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Ladies and Gentleman, I Give to You the Next Ruler of Halloweenland! Ch. 02

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Luna and Jet skive off school, that's about it

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"Thanks for trying to make me feel better Jet."

"It's no trouble. I am your best friend after all."

"That is true." Luna says.

"And wouldya look at that?" Jet says, looking at his watch.

"What?" Luna asks.

"We're late again." Jet says, his deathly pale face splitting into a wide grin.

"So we are." Luna says, looking at Jet's watch. "Hey, I don't feel like going to school today. Do you?"

"Not really." Jet says.

"Come on." Luna says, looking around really quick before immediately heading off the path.

"Where are we going?" Jet asks, following.

"You wanna see a world that looks totally opposite from this place?" Luna asks as she holds back low-lying tree branches so Jet can walk past.

"Maybe. What does this place look like?"

"Green everywhere, life, color. Absolutely nothing like this place." Luna says.

"How far is it?"

"It's a fair walk, but it'll be worth the walk." Luna says.

"OK, then." Jet says.

For a good while there is no talk between Jet and Luna as they walk through the woods, up and down hills of varying steepness with their backpacks hanging off their shoulders.

"Good god Lu," Jet pants as he and Luna climb to the crest of another steep hill. "You weren't kidding when you said it was a fair walk."

"Yeah, sorry about that, I misjudged the distance from the path to here. But I promise we're close. You see that hill there with all the trees on top of it?"

"Yeah." Jet says after a second. "I see it."

"Well, that's the entrance to the woods we want." Luna says.

"Great. And how far do we have to walk to get to where you're taking us?"

"Only about a mile or so." Luna says as they start to walk down the hill.

"Joy." Jet says sarcastically, stumbling a bit.

"Oh hush you big baby." Luna says, grabbing Jet's hand to keep him from falling over.

The two of them walk down the rest of the hill without stumbling and Jet does indeed manage to make it to the top of the next hill with all the trees on it.

"I don't see anything much different from Halloweenland, Luna." Jet says as they walk into the woods.

"Don't worry you will soon." Luna says cryptically.

After a few minutes more walking, Luna and Jet walk into a small copse comprised of a half-dozen tall trees standing in a circle.

"Wow, these trees look really weird." Jet says, slowly revolving on the spot to look at all of them.

"They aren't trees per se." Luna says, taking her backpack off and dropping it on the ground.

"Whattya mean?" Jet asks, taking off his backpack as well.

"These 'trees' are really doors."


"Yeah, don't open any of them, but you see the big brass knob on each?" Luna asks as she picks up her backpack and Jet's and walks off a short distance, sticking both bags in a hollow tree trunk.

"Oh, yeeeeaaaaah."

"Well, you've probably heard the stories most of your life about what happened that one Halloween with my dad and Christmas."

"Uh-huh. My dad was so proud of the demon duck he helped build."

"Yeah, well this is where it all began. These are all doors to other holiday's worlds."

"And which one will we be going into?"

"This one." Luna says, walking over to the tree with a shamrock door on its trunk.

"What is that?" Jet asks, coming to stand just behind Luna.

"That, my friend, is called a shamrock. And this is the door to St. Patrick's Day." Luna puts her hand on the knob and opens the door.

"I don't see anything."

"...two, one." Luna says, putting down one last finger. And right as she does so a tunnel materializes, with a door at the end.

"Holy crap."

"After you." Luna says.

Looking more then a little apprehensive, Jet braces his hands on the oddly-shaped doorframe and hoists himself through the doorway into the tunnel and Luna gets in after him, the door clicking shut softly behind them.

"Where the hell are we?" Jet asks as Luna starts walking towards the door.

"This is how to get into the world of St. Patrick's Day." Luna says, grasping the big iron door handle and pulling on it.

"Oh my freaking God." Jet says when he gets a look at the world beyond Luna's shoulder.

"Yeah, it's a bit of sensory overload at first, but don't worry. Your eyes should become accustomed to all this green in a few minutes."

"Uh-huh. You were right. This was definitely worth the walk. This place looks so... /weird/."

"Weird to us, but normal to the people who live here. Hey, Seamus!" Luna says, waving to one leprachaun.

"Ah, hello, Luna. Who's your friend?" Seamus stops hoeing his garden.

"This is Jet. Jet, this is Seamus. Seamus was one of the first leprachaun's I ever met here."

"Is this your first time here, laddy?" Seamus asks of Jet.

"Uh-huh. This place definitely looks different. Cool, but different."

"As I'm sure your world would look different to me. Anyway, what brings the two of you here on this fine morning?"

"I just thought that I would come and show this place to Jet because he's never seen any of the other world's before."

"Thought it might be somethin' of a surprise?"


"You were right about that."

"Seamus O'Reilly, who ye be talking to now instead of hoeing the garden?" A high voice yells from the little house built into a hill.

"That's me wife, Muriel." Seamus says in a whisper. "I'm just talkin' to Luna, darlin'." Seamus says, raising his voice.

"Oh, why didn't you say so?" Another leprachaun, as tall as the first, only female, comes out of the house.

"Hello, Luna, it's been some time since we seen your pale face here."

"I got grounded for a spell."

"Children will be children. And who is this pale young man with you?"

"I'm Jet." Jet says absently, still looking around at everything.

"It's his first time here, isn't it?" Muriel says.

"Yep." Luna says smiling.

"Well, it's almost lunch, would you two care to join us?"

"Sure." Luna says. "If it's okay with you Jet."

"Yeah, I got my lunch in my- bag."

"Jet can only eat certain foods you see." Luna says to Seamus and Muriel, who'd been looking a little puzzled. "So, it isn't that he can't eat your fabulous cooking Muriel, he could, but it would just make him terribly sick."

"I see. Well, that's no problem then. Where's your bag, son?" Seamus asks.

"Near the door on the other side in our world." Jet says.

"I'll go get it. Seamus, Muriel, why don't you guys tell him about this place?"

"We'd be glad to." Seamus says.

Luna heads back to Halloweenland and grabs Jet's thermos out of his backpack. Looking around once to make sure no one is near-by or has followed them, Luna heads back through the shamrock door.

"So, you guys are all the same height?" Luna hears Jet ask as she rounds the corner in the path.
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