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Now I'm heels over head, I'm hangin' upside down.

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Samantha sighed as she stared down the strawberry jam jar, she bent down to the counter to glare at it from the jar’s ‘eye level.’ Raising her eyebrows in a challenge she cradled the jar haphazardly underneath her arm as to not disturb her bandaged hand while she tried her best to pop the lid with her good hand, failing miserably. She stomped as if the gesture was going to magically help her open the jar. Once failing again the redhead groaned loudly and took a deep breath fully prepared to try to twist the top open once more but before she got the chance Patrick walked past her nonchalantly taking the jar from her easily popping the lid and handing it back all the while not noticing her glaring at him as he opened the refrigerator door.

“I can still do stuff you know.” Sam scoffed while plopping the jar down on the counter rather awkwardly.

“Like open a jar?” Patrick questioned while sucking in his top lip in attempt to get all the milk off of it.

“Yes.” She replied nonchalantly while cradling the jar with her wrist and stomach as she tried to spread jam on the toast with her right hand, which for all intensive purposes was retarded. “I would’ve gotten it eventually.”

“Ok.” The singer shrugged while placing the milk carton back into the fridge. “Do you want me to do that?” He replied with his head still in the fridge once he heard the knife drop for the second time.

“No I do not.”

“Are you sure because I can just –” He stood up and looked behind him once he heard the knife drop for the third time.

“I don’t want jam.” Samantha replied sternly before grabbing her half jammed toast and stomping out of the kitchen.

Patrick laughed slightly before following her out of the kitchen.
“Are you still planning on starting work again tomorrow?” He walked into her room and started laughing at her sitting cross legged on her bed with a piece of toast in her mouth.

“Noph.” She responded with her mouth full. She took her time to chew and swallow, “Marie convinced Mrs. Lowry that I was still unable to work.” Samantha scowled, “Second degree burns are apparently a very serious matter.” She rolled her eyes and Patrick laughed.
“It’s not funny, I can’t do anything – I can’t even paint!”

“I know, I’m sorry.” He couldn’t help but smile, Marie had definitely went above and beyond to make sure Sam couldn’t go back to work. “So, when I go to Vegas you’re just going to be hanging around here all alone?”

“Yup.” The redhead sighed as she let herself fall back onto the bed.

“That’s lame.” He leaned on the doorframe for a second as he watched her shrug and inspect her toast.

“Yeah I guess.” Sam sighed once more before taking a bite of her breakfast.

“So, come with me.” Patrick blurted out suddenly causing Samantha to start coughing violently. She sat up and finally cleared her airway.
“Sorry.” He replied timidly.

“I can’t go to Las Vegas.” Samantha stated sternly before taking another bite of toast.

“Why not?”

“Because.” The redhead nodded content with that being her excuse, the look on his face however told her that it wasn’t good enough.
“Because . . .” She started again, “Because there’s hookers in Las Vegas.” Her face contorted in confusion at her statement but quickly changed as she nodded in attempt to try and pass it off as her excuse.

“Ok so, you don’t want to go to Las Vegas with me because there are hookers there?” Patrick arched an eyebrow in her direction and Samantha nodded once more.

“Right? Right. Yes, hookers.”

“Are you planning on buying these hookers?” He stifled a laugh as she pouted.

“Patrick,” Samantha stood up and pointed at him before noticing her shirt full of crumbs, she brushed them off quickly before pointing at him once more, “Herpes is not a joking matter!”

“No,” He laughed, “Not at all.”

“I mean, people are dying from –” She paused to think, “People are, are, are having herpes every day and the key is to stay away from . . . hookers?” Groaning she knew that she was making no sense.
“When are we leaving?” Sam asked defeated which caused Patrick to smile.

“Tomorrow afternoon.”

“So, how am I supposed to treat them?” Pete questioned confused as he removed his attention off of Samantha and Patrick in the aisle over and leaned forward as to catch the ear of the guitarist in front of him.

“Like, people?” Andy interrupted from behind, not exactly sure what kind of question his stupid bassist friend was posing.

“Thank you Jesus.” Pete narrowed his eyes at his friend who shrugged as if to say ‘what?’
“I mean, do I treat them like a couple?”

“They aren’t a couple.” Marie turned around and squished her face in between the seats to get a better look at her eyeliner-clad friend. “And Joe is asleep, so you might want to try and asking someone else who hasn’t been passed out for the last 30 minutes.”

Pete sighed frustrated as he rested his head back on the seat and once again turned his attention to the laughter radiating from the aisle over.

Patrick was coughing through his laughter as Samantha was barreled over extremely amused.
“You only got one in and you almost kill me.” He coughed as he shifted in his seat.

“Open your mouth.” She continued to giggle but poised her arm fully prepared to attempt to throw another peanut into his mouth, she was aiming carefully with her tongue sticking out but started laughing once again brining her face into his arm in a fit of giggles as he too once again started laughing.

“Hey kids, what’s going on over here?” Pete rested his hand on the top of Patrick’s seat and looked in between the couple curious as to what could possibly be so humorous. They tried to explain how Samantha’s right arm really is retarded and can’t throw and how Patrick can’t catch anything in his mouth, but the only thing that game out was a few incoherent words and strings of laughter.
“Right, so that sounds fun.” The bassist sighed as he rolled his eyes and walked away, finished with trying to find out how the dynamics of that pair worked.

As soon as their laughing had subsided for the most part Samantha haphazardly chucked another peanut in his direction.

“Wait, I’m not read –” He began to argue but stopped as soon as the peanut landed in his open mouth.

Sam let out an excited squeal as she bounced in her seat, she immediately pulled him in for a hug as he continued to laugh at her happiness but stopped suddenly when she unexpectedly kissed him. Pulling away suddenly she stood quickly.
“I’ve got to pee.” She mumbled while brining up her hands to attempt to hide her bushing face as she scooted out of the aisle and headed in the direction of the bathroom.

Patrick sat back confused before looking around to see if anyone had seen what had just happened. When it seemed as if no one else had noticed he sat back and took off his hat to scratch his head, completely baffled. What did this mean?

Pete immediately turned to see if anyone else had witnessed what had happened.
“Did you just see that?” He kicked the seat in front of him causing Marie to just turn and glare.

“If you wake him up I’m going to kill you!” Marie harshly whispered.

“Did you just see that?” Pete whispered back and Marie did nothing but look at him confused.

“See what?”

“Samantha kiss Patrick.” Andy replied from behind Pete once again intruding in on the conversation.

“How the fuck did you see that?” Pete stuck his face in between the seat cushions to look at the drummer that was curled up facing the window with his eyes closed.

Sighing frustrated he didn’t even bother answering but only got more comfortable while adjusting his headphones. They have been friends for how many years, and still no one realized that he knew everything.

“Samantha please please come tonight.” Marie begged the redhead as she chased her around the hotel suite half dressed.

“Marie that’s ridiculous, I’m not going to the CMAs or whatever.” Samantha scoffed as she took residence on the bed.

“The VMA’s Samantha, c’mon you’re worse then my mother – and your not that gimpy.” The brunette whined.

“Marie I really don’t think that it’s a good idea, with my luck something horrific will happen and everyone will blow up or something.” Sam shook her head as Marie opened her mouth to once again say something else.

“Is the reason you’ve been kind of avoiding Patrick because you kissed him on the plane?” Marie sighed as she also sat down on the bed.

“What?” The redhead was caught off-guard, “No, I haven’t been avoiding Patrick, I mean same hotel suite hello, can’t avoid someone – he’s just been really busy and stuff, you know?”

“Samantha please.” The brunette looked at her knowingly.

“I’m not.”

“You are.”

“We ate together yesterday, that’s not avoidance.”

“You’re avoiding him.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Just admit it.”

“I think I’m in love with him.” The redhead finally yelled before covering her face with her hands, it’s not like she could take it back now.

“What?” Marie gaped at her friend.

“Never mind.” Samantha replied quickly while getting off the bed.

“Samantha!” The brunette was immediately on her feet following the redhead, “Have you told him?”

“No, I’m not sure, I don’t know – just forget I said anything.”

“Love is not a maybe thing Samantha.” Marie grabbed her friend’s arm forcing her to look at her, “You know when you love someone, do you love him?”

“Love who?” Joe walked in with his shirt slung over his head.

“Joe!” Marie groaned as she glared at her boyfriend, grabbing the shirt off of his head and shoving it in his face.

“Gross that smells.” The guitarist accidentally smacked the shirt in Samantha’s direction, still completely oblivious about the conversation he had just walked in on.

“I should go.” Samantha whispered while balling up the shirt in her hands, handing it to Joe timidly she only stopped to wish him good luck before she was out the door.

Samantha’s head was buzzing, was she in love?
She couldn’t possibly be, she ran through the checklist in her mind.
Butterflies in the tummy?
Heart skipping beats?
That firework thing that’s supposed to happen after a kiss?
Sigh, check.
Maybe there was an explanation for this, butterflies in the tummy, well, that could just be something she ate – and it just so happens that every time she is around Patrick that she had something funny to eat previously.
Her heart skipping beats, maybe she had a heart palpitation that no one ever told her about, or detected – possibly because they only happen when she’s with Patrick, maybe she should bring him to the doctor with her sometime.
Fireworks, shmireworks, she walked around carpet a lot with socks on, that’s all – though she couldn’t really explain why the fireworks never appeared when anyone else was around.
Shit fuck.

“Hey.” Samantha responded as she walked into the suite she was sharing with Patrick.

“Hey.” He returned while patting his pockets making sure he wasn’t forgetting anything.

That was all it took, she knew it then – she was in love.
Heels over head, hopelessly hopeful, in love with this man.

“You look nice.” She smiled and he nodded a thank you.

“New haircut and all?” Patrick laughed as he turned to meet her gaze.

“Yes . . . ” The redhead rolled her eyes, ok so she liked his hair better longer, sue her. “Aren’t you going to be hot in that sweater? I still don’t understand that by the way, how does one perform in winter clothes?”

“With excellent skill.” He laughed again when she shook her head at him, “Are you sure you don’t want to come?”

“Yeah I’m sure, I’m just going to chill out here. But, I am going to be watching on TV so don’t fuck up.” She pointed sternly in his direction.

“Oh well, in that case.”

Samantha fidgeted nervously, if she was going to do it now was most certainly the time.
“Patrick I –” she started but was cut off when a loud knock radiated through out the suite.

“Hold that thought.” He pointed at her before turning to answer the door.

“No, wait.” She yelled after him, which caused him to stop and turn.

“Sam, just let me answer the door, it’s probably just Pete.” He replied while pulling open the door only to be chest to face with a very large security guard.

“I’m supposed to come get you, it’s time to go.” The tall man responded and Patrick nodded.

“I’m sorry,” He turned to Sam, “can it wait?”

“I, uhm.” The redhead stuttered but was silenced by a much smaller man with a head set on.

“Sparky let’s go, we don’t have all day!” He ushered the singer out the door with his clipboard.

“I love you.” She yelled towards the closing door and could only smile when the only thing she heard in response was a squeaky ‘Wait, what?’

“She loves me?” He looked up at the security guard.

“Sounds that way.”

“Ha!” Patrick yelled excitedly while gripping the arm of the man with the head set and clip board. “She loves me!”

“Yeah.” The clipboard man raised his eyebrows as he removed the hand from his arm.

“Oh my God, she loves me.” The singer’s eyes widened, “I should go back, I didn’t say anything, I should go back.” He turned around and started down the hallway in the opposite direction but was halted by the security man grabbing his arm.

“Patrick, it’s ok, she knows.” Marie replied finding it amusing that Patrick was being pulled backwards down the hallway.

“I knew this was going to happen, congrats man.” Andy replied while patting Patrick on the shoulder.

“Does this mean that they’re a couple?” Pete piped up from the back of the group, his arm lazily slung around his blonde girlfriend.

“She loves me.” Patrick smiled.

“Does anyone smell that?” Joe questioned while sniffing the air, “God, that is rank.” The guitarist covered his nose disgusted not noticing that he was walking downwind from the large security guard.

“She loves me.”

“Seriously, does no one else smell that?”

The show was over, they had won – and he really didn’t care, well he cared but – it was complicated.
They had press to do, he knew that but for some reason he couldn’t make himself stay. The boys could hold it down without him.
The suite was packed enough, Joe was making out with Marie, Pete was breaking things, he never really understood that, and Andy well, he was being Andy – no one would notice if he just left.
He pushed through the party crowd, nodding and smiling politely every time someone congratulated him.
He was almost to the door when a hand on his shoulder made him stop in place.

“Where are you going?” Brandon questioned curiously.

“I, uhm, don’t.” Patrick paused for a second, he needed to think of something believable very quickly because anything that he told to Urie was sure to get back to Pete within minutes. “I’m going to my room, I’m going to let the guys handle this one.” Feeling good about not lying he nodded a goodbye to Brandon who one looked at him puzzled.

“Why? Are you tired?”

“No,” Patrick shook his head, “not really.” With a shrug the singer left his friend there scratching his head.

Walking in the hotel suite he was greeted with all the lights on and Samantha belting out ‘You Are The Music In Me’ from the bedroom. Laughing he walked into the bedroom and saw her sitting on the bed crossed legged with the remote in her good hand as she intently watched High School Musical 2 on the television. Her hair was up out of her face held in place with an elastic headband, she was clad in her nightgown and of course completely oblivious to the fact that she wasn’t alone.

“I thought you were watching the show?”

His voice echoed over Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens scaring her into dropping the remote.
“Why are you home so early?” She gasped.

“I didn’t want to be there anymore.”

“Did Pete allow that?” Samantha questioned quickly, “He’s going to be so mad.”

Shrugging he walked into the bathroom and started the shower.

“I’m not taking the blame for this Patrick Martin.” She yelled over the water.

“Okay.” He replied with a laugh.

“Hey, did you know this avocado mask actually tastes good?” Samantha replied as she stuck her finger in the bag, licking it before she sat back down on the bed.

“I didn’t.” Patrick laughed at her once more, only she, and possibly Joe, would actually eat something that was supposed to go on your face.

“Do you think that it’s just avocados in here?” She reached over and grabbed the package, flipping it over and studying the label, “I mean, I can’t read the ingredients they’re in French.”
She heard the shower shut off but he didn’t respond. Glancing around the room she was finally able to spot him leaning on the doorframe smirking at her.
“What are you laughing at? I’m serious, what if I die by avocado mask? What a lame way to go.”
She narrowed her eyes at him but he only laughed in response.
“What are you laughing at?”

“So . . . you love me huh?”

“Yeah.” Samantha nodded while subconsciously reaching up to fiddle with her hair immediately remembering that it was up. “Kind of a lot.”

“Yeah?” He could only smile as she sat on the bed nodding as she fiddling with her toes.

It was then, her second epiphany of the night, that she realized that she wanted him to kiss her, and she wanted it to happen in the next two seconds or else say may very well die from the anticipation.
“Come here.” The redhead motioned with her head to come closer and he obliged.

“What can I do for you?” Patrick smirked as she rolled her eyes.

“Well I think that a big confession like the one I made earlier deserves a kiss.” Samantha replied with a nod sounding surer then she actually was.

Patrick hesitated slightly before lowering his head and settling his mouth over hers.
Though they had technically kissed before it was still as if it was the first time. He expected that this was when she would realize what a horrible mistake she had made, she would surely push him away any minute and take back that whole part about loving him. He was almost positive about it. Surprisingly however, instead of pushing him away she pulled his collar towards her, deepening the kiss and causing him to have to kneel on the bed slightly for support. Patrick shifted his angle slightly allowing him to get a little more intimate, he kept expecting her to pull away, but instead she became more enthusiastic. By now they were both breathing hard and he even allowed himself the liberty of caressing the outside of her thigh.
Pulling away slightly he allowed himself to take a breath,
“Are you – ” He went to continue but was cut off by her lips, pulling away once more, “Maybe we should – ”

“Maybe you should shut up.” Samantha whispered.

He gulped.
“I can, I can do that.”

It was her turn to pull away now, but when she pulled her nightgown over her head instead of saying something the only thing he could do was gape. Patrick looked like he’d been smacked upside the head; his mouth opened and closed, but nothing came out.
He pushed her softly until her back hit the bed at the same time she pulled his shirt over his head.

“Did you get your appendix out?” He questioned randomly as he let his mouth skim over her stomach, he touched the scar on her lower abdomen gently which caused Samantha to snap back to reality.
Immediately she sat up and crawled backwards away from him, her sudden movement startled him and he fell backwards off the bed.

“I’m so sorry.” Samantha replied breathlessly while timidly pulling her nightgown back on.

“Were you in an accident?” Patrick sat up so he could look her in the face, “Sam I really don’t care about it, it doesn’t bother me.”

“I wasn’t in an accident.” The redhead started but stopped to sigh deeply.

“Okay.” His sigh mirrored hers. It sounded shitty but in all reality he just wanted to be back on the bed almost about to have sex but he had to go stick his foot in his mouth, he just shouldn’t of said anything. However, her acting so strangely towards the scar on her stomach made him a little concerned.

“I didn’t tell you everything about what happened, with Brody.”

“Did he do that to you?” Patrick immediately grew upset.

“Uhm, kind of.” Samantha couldn’t help but laugh though this situation was far from funny.

“What do you mean kind of?”

Covering her face with her hands she breathed deeply unsure of what to do next. Instead of replying she stood up and walked out of the room leaving Patrick mildly pissed off and thoroughly confused. He heard her digging through her suitcase and a minute or so later she returned. Samantha thought for a moment before handing over the photograph in her hand.
Patrick turned the picture around still confused, he studied the child in the picture – she was beautiful to say the least, with light red hair, piercing blue eyes and an adorable array of freckles littered across her tiny little nose – it was Samantha.
“I don’t understand what your baby picture has to do with anything.”

She stared at him as she nervously bit her thumbnail.
“That’s not me.” Samantha managed to choke out before once again chewing on her nail.

Shaking his head confused he looked at the picture again – it was Samantha.
“Yes, it is.” He argued, growing annoyed at the situation at hand. Why couldn’t she just say that she had appendicitis?

Grabbing the picture she flipped it over and handed it back to him.
Sophia Noelle – 1st birthday
May 10th

“I was pregnant,” Samantha inhaled sharply, “I was by myself and no money.” This is when the tears began to fall. “I couldn’t just get rid of her, she was living inside of me.” She defended herself, “My mom sent me to my grandma’s. I couldn’t give her the life she deserved – so I gave her to someone who could. I didn’t know what else to do.”

Patrick was silent and Samantha took this as rejection. She was halfway expecting it, after all, rejection was all she had ever known – she gave her heart and inevitably as soon as she was vulnerable her feelings were thrown back in her face.

“I understand if you –” The redhead let her face fall as she looked at her toes.

“Understand what?” Patrick cut her off, standing as he did so. “There’s nothing to understand.” He put his hand under her chin and lifted her face to meet his gaze. “I told you that you were braver then you let on.”

“I’m not.” She sniffled as she wiggled her toes in the carpet.

He didn’t say anything but only kissed her forehead before embracing her tightly.
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