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Ladies and Gentleman, I Give to You the Next Ruler of Halloweenland! Ch. 01

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Luna gets into something of a tizzy with her parents early in the morning.

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"Desdemona Skellington! Time to get up before your late for school!" Sally yelled up the stairs.

"I'm always late anyway." Luna says to herself.

"Desdemona, I mean it! Get up now!"

"I'm up! I'm up!" Luna yells as loud as she can.

"Breakfast will be ready in a few minutes." Sally yells up one more time before Luna faintly hears her walking away.

"Sometimes it sucks to be the only one still living at home." Luna mutters to herself before crawling out of bed.

Luna crosses her bedroom to the windows and she opens two of them. She lived in the tower now. Her parents had moved out years ago to a room a few floors below and because Luna was the only child here frequently when this happened she got the tower room. She liked it. It afforded her something resembling privacy and an amazing view of the town.

Time for another fun-filled day. Luna thought sarcastically. She turned away from the windows and caught something out of the corner of her eye on the horizon. Whipping back around, Luna tries to pinpoint it. And she sees it. Miles away, on the edge of town Luna sees a thin trickle of smoke rising up.

"There's nothing out that way..." Luna says to herself.

"Luna! Are you up yet?" And this time it was Jack.

"Yes dad!"

"Good girl!"

"Christ, what am I? Three?" Luna says, turning away from the window and heading for her closet.

She opens the doors and pulls out a black blazer with white pinstripes and a black tank top and she grabs a pair of pants with the suspenders on them being bright orange.

"Desdemona, couldn't you have picked something a little more... I don't know, appropriate for school?" Sally says as Luna walks into the kitchen.

"No." Luna says stubbornly, reaching for the toast. "And call me Luna."

"I will call you Desdemona because that's your name." Sally says, putting a plate of scrambled eggs before Luna.

"Luna and Thorne are my names too."

"Desdemona, now is not the time to be arguing about this, it's too early in the morning."

But Luna, this morning at least, was unwilling to let it go. "Mom, I've been asking you for the past two years to start calling me Luna."

"Your mother's right Princess, just let it go this morning. And what's wrong with Desdemona, it's a nice name." Jack says from behind the morning paper.

"And you're a guy, so you wouldn't understand." Luna says, standing up.

"Aren't you going to eat some breakfast?" Sally asks.

"I'm not hungry anymore. I'll see you guys when I get home." Luna shoulders her backpack and heads for the front door.

"I swear she's going through the rebellion phase worse then Junior, Rose, Raine, Draven, Zeke, and Whisper did at her age." Luna hears Sally say to Jack.

"It's because she's the youngest and we've really spoiled her the worst out of all seven of our kids Sally."

"Well, yes, but still, her rebellion phase should not be this bad."

"The kids you expect to go through really trying and bad rebellions half the time don't and the kids you expect to have few if any problems with, half the time go through really big rebellion phases. Look at Junior. His rebellion phase was over in a month. And you and I were both expecting hell on earth with him. And we got hell on earth with Rose."

"No, we're getting hell on earth with Desdemona right now with her going through her rebellion phase and being the youngest child."

"I am NOT going through a rebellion phase!" Luna yells back at the kitchen just before she slams the front door. And at the bottom of the stairs, just outside the gate, she meets Jet, her best friend since she was just a baby.

"What's wrong with you this morning?" Jet, a young vampire, asks falling instep with Luna.

"My parents." Luna says.

"Dude, you have the coolest parents in town. What about them could possibly make you mad?"

"For the past two years I've been asking them to call me by my first middle name, Luna. And for whatever reason, they're refusing. And this morning right as I'm about to leave, they started talking about how my rebellion phase is worse then any of the rebellion phases my brothers and sisters went through when they were my age.

"Then they're just acting like all parents. My parents were expecting easy-peasy rebellion with me considering if you put me next to my brother, I'm downright shy." Jet says, smiling.

"Do parents really forget so fast what it's like to be our age?" Luna asks.

"I don't know. Your dad might though. I mean, how old is he again?"

Luna huffs. "He's 425 years old next Halloween, but that doesn't give him an exact excuse."

"If he wants to twist it that way, it does. You remember from history how the kids behaved back then? They were so less mouthy then you or I are."

"Sometimes it really just sucks having the Pumpkin King as your dad." Luna says, kicking a rock out of her path.

"The Pumpkin King he may be Lu, but he's still your dad."

"Don't remind me, every time I look in the freaking mirror I'm reminded that I am my father's daughter. You know that I'm the only kid he has who looks almost exactly him. All my other brothers and sisters either resemble my mom or are a mish-mash between my parents."

"Eh, my gran used to say this phrase to me when things got really crazy, 'if the spider's web gets tangled, it sorts itself out.' "

"Jet, what is that supposed to mean?" Luna asks as she and Jet turn up the lane to the school.

"I have absolutely no idea. It just sounded appropriate." Jet says, laughing.
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