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Drag Racing

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Reno and Rufus find their way to the mall...

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Rufus had waited long enough for Reno to rest and they both got changed in to shirts and trousers. The redhead was still mumbling to himself about the place when they collected their weaponry and got read to move on. The hospital ward was a mess as they moved further in. There were beds and gurneys covered in blood and viscous spattered sheets.

“Don’t touch them.” Rufus said knowing Reno to be far too inquisitive at times.

The Turk nodded and headed on and they came out of the forecourt and on to the main street again. They planned to head to the Central Square Shopping Centre. The area might have some supplies along with food and books on the area before it began the rotting cesspit it now was.

They moved in to the abandoned town and Reno looked up. It was raining, not ash, but actual rain. Rufus appeared to have noticed the change too as he stepped out in to road. There were rotting carcasses of pick up trucks and cars that had rusted over the years.

“There’s no sounds of animals.” Rufus said. His voice sounded rather loud, even on his own ears. “No animals and no sign of life. What the hell happened in this place?”

“Fucked if I know.” Reno shrugged and looked around. He could have happily shot himself in the head lately but he paced over to the street map and got ready to go. He figured that if they could at least get beer or something then it might pass quicker. He took up the bag and headed onwards.

Rufus watched him, mildly amused, his red ponytail swaying as he marched. He looked around the rotting city and headed to a newsstand on the side. The last date on it said something about the 1970’s. He peered through the murky glass and looked at the headline.

“Yo boss!” He shouted Rufus over and pointed to it. “Underground fires cause government to order the evacuation of the town of Silent Hill.” He read out to him through the murky glass. “Residents around a 1000 strong were asked to leave and sell up their homes as the government make plans to evacuate the productive town in West Virginia. The residents who have left were given money from the Government to find a new home. Nearby Braham’s has taken most of those that wished to remain in the local vicinity. Approximately fifty people who refused to move have been told that they will not receive further rescue aids.”

“So if there are people here they are idiots.” Rufus surmised. “Typical…” He huffed.

“Well boss I guess it’s like the slums ain’t it? People don’t like forced change. Accident or otherwise sometimes it’s hard to accept shit flies at everyone at least once.” He headed off towards the Central Square with his little piece of wisdom for the day shared.

“Yes I suppose.” Rufus muttered though he clearly did not see their point. They moved towards the shopping mall and Reno swung his EMR around his wrist as they wandered. Rufus looked at the half open shutters. His Turk slid under it and looked around.

“No power sir but we can see enough I guess.” He said and looked around. “We might be able to get around with our lights.”

Rufus rolled his eyes and scuffled under the shutters and looked around. They were on the first floor and he looked at the shuttered up shops. Silver Ring House, Marguerites Clothes Store, Bert’s Hat, Cosmetic Angel ad Watch Christopher greeted them. There was no sign of food but Rufus smirked.

“What?” Reno looked at him.

“Wanna try Marguerites for new attire?” He grinned. “I mean I heard you did drag for the local karaoke.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Reno looked at him shocked, “I mean sir… with all due respect now is not the time.”

“I…” Rufus laughed. “You… in a skirt.” He laughed louder watching Reno’s cheeks flush as red as his hair. “Oh fuck you did!” He howled. “You actually did!”

“Just once for charity.” He mumbled and looked around. “There are some toilets. I’m going for a piss. Don’t wet your trousers.” He stalked off.

The toilet door swung back and forth and Rufus stood trying to stop the laughter. Reno kicked the door open and ripped his trouser flies down and pissed in the bowl. He was still muttering when he knocked the side. The side curiously knocked back. Reno was in the middle stall and he knocked again. The cubicle partition knocked back.

Momentarily lost in the troubles of the toilet stall he didn’t bother doing himself up properly and wandered to the toilet door. It was closed and he pressed gently on the door. Reno suddenly noticed that the toilets were foul, like Slums back of filthy bar foul, and that the door did not open. The door however suddenly unlatched itself when he walked away. He turned around, packing himself in his trousers and gingerly walking back towards it.

“Hello?” He whispered. His voice sounded rather loud in the silent fetid smelling toilet. “Hey you all right?” He poked his head around. “Holy shit!” He jumped back from the door.
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