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The survivor

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My attempt at an "Alternate" Star Wars. In this story, Yoda and Obi Wan were not the only ones to survive the purge. Unknown to everyone except yoda, a third jedi survived... ...

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Summary: An Alternate Thing. Vader and Palpatine over-looked a third Jedi-One of Master Yoda’s best padewan pupils. Now she’s back, and she’s brought a few students of her own to help the rebellion…

A.N: This is my attempt at a Star Wars fic. I honestly have no idea if it’s any good as a Star Wars fanfic, so please review and tell me a) why you like it, b) how it can improve or c) if it simply sucks.
I will NOT be offended if its c. I just want to know what you guys think.

Character description.
I’m just doing this for the one character I couldn’t find a god place for a description.
Okay Solana, she looks like the blue dancers on Tattoine with the Tentacles for hair except that she’s purple instead of Blue and has eyes that are similar to a cat’s in the fact that they are all colour (no whites) and the pupils react quickly to changes in light (go from diamond-slited to large and round. This also can change to show her mood. When she gets very angry her pupils will sometimes revert to the diamond shape, no matter how dark it is, though for some reason it doesn’t seem to affect her vision.)

Chapter 1

19 years prior to ANH, time of the slaying of the Jedi

Jedi Knight Solana paced on her platform over-looking the gorgeous planet she was on. She was restless. Suddenly she doubled over with a cry of shock, gripping the thick column supporting the side of her perch to steady herself. Something was not right there was an increasing imbalance in the force that grew and expanded with every passing moment.
“No!” she breathed as she felt each Jedi knight and master and knight die. Solana had always had very attuned and accurate senses connected to the force “No!” she cried, tears spilling down her violet cheeks when she felt the horror, fear and pain of the younglings as they were slaughtered in their hiding place by one they had trusted an admired. Suddenly a sound from the physical world pulled her out of her shocked trance of pain and terror. Whipping around she saw the legion of clones that had been assigned to her approaching the palace-like building she was now standing on the balcony of. One of the little cat-like creatures went to invite them in. when the Jedi saw one of the clones raise a blaster she decided that now was no time to hide! She jumped off her platform, unsheathing her light saber as she did so and using the force to land lightly in a crouched position she lifted the blue blade and deflected the blasts sent at her easily.
“You will do no more killing today!” she yelled bringing up her hand and force-pushing them all backwards near to the edge of the waterfall. The soldiers clumsily bumped into each other as they scrambled to get their balance. In the end they teetered over and fell over the falls.
“Master Jedi?” The feline man whispered timidly.
“After a thousand generations of protecting the galaxy and fending off all sorts of evil,” Solana sighed. “The Jedi order was brought down by one of its own.”
“You mean…all?” Merows (The cat-guy) squeaked. Solana frowned, concentrating.
“There may be one; no two still live besides the traitor. But everyone else is…gone.” She said, hanging her head in grief.
“Can you not rebuild?” Asked Meona, Merow’s colleague.
“Destruction may take but a moment. The process of reconstruction may take a century or even a millennia.”
“So what will you do? You know you will always be welcome here” the two cat people said.
“No. They will think I am dead. I have not been to Corscant for many years. The most recent visit I had with my fellow Jedi was when we were all recalled to rescue Jedi master Kenobi. For the next few years I shall have the element of surprise.”

It took several weeks for Solana to find out what had happened. Jedi knight Anakin Skywalker had betrayed them all and joined the dark side to become Lord Sideous(A.K.A Senator Palpatine) apprentice, Darth Vader. The Republic had also fallen and been “re-fitted” into an Empire, with Palpatine at the head of course.
Padme Amidala had born Anakin Skywalker a child, which he believed to be dead along with her, however, unknown to him and the empire the child lived. Both of them she suspected. She had managed to get a hold of her old master, Yoda and he had revealed that Padme had indeed had twins.
“Two?” she asked him in the little hut. “Skywalk-Darth Vader, has twins?”
“Yes. Indeed he has.” The little green guy said in his raspy little voice. After a moment of silence he smiled at his former apprentice wryly.
“Betray you, your thoughts do. Wish to know you do, where hidden these children are.” Solana smiled in return.
“You know me too well master.” She said “But I realize it must stay a secret. And the fewer people holding a secret, the better kept it stays.” Yoda nodded approvingly.
“Learned much you have.” He said “Gained much wisdom. Tell me, Returned, why have you?”
“I wish to learn.” The old little Jedi laughed at that.
“A Jedi knight you have been for many years now. Passed the trials long ago you did.” He said.
“I know. But I wish to earn the rank of master before I start looking for children to become Jedi. We need to rebuild. I will go to the far reaches of the galaxy and look in the most isolated of colonies only. I shall not expose your hiding place Master.”
“Worried for myself I am not. Worried for you I am.” The little green guy said as Solana left.
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