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.slow down this nights a perfect shade of dark blue.

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“If anyone makes fun of you, I’ll fucking blow their brains out…”

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(Part two of three)

"I don’t want people making a fuss over me, or… or to try and pull something just ‘cause I can’t see…” Frank said, choking on a breath.

“If anyone makes fun of you, I’ll fucking blow their brains out…” Gerard said, bringing his hands up to thread through Frank’s hair.

He kissed him, deep and passionate.

Frank took a deep breath once they’d pulled away, the sound of lips and tongues parting making his head swim.

“Christ, Gerard. That was the best kiss I’ve had from you in a while.” Frank said breathlessly.

Gerard smiled and just watched Frank.

He was gorgeous like that; standing in the chill of the winter night air, his cheeks flushed and eyes wandering. He had nothing to focus on.

“I love you, Frank.” he said.

It felt like a high school first date all over again. Like the time and place was too awkward, and the statement was just too random sounding and out of place. Frank turned back to the sound of Gerard’s voice and clasped their hands together.

“You mean it? You really, really mean it this time?” Frank asked, staring into the space between their eyes, or maybe he was looking straight through Gerard, he couldn’t tell.

Neither could.

“Yeah. I always meant it.” Gerard said, blushing slightly, “Will you… Will you stay with me? Like, forever? I mean, move in with me, permanently?”

Frank smiled the most wonderful smile he’d smiled in a long while. He hugged Gerard, squeezing the air out of him, wrapping his legs around Gerard’s middle when Gerard held his thighs up.

“Oomf. Wow. You’re light.” Gerard noted.

“You’re strong.” Frank said back.

Gerard kept Frank suspended and kissed him again.

“I love you too, by the way.” Frank said quietly, almost shyly.

Gerard grinned against Frank’s lips and mumbled back, “You don’t know what I look like.”

Frank mocked deep thought, pulling back from Gerard’s mouth.

“I think I can guess. You’re taller than me-”

“Yes I am, you midget.” Gerard interrupted jokingly, setting Frank back down onto the cement.

Frank slapped him playfully on the arm, but continued.

“-You’ve got… brown eyes?” Frank guessed.

“Close enough. Hazel-green.” Gerard corrected.

Frank shrugged.

“You’re… oh! That time in the bathroom you yelled you were like… 140 pounds or something. Damn, shouldn’t you weigh more? Anyways, you have, like… blond hair?” Frank asked.

“I did when I met you. My hair is brown. But it’s always black now.”

Gerard said, swaying softly with the music, Frank’s head on his shoulder and feet moving more gracefully along with his than he would’ve thought for someone blind who’d never had dancing lessons in his life.

“You’re skin is really soft. I bet you’re pale. Are you pale? I remember Mikey saying that.” Frank said hurriedly.

“Yeah…” Gerard chuckled, “People tell me that all the time.”

“You’re one hell of a deep throat?” Frank offered.

Gerard laughed into Frank’s hair.

“True, but that’s not appearance…” he said.

Frank pressed his lips to Gerard’s in response. There was a soft clunk from the other side of the door interrupting them. Gerard looked over and Frank tried hard not to look frightened.
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