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Friends on Tatooeine

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19 years later on Tatooeien Luke and Obi Wan find they might have an ally...

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AN: My quotes from the movie aren’t very good, I haven’t seen it in a while so while I tried to stick to events from the original story, don’t expect word for word stuff. Oh yeah, and review! I won’t update again until I get some!

19 years later.
Location: Tattooine.

2 Storm Troopers halted Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi in their ship.
“How long have you owned these droids?” One of the white-armored soldiers asked.
“‘Bout three or four seasons.” Luke replied innocently, feeling a little anxious. It didn’t look like they were buying it.
“They’re for sale of you want them.” Ben jumped in.
“You don’t want their droids.” A cool female voice interrupted. A tall woman with purple skin and the large tentacles for hair of some of the tattoine dancing girls stood just behind the storm troopers, leaning against the wall of a building. She had green eyes with cat-like pupils and was wearing a leather crop-top and long brown pants and boots. Ben looked at her like he’d seen a ghost.
“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” She said coolly.
“These aren’t the droids we’re looking for.” One of the Storm troopers repeated. The other nodded
“They can pass and go about their business.”
“You can pass and go about your business.” The second soldier said. Their strange helper smiled and turned to leave only saying
“Move along” before disappearing into the crowd. This phrase was of course repeated dutifully by the soldiers with a wave of their hands to usher them along.
“Wow, she must really be important for those guards to do what she said like that, eh Ben? Ben?” The old man was staring into space, an expression of utter shock on his face.
“Hey Ben you ok?”
“Yes.” The old man replied slowly. The two then got out of the pod and entered the bar.
“Master?” Mira, the oriental-looking human teenage girl asked Solana. Even though their teacher was female, they still called her ‘Master’-they meaning the girl and the other two Apprentices that were traveling with the Jedi. The younger ones were all still in the Degavah system with Master Yoda.

“Did you find what you were looking for Master?” asked Niervosh. Niervosh also had tentacle like things on his head, though instead of three or four that were like hair on Solana, he only had one hanging down on either side of his face and had eyes that were completely black. His skin was green.

“Yes. Yes I did.” Just then the third apprentice spoke.

“Where do we go now?” Justice asked his teacher. Justice was also human. He had dark skin and kind, chocolate brown eyes. Solana looked at her padewans.

“Now you go back to our ship and don’t make any trouble. Don’t draw attention to yourselves.”

“And you?” Inquired Mira.

“I’m going to a bar.”

“He doesn’t like you.” The man with the strange nose told Luke.

“Okay then.” Luke replied and turned around. The man grabbed his shoulder and spun him back round.

“I don’t like you either.” He said aggressively. “I have the death sentence in 5 systems!’

“I’ll be careful then.” Luke said. The man spun him round again

“You’ll be dead!” just then Ben
came to his rescue.

“You don’t want this little one.” He said with a wave of his hand.

“Uh we don’t want this one.” The crook repeated. However, his “friend” didn’t seem to agree with him. The fury thing roared and got up to attack Luke and Ben, his partner up only a split second after him. However, Ben seemed to be ready and in a flash had his light saber out. A couple slashes, a scream or two of agony and the fury thing was dead and the other one was missing a limb or two and scuttled out.

“Hey! You watch yourselves! We don’t want trouble here!” the barman said to them at them

“It won’t happen again.” Ben said knowingly.

“Yeah, it better not.” The barman growled before saying, “By the way, this is for you from the lady over there.” He said plunking a large glass of some concoction down on the counter in front of the old Jedi and pointing across to the other end of the long counter. A large creature moved away from the counter and they could see a cloaked and hooded figure. It turned towards them and shook off the hood to reveal the same person that had gotten them past the guards.

“She also told me to tell you that the guy with the Wookie might have what you need. Those were her exact words.” Luke and Ben looked over again to find the stool empty and their “friend” leaving the bar. Ben looked like he wanted to go after her, but then he looked down at Luke’s questioning face and seemed to think better of it. Instead they walked over to the table with the Wookie and the human.
“So let me get this straight. You need a ship that will get you guys outta here fast right?” Han Solo said questioningly.

“Yes. And no questions asked.” Ben said calmly. Mind tricks wouldn’t work on this one. He would have to use bartering skills.

“10 000 credits.” Han said casually. Luke balked at that sum.

“10 000 credits?! That’s ridiculous! We could buy our own ship for that much! C’mon Ben let’s go.”

“You won’t get any ship faster then the falcon.”

“Is that your ship? Is it fast?”

“You never heard of the millennium Falcon?” The mercenary asked incredulously.

“Should we have?” The old man inquired politely. Before the man could answer Ben continued.

“We’ll give you 12 000 credits when we reach our destination plus 5 000 up front.”

“17 000!!!” Luke and Solo said in unison, Luke in shock and indignation, Solo with surprise and excitement. The old man nodded. Just then the Mercenary seemed to remember something.

“Hope you don’t mind sharing air space with a few extra. Someone else hired me as well, and by the way, you two might want to make yourselves scarce. Looks like you’ve made yourself some trouble.” He murmured, pointing at the soldiers at the counter that were speaking with the barman who in turn pointed at them accusingly. The two quickly did as they were advised and left.

“17 000 Chewy! Man they must be desperate.” He whooped. Just then a little green alien slid into the seat across from them and started clicking something in his language about taking Han’s head to Jabba the Hut on a platter. They argued for a bit as Han took out his blaster slowly and shot him.

“Sorry pal, but that’s the way it goes.” He said with a shrug as he and Chewy left in a bit of a hurry.
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