was just joking around at first, I think. I mean, he’s way too freaked out, even now, to be that straightforward. But he just sort of warmed up to me, and he’d talk to me after school and stuff. He was, well, still too fucking young to understand anything in some sorts, yeah? And he’d just open up about everything after a while. I’ll admit it. It wasn’t just a fucking platonic relationship. But, shit, it wasn’t just physical either, right? He was, like, everything I had. Then… someone, they just like… they caught us. And that was the end of Gerard Way; the “awesomest, youngest-looking art teacher in the school”.” Gerard breathed out.

He felt like he’d just been to a church confessional. His mother looked at him expressionlessly.

“I really love him, mom. And if you can’t accept that, if you and everyone else in this house are too ignorant to realize that love can be any gender, and shape, size, color, or form that you see it to be, like I thought you’d taught me all my life when I was a kid, then fine, me and Frank will leave... I care about him. I’d jump off a bridge for him, Mom; I’d rob a bank, I’d probably kill someone for him. Look at him. His self confidence level is a negative 30 but he tries so hard. He doesn’t want to be different because he’s /afraid/. He’s afraid of people like his parents who were fucking self-centered, intolerant, pricks. He grew up being the underdog, always ground into the dirt because the people around him couldn’t handle his difficulties because they knew they’d have to do a little more work than was comfortable.” Gerard hissed.

Gerard’s mom smiled after a moment. Gerard was confused.

“Gerard. I think you just said the right thing at the right time.” She said.

Gerard turned. A slightly disoriented looking Frank was standing, leaned in the doorway and listening to Gerard.

Gerard stepped over to him and touched his face. Frank didn’t flinch.

“Really? You really, really, would do that for me?” Frank said, tracing Gerard’s lips as Gerard’s hand fell to his side.

“Yeah, of course I would. That and more.” Gerard assured him softly.

Frank licked his lips and pressed his mouth to Gerard’s, gently at first, then tongues were roaming and Gerard felt a flood of coldhot relief like never before.

Frank locked one arm around Gerard’s neck, the other sliding under his arms und up to join his other hand.

They pulled away for air reluctantly a minute later. Gerard realized the house was silent. So did Frank. Gerard could see the sudden fear in his eyes, but he didn’t try to run again.

The people watching them from the room they were currently halfway in, locking lips in the doorway, didn’t move. They’d all heard Gerard’s little “speech”.

Then Mikey, Gerard’s brother who’d always been accepting of both the relationship and Frank’s disability, started a slow clap. Frank looked indefinitely confused, while Gerard looked little different. The room was spinning in Gerard’s eyes because he couldn’t concentrate.

“Whoa, bro. That was intense.” Mikey said once everyone had calmed down from approaching him with questions.

They were just like they were before now, lounging around and casually talking.

Gerard nodded distractedly and looked over at Frank. He was sitting on the floor, the little children around him watching ‘Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer’. His face had an uneasy tint to it, but when one of the six-year olds put her head in his lap, he shakily put his hand on her back, staring into the TV.

“I’m proud of you.” Gerard said once they were walking down the driveway to Gerard’s car.

It was pitch dark outside, almost 12:30pm. Many of Gerard’s other relatives were staying over for the night at Gerard’s parent’s place.

“Right back ‘atcha. Really, though, Gee. That was, like, the best thing I’ve heard you say in ever.” Frank complimented.

Gerard smiled and opened the door for Frank like he always did; slipping into the drivers seat before closing the door.
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