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On the road again

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Things get a bit more confusing...

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If there was one thing Rude really hated it was the mud and clogging feeling at the bottom of his feet. He wandered with the other two for what seemed like hours until they came to a chain and metal fence. Zekiel turned his flashlight on and looked up and down the perimeter.

The battered fence was rusted and the nearby tree had been spattered with blood. The sign above the area stated that it was the power generation site for the Lakeside Amusement Park. The dangers signs for the high voltage pylons were lost to the ground and a few dead birds littered the area. They looked to have been there a considerable time. Zekiel threw a gil to the pylon. Seeing that there were no sparks he guessed that it was safe.

“I’ll head in first.” Rude told Tseng who drew his sword and prepared for any combat. Rude skipped through the fence and headed around the area. He made sure not to step on the dead birds as they headed through with the others following. “So we follow this path back to the Lakeside place and then…”

“We investigate that area.” Tseng finished. “We have to just keep moving. If they are here we will find them.”

“Sir.” Rude nodded and after a long trudge down a barely lit lane they came to what looked like an air vent in the ground with steam piling out of it. Rude huffed as he walked past, underground fires, strange beasts, no beer and no chance of a clean ShinRa issue shirt!

They got to the road around the edge of the defunct fairground and looked over. The area was pitch black but curiously a few lampposts inside were lit. There seemed to be no sounds from inside however. Rude barged the large gate open and they clambered inside.

Immediately inside they stopped and looked around in shock. The area was a rotten mess of run down rides, left sideshows and large, pink rabbit teddy bears! The rabbits were possibly the most disturbing thing they had seen so far. The costumes were filthy and old coppery brown bloodstains were smeared around. The bodies inside still oozing yet they had no idea how long they had been dead.

“It says go north to the rollercoaster on the boards.” Zekiel said. “There is another note about a carousel.” He pointed. “So where do you fancy?”

“Anywhere but here.” Tseng said looking at the cart nearby. The sweets on it were still wrapped up but he wasn’t going to touch anything. He looked over for a sign of any recent movement but the counter was covered in dust.

“North then.” Rude shrugged looking at the turnstiles.


“Where do they come from?” Vincent muttered as he cocked the gun and began to fire. Elena covered what she could with her gun. They shot at the strange creatures, black creations with arms and heads bound together under layers of skin that awkwardly crawled forwards towards them.

The dogs were faster, they ran towards them at varying speeds and as they tried to cull them with shots from their weapons one got close enough to rip at Vincents leg as he shoved Elena out of the way.

The dog had no head, instead like Frankenstein’s monster it had a strange looking split down the middle of it’s rotting stump which extended out as large mandible like things with a long tongue that whipped out and burrowed in to the skin. The vampires instinctively tried to pull back which meant that teeth and extended tongue ripped in through flesh and muscle crippling him and nearly bringing him to the floor.

“Shit.” Elena shot at it and finally managed to get him clear. Vincent’s eyes burned an angry red as he ran at several more with his claws, the pain causing him more anger and frustration than being lost in the gods forsaken town.

As quickly as they appeared the creatures were gone. The dogs ran in to side alleys and the creatures screaming out in rage and causing a chill through their very souls before turning to piles of burning embers which were swiftly carried away by gusts of wind or seeped away in to the ground with cloying blotches as the evidence.

“What the fuck?” Elena looked at Vincent who looked curiously back at her. “What?”

“You… they…” He pointed to the distance. Rude stood watching them at the end of the street. Behind him a large figure of a man, easily eight feet tall stood behind him. The image of Rude bore no sunglasses, no Turk’s uniform, instead he wore what looked like an old black and white suit, a top hat and silver cane his only additions. He tipped his hat and turned. As he did so both the figure covered with what looked like a metallic pyramid cage over his head disappeared in to the blackened streets. Ash began to fall once more.

“We move now.” She said and they headed towards the route that Rude had taken. They found themselves at a blocked off road heading towards the Shopping Centre. Elena climbed over the barricade with Vincent following.
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