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They say that what doesn't kill us makes us who we are.

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Samantha sat awake – was telling him about the adoption the right decision?
She could have easily told him that, yes of course she got her appendix out, though the scar was kind of off, or she could have made a really incredible story about growing up on the rough New Orleans streets where it’s kill or be killed and she was in this intense knife fight – though the chance of him believing such a heinous tale was small.
Sam was scared, was honestly the best policy in cases like these?
She wondered if he would look at her differently now that he knew that she wasn’t as innocent as she appeared, now that he knew that she was actually defective.

Patrick stirred next to her but didn’t wake; he only flipped over awkwardly draping his arm across her lap as he did so.
Almost immediately following the skin-to-skin contact Patrick cut himself off mid snore – he was no longer used to sharing his bed.

“Whoa, that was weird.” He replied groggily as he lazily ran a hand over his face.

“Yeah.” Samantha whispered in return.

“What’s wrong?” Patrick glanced up at her as he attempted to take his socks off using only his feet.

“Nothing.” She was quick to respond which made him grow concerned. Maybe it was awkward for him to have fallen asleep in her bed after the whole ‘confession’ incident – he wasn’t completely sure.

“Was I snoring?” He paused momentarily, “Because I do that sometimes, I can go back to the pull out I mean me sleeping here is a little forward . . . I guess.” Rambling nervously he felt around the nightstand for his glasses so he could go back to the other bed the suite held.

“No, not at all.” She pulled him back down on the bed, “I uhm, just had a bad dream.”

“Oh?” Patrick shifted so his legs were once again on the bed, “Are you ok?”

Samantha thought about asking him if she had freaked him out with her confession for a split second but decided against it, “Yeah, I’m fine.” She replied while nuzzling herself into the nape of his neck.

“Hey?” Patrick whispered while running his fingers through her hair.

“Hmm?” She replied while already feeling herself settle down and relax.

He thought for a second but then decided to just have out with it.
“When the tour starts up wanna come?”

Almost immediately her eyes shot open.
On tour?
“Say that again?” She requested only to make sure that she didn’t just hear him ask her to go on tour.

“I was just thinking, maybe you want to go on tour?” Patrick shifted so he could look her in the face, but as her silence continued he grew more and more nervous – maybe he shouldn’t have asked that.
“I mean I was just thinking, instead of you staying home alone and injured –”

“ – But I have work.” Samantha cut him off.

“You’re broken, remember?” He laughed while tugging at her bandaged hand.

“Right.” She closed her eyes, maybe the darkness behind her eyelids would help her think, “But, but I totally freaked you out with the me having a baby and giving it away thing!” The redhead finally blurted.

“You did?”

“I didn’t?”

“No, not at all.” Patrick cupped her face in his hands, “Please come on tour, I don’t want you to be home alone.”

“But, but I can’t.”

How she got suckered in to going on tour she didn’t know, maybe it had something to do with her workless existence because of her bar-b-qued hand or maybe it had something to do with the fact that she would miss Patrick more then she would like to admit but either way here she was, sprawled out on Gym Class Heroes’ dressing room floor trying ever so valiantly to master Travie’s ‘Snakes on a Plane’ rap as her boyfriend did his, what seemed like, endless press things and photo shoots.

“Ladies and Gentlemen these’ snakes are slithering . . . Is it slithering like snakes slither or is it like Harry Potter?” Samantha questioned as picked her head up to look at the back of Travie’s head.

Laughing whole heartedly Travie shook his head and tore his eyes away from the computer in front of him, “It’s like snakes crawling through the grass, but it’s not slithering it’s slitherin’ like from the hood.”

“Snakes can be from the hood?” She asked before shaking her head and putting herself on track. “This is ridiculous, I can’t rap.” The redhead blew a piece of hair away from her face as she once again let her head fall to the floor.

“You can rap girl, everyone can rap, you just got to get flow. Try it again, want me to give you a beat?” Travie swiveled his chair around so he could get a better look at her.

“Beat or no beat, I have no flow, I’m flow-less.” Samantha smiled up at the rapper and he smiled in return before going back to managing his buzznet.

“You can do it. Go again.”

The playful banter that continued consisted mostly of Samantha failing horribly at rapping and Travie laughing until finally the redhead ‘mastered’ the rap. Squealing in delight she sat up excitedly waiting for Travie to acknowledge her job well done but all she received from the rapper was silence. He put his head in his hand as he continued to read the computer screen.

“Travie, I did it right.” Samantha spoke up when the silence continued, “Travie!”

“What?” He suddenly tore himself away from the screen as if he had just been caught watching porn, “Oh, awesome Lil’ Ma.” Travie forced his smile and nodded in her direction.

“What’s wrong?” Furrowing her brows together she neared the computer and caught his hand before he had a chance to minimize anything. Samantha crouched down so her chin was resting on his shoulder as she read. She kept her hand over his, preventing him from exiting the page.

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PS love me: 10:42 AM
Omg patrick has a g/f????? i didn’t kno that I thought he was single? How do u kno that her name is samantha?

june39: 11:45 AM
Who Is This redheaded Tramp?! I Need A Gun............ Firecrotch Is Going Down.

fobluvvvar2007: 11/01/2007 3:25 AM
ewwww... ashlee looks soooooooooooo disgusting... but doesn't she always?

yer she does coz he is a try hard emo but she won't ever pass not even as a punk.. she is just....ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

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I don't want to be mean to the new chick... so I won't mention the words piggish... or fire crotch...

every1lovespanic: 5:51 AM
ashlee needs to go home!
and ewwwww Samantha – that’s her name right?!
seriously they need to get better girlfriends.
ryan's girlfriend isnt even pretty!
keltie is a knobhead!
at least jon & spencer's girlfriends are cool and pretty!

patrickswifey: 1:03 AM
Grrrrrrrrrr I hate her

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oh vow of silence until i meet patrick stump and win his heart over lmao.
aw well.
i hope she isn't evil to him.

Samantha blinked a few times at the computer screen making sure she was actually reading correctly before forcing Travie to scroll up so she can see the picture that all these girls were commenting on. Sure enough there they were, walking with Pete and Ashlee. Samantha was eating an ice cream cone and was reaching in front of her to take hold of Patrick’s awaiting hand, she was distracted however because Ashlee was stopped in front of a store window pointing at something inside the glass. The day was only a vague memory to her, but now it was somehow elevated.
It was now the day that had put her on the map as a Fall Out Boy’s girlfriend, it was the day that she had become hated by, what seemed like, hundreds.
One insignificant moment in time and she was now on display. This was most certainly something she was not prepared for.

“Well, that’s not very nice.” Was the only thing Samantha could think of to say as Travie finally turned to face her.

“C’mon Lil’ Ma, they’re just jealous, what they say doesn’t matter.” His big brown eyes searched her face for any sign of distress but she was strong and she wouldn’t let him see that the words of the strangers had stung her much more then she had wanted. Samantha forced a closed lip smile.

“I know they don’t.” She agreed to make her seem fine though inside she was crumbling – the words did matter, they mattered to her.
“Hey I think I left my phone on the bus.” Samantha patted Travie’s shoulder as she motioned to where she thought the bus was parked. The rapper started to get up to go with her but she stopped him, “No it’s alright, it’s right outside, it’s not far. Stay here.”

“Are you sure you’re ok Ma?” Travie looked at her concerned but she waved him off.

“Totally fine.” She nodded before exiting the room. As soon as she was in the clear she took a big breath as she brought her hands up to cover her face. This was stupid, she shouldn’t be so upset, she knew that, but at that very moment all she wanted to do was cry.

Travie had fallen asleep on the couch by the time Patrick and Joe walked in. Making a loud obnoxious noise Joe jumped on the sleeping rapper scaring him out of slumber.
“What the fuck?” He woke up confused and glanced around only to find both Patrick and Joe laughing at him.
“Uncool man.”

“Where’s Sammy?” Patrick questioned curiously as he plopped himself on Travie’s legs.

“She went to go get her phone from the bus a while ago.” He scratched his chin before shaking his head in astonishment. “Lil’ Ma’s tough though.”

“Why?” Patrick and Joe questioned in unison, both wanting to know the answer for different reasons.

“So I was checking my Buzznet, right? Just keepin’ things fresh, you know?” Travie started off, “And Sammy was trying to rap ‘Snakes On A Plane’ – but I like totally spaced and kinda wandered into the pics, you know what I’m sayin?” Travie laughed slyly as he raised his eyebrows in question Joe nodded that he did as Patrick only blankly stared.

“And?” The singer was ready for his friend to get to the point.

“Well I didn’t know it, but did you know that someone snapped a picture of you, Lil’ Ma, Pete and Ashlee?” Not waiting for a response he continued, “You’re fans get nasty. Sammy though, she was ice, didn’t bother her one bit.”

Samantha paced in front of his computer as she finally let the tears fall.
She probably shouldn’t touch it.
He probably wouldn’t mind . . . but what if he did?
She’d probably break it – she was completely computer illiterate.
But she had to know – where there other pictures? What were they saying about Marie? Were they saying anything about Marie or were they only targeting her?
Targeting? Well, that just made them sound like snipers.
Making up her mind she checked the bus doors before almost rushing over to the computer, pulling it onto her lap and flipping it open quickly.
Samantha watched the computer spring to life and it took her a minute to realize that she would probably have to touch it to make it do what she wanted it too. Carefully she ran her finger over the mouse as she scanned the icons on the applications dock – why did everything look Chinese?
Sniffling she took her best guess and double clicked on a cd with a music note which opened iTunes.
Wrong choice.
The music blasted from the speakers, she apparently had hit play instead of exit and now the only thing she could do was wave her arms around urging to computer to shut up as it continued to play loudly.
Samantha closed her eyes and clicked more buttons hopefully making everything stop but the only thing she managed to do was sign him onto iChat. Almost as soon as he was online he was receiving IMs.

“God Stop!” Samantha yelled. She was frustrated at the music playing, she was frustrated at the IMs popping up on the screen and the little dingy noise they were making, she was frustrated with the fact that she couldn’t get online, she was frustrated with the day and she wanted it to stop.
She wiped her eyes furiously before waving her hands around in the only gesture she could manage at the moment.

“Are you ok?” Patrick questioned as he walked onto the bus.

“What?” Samantha looked up at the new noise, “Pshh, I’m fine, it’s this song it’s so . . . sweet?” She lied while trying not to look as if she was trying to figure out what song was playing.

“Yeah, their new album is pretty good – this song is out of character for them though.” He neared her and allowed himself to sit on the couch.

“Oh?” She questioned while turning her face away from him so she could continue to wipe the tears from her eyes.

“Yeah. Motion City Soundtrack usually doesn’t do love songs.” Patrick gestured to the computer screen fully aware that she had no idea that she was listening to Motion City Soundtrack.

Glancing at the screen briefly she read the title quickly ‘Antonia.’ Well, at least she picked a relevant song.
“I’m sorry I was fiddling around, I opened a thingy and I’m pretty sure people are talking to you.” Samantha put the computer on his lap as she got off the couch.

Closing the computer he sighed – he wasn’t sure how he was supposed to do this. When it happened to Kelly she had yelled at him about it, saying that she didn’t spend all those years with his ‘talentless ass’ to be treated with such disrespect – or something to that effect, he shrugged it off and she got over it eventually.
“Travie told me what happened.”
It wasn’t perfect but at least it was a start.

“What happened?” Samantha kept her back facing him as she tried to pace her breathing because no one cries hysterically over a love song. Not that she was completely hysteric, but still.

“Sammy c’mon. Don’t be upset.” He tried to soothe her.

“I’m not upset.” She countered, “I’m just overwhelmed because your computer hates me, and that was such a sweet song, it kind of makes me want to marry whoever wrote it.” She rambled.

“Justin is married, he’s expecting a baby in May. It says that in the song.” He replied without thinking about the fact that he wasn’t helping the situation.

“I know that.” Samantha replied quickly, “I was just saying, hypothetically, if he wrote the song for me I’d marry him – well, not right now obviously.” She stopped to gesture to the two of them, “But like, you know what I’m saying, just . . . I’m really tired.” She surrendered and slouched her shoulders.

“Samantha, it’s ok. You can’t let what they said bother you.” Patrick tried to pull her towards him but she refused.

“I just don’t understand, why do I always have to get shit on?” She yelled, she was now past her breaking point. “Am I that horrible of a person? Is karma coming to bite me in the ass because I gave my child up for adoption and I’m dating my cousin’s ex boyfriend. Is that really so horrible?”

“Sam –”

“Why did you have to pick me? I’m not made to put up with this Patrick.” The redhead cried as she put her head in her hands.

He was at a loss for words,
“I, uhm, I’m – I’m sorry.” It was the only thing that felt like it could be remotely the right answer.

“No.” She sighed deeply as she sniffled, “It’s not your fault, you didn’t do anything bad.” Bringing her face out of her hands she looked at him, “I’m just, I’m sorry you had to be around to see this.”

“Samantha no, it’s ok.” He was finally able to cradle her into his arms.

“Maybe I’m crazy.” Samantha gasped suddenly as she brought her face out of his chest in order to look at him.

“Absolutely.” He smiled down at her and laughed slightly when she frowned. “Anybody who would go out with me has to be crazy. I don’t know if you’ve figured this out yet, but I’m not a very good catch.” He whispered the last part as if it was a secret.

“That’s a horrible thing to say.” Samantha chuckled though her sniffles.

“Egh.” Patrick haphazardly shrugged because his arms were still wrapped around her waste, “If you’re crazy, I’m crazy.” He offered as an option and she smiled. “Well, I’m only crazy about one thing . . . you.”

Samantha was quiet for a second before bursting into a fit laughter that was shortly followed by Patrick’s giggles.
“That was pretty bad huh?” He smiled and she nodded eagerly. “Yeah, you know, I figured that it would be but was like ‘what the hell?’”

“You’re a dork.” The red head laughed before burying her head once again into his chest.

“Well, at least I make you laugh.”


the comments that Samantha reads in this chapter are all taken from real comments left on pictures of a certain boy and his lady friend on Buzznet - I changed the usernames and added a few things to make it relevant for my story but other then that, it's factual and I didn't make them up - true but sad story.

I'm sorry it's a little shorter than usual - but I felt that adding anymore on to this chapter would be over kill - or something.

i love you.
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