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New Aqquaintences

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Obi Wan runs into an old friend, and he and Luke meet some new ones.

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Chapter 3

“Well?” Solana asked the pilot as he began to make his ship ready.

“We’ll be ready to go soon. Just keep those…kids of yours out of the way.” Han told his other employer.

“Good. Thank you again.”

“I’d just better get paid.”

“You will.” Suddenly the woman stiffened and looked up suddenly. “They’re coming.” She said her voice was distant and grave.

“Master?” Mira asked poking her head out of the door and walking down to stand with her teacher, followed by her fellow students.
“Back into the ship! Now!” Solana ordered suddenly as the sound of storm trooper marching approached their ears.

“No! I’m staying with you! I can help!” The girl said rebelliously. The girl was spirited and fiercely loyal to her teacher who was like a mother to the girl emotionally, as she was to the other padewans with her who both nodded in agreement with Mira.

“I am the master! You are the students! Now get in the ship!” Solana said firmly. On this firm order the three students grudgingly went back inside. Just then the old man, the adolescent human and the two droids came running into the bay a breath ahead of the soldiers. Han waved them on impatiently and the purple-skinned woman took out a light saber, twirling it expertly and deflecting the missiles shot at them with a relative ease which seemed to amaze Luke. Once they were on the ramp, (which had started rising) she jumped on and walked inside while Han dealt with the take off.

“Obi Wan Kenobi. It has been too long.” The Jedi said shaking Ben’s hand.

“Solana? But how? I thought you were…”

“Dead?” she finished for him. “Yes that was the idea. Do not take offence, but the years do not look to have not been kind to you old friend.”

“The same cannot be said about you!”

“Ah but you forget. My species is longer lived than yours. I am still young.” She said teasingly.

“Lucky you.” Ben replied. It only seemed to be then that Solana noticed Luke.

“This must be Luke-yes I know about him, though until now I did not know where he was. Will you train him?”

“What? No ‘he’s too old’ quips?” Ben asked with surprise.

“Obi Wan, I have spent the last 18 years finding children to train from nice little inconspicuous niches in the galaxy. I stopped being picky about their age long ago. Now I want you to meet my Padewan learners.” She said, motioning to the three young people standing patiently a little way off.
“Justice of the Tachcai system,” (Ta-kai-) the human boy stepped forward with a respectful nod at Ben “Niervosh of the Soolischtick system,” (Soo-lee-skeet-ick) the green one stepped forward and did a little bow “And Mira of Naboo.” The girl inclined her head respectfully.

“Nabboo?” Ben inquired, eyebrows raised.

“Yes. Many a great people came from that planet.”

“So you guy are all Jedis?” The tattooine youth asked excitedly. For indeed both the humans had the braid that signaled they were Jedi in training.

“Well…not yet. We’re still apprentices.” Mira told him. She was the most out-going out of the three and seemed to be the gutsiest of them. While she had been born on Nabboo, Solana had found her in the child-labor camps of the Chimera system when she was 8 or 9 and had been big-mouthed and certainly brave there, standing up to the foreman-a big mean guy with no apparent compassion. She had even taken the blame for things and consequential beatings for some of the little ones as her two peers had found out from the younger child Solana had brought with her from there. She still had scars on her back and arms to prove it. One thing was for certain, she was definitely made of strong stuff was that one. However, she was not only brave, loyal and gutsy, but also extremely intelligent.

Consequently she was often the mastermind behind most of the schemes the three padewans got up to.
Justice was also from a poor background. Solana had found him first of all of them and he was very attached to her emotionally. Like many of the other students, he looked to her as a sort of mother figure. He had also been orphaned and enslaved, but he had been owned by someone quite different.
His master had been a fairly rich lord of the underworld, meaning he dealt in smuggled and illegal things and businesses. Justice had then had no name. Instead he was called ‘boy’ or ‘slave’ or a derogatory name. He had been very young and while he had not been beaten or brutalized physically, they had emotionally abused him, and in a boy as young as he had been, that was very damaging and unhealthy. He had been fortunate that Solana had come and rescued him when she had. He was a lot more cautious then the others, and a lot more soft-spoken and patient, often making him the negotiator of the three of them.

Niervosh was the only one who hadn’t come from slavery. His family had been middle class and fairly well off, but also large. He wasn’t the oldest and certainly not the youngest. His best chance for a good education had been to leave with the Jedi master. He was probably the only one who had family and friends that would miss him, though his parents had spread it around that he had gotten a scholarship to a far-away boarding school, thereby keeping both their son and his teacher’s secret.
He also had a strong competitive streak, although it rarely showed amongst his “brother” and “sister” since their talents were in different areas which they used to their advantage.

Just then they were brought out of their musings by their master’s voice.
“Mira, Niervosh, see to the droids.” Solana ordered them. The two inclined their heads respectively before replying ‘Yes Master’ and taking 3PO and R2 to the cargo bay.
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