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Starting to Meet up

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The group starts to come back together...

Category: Final Fantasy 7 - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover,Horror - Characters: Elena,Reno,Rufus Shinra,Sephiroth,Vincent Valentine - Warnings: [!] [V] [?] - Published: 2007-10-12 - Updated: 2008-02-22 - 674 words - Complete

“Holy fucking Shiva!” Reno jumped as he peered in to the stall. “RUFUS!” He yelled.

Rufus came running through and looked at the same thing as Reno. Strung up amongst barbed wire that was fixed in through the cubicle walls sat a human being. The barbed wire went through the roof of the victims’ mouth, the body suspended by the wires through wrists and arms that were bent in unnatural positions.

Still it wasn’t that fact that had both men staring at the body in disgust. The fact of the matter started with the well-known navy Turk suit, the second was that Reno was staring at what looked like him, strung up dead. Reno looked at the body, open blue eyes and scars on the cheeks…

“Oh wait up.” Reno moved his hand over the tick marks under the cheek. “Yo there’s only one me.” He smiled and poked his own marks. “Tattoos kid not scars.” He smiled.

“This is getting weirder by the moment.” Rufus said as they checked the suited pockets. Reno nodded and pulled out what looked to be a key. “Well we might be able to find a use for that.” Reno pocketed it and they found nothing else of use.

They headed outside and heard movement on the upper floor. The area was a mess and they were given very little choice about areas to go through half the time. Doors that were locked did not seem important. It was far more important to get the hell out at the first available opportunity.

They came out through a fire exit, which led towards a TV shop whose mesh front allowed people to look in. Strangely one TV was on though the electricity to the place had seemingly been cut some time ago. Black and white snow was depicted on it and Rufus leant closer to it intrigued.

Reno looked behind them at openly rusted escalators that went up and down. They ended abruptly where the middle section of the whole mall had collapsed. Reno looked down, down and down to a black hole that sported no bottom. He stepped back and watched the corridor. He had heard movement and he was not going to risk them being ambushed.

Rufus was about to pull back from watching the TV blaring out snow when he suddenly jumped. There was a figure in the snow and it moved in to view. Rufus ShinRa did not like what he was seeing because as the figure stepped forwards Rufus was greeted with a white haired katana-wielding nightmare. Jenova’s son merely looked back at him before the TV turned itself off.

“Bastard.” Rufus kicked the wall.

“Boss?” Reno looked at him slightly worried.

”If he’s here we…” He sighed. “Damn it.” He stormed off towards the fire exit and back down the stairs finding a large set of double doors.

“Hey Ruf…” Reno ran in to the back of the President who had walked in to the central plaza area. The fountain was running with clear water and the area looked dusty but there was a power supply as the vending machines were lit, a soda machine blinked that Sprite was sold out and the shop fronts looked closed down for the night but not abandoned.

Rufus was looking at Vincent who was stood with his arms folded across his chest enjoying a nice view of Elena on all fours by the soda machine trying to break in to the electronics to make it free vend.

“You pervy old bastard.” Reno laughed and Elena shot up from the floor. “What the hell are you both doing in here?” He swung his EMR over his shoulder.

“Hello Reno.” Vincent rolled his eyes. “We were simply trying to get to the vend.” He said in a deep rich voice. His red eyes washed over the lean Turk and then to Rufus. His jaw tightened. “Rufus ShinRa…”

“Rufus!” Elena squealed and ran over in to his arms holding him tight. “Oh thank the gods!”
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