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The rise of the monster

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Tseng looked over the area in disdain. The fairground was a macabre vision of innocent toys and cute things that we’re rotten, cracked, rusted or covered in blood. Not that he hadn’t seen gross or weird before but the whole town was one crazy mock up of an idea or evil to the core. He didn’t fancy the latter option. The idea of it being a bad dream or an awful joke seemed better.

“Sir.” Zekiel pointed to the carousel as they walked down.

From the distance they could see that it had white painted horses that looked rusted and faded. Their paint chipping as they were held exposed to the elements and the green metal roof held them in place joining them to the rusted metal floor. They were held there like impaled creatures and Rude shook his head and moved on towards the rollercoaster.

Rude pulled his jacket around closer to his torso as they headed up the ‘Mountain Rollercoaster’ and towards the rides gated entrance. Tseng leant down and pulled up a bandage which had previously been occupied by something in pain he was sure of it. Blood, old dried and browning blood had literally soaked the thing until he had found it discarded.

The rollercoaster had once been painted a clean grey on the safety cages was not splattered with blood, which had in turn aided a rusting process. Whatever had happened here, fire or not, a lot of people had died. He stood on a metal sign, the noise echoed and he looked down at a Danger warning. Others were littered around. He went to turn around but suddenly Zekiel stepped on the tracks.

“Bad idea.” Rude mumbled and as the Soldier walked down the main tracks. This was not the kind of place to precariously balance oneself he was sure of it. Zekiel wasn’t even listening somewhere along the lines his brain had switched off and he almost robotically began to walk along the dangerous tracks.

Tseng made a decision to follow, as Zekiel seemed not to be in his right mind, then again, The Turk noted he had no idea what the right mind of him was. They had only just met. He took his sword out and followed, as the Soldier seemed to be following a direct path. Rude stood by the side of the entry and watched. There were no cars, they had either been removed or been destroyed but either way there were no signs of recent use.

They headed up the tracks with Rude watching. Zekiel was leading them higher up the tracks until quite abruptly coming to halt. There at the top of the railing, before the apex and broken rails giving to a large fall stood a tall thin man.

Tseng went to stop Zekiel but he was unable to get hold of him in time. The figure was one Tseng new all too well and he did not wish too. Jenova’s chosen, Sephiroth brought hius sword around and slid through the Soldiers armour like a knife through butter. The white haired, one winged angel slid his sword free and the soldiers body fell down off the side of the roller coaster. His bag caught on the side.

“You will suffer the same fate.” He said in a deep tone that rumbled through the air and reverberated through Tseng’s core reminding him of so many bad times he had thought behind him. But if he was afraid he did not show it.

“You… I should have guessed.” Tseng said preparing his sword.

“It is the way of things Tseng.” He smirked and took a step forwards. “You have stood in my way before and survived but not this time.” With that he ran towards the Turk who made ready to defend himself.

Tseng was expecting impact so when he briefly closed his eyes and steeled himself he came to find that upon opening him there was no sign of Sephiroth. He picked up the bag that the Soldier had left behind and sighed. If there was one thing he could do without it was Sephiroth and another threat to a planet. He walked back towards Rude and began to explain.
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