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You're not alone anymore.

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sex |seks|
1 (chiefly with reference to people) sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse : he enjoyed talking about sex | she didn't want to have sex with him.

verb [ trans. ]
1 ( sex someone up) informal arouse or attempt to arouse someone sexually.

Samantha sighed inwardly, this was a tad ridiculous.
Why would Andy leave a dictionary lying around? Wasn’t he supposed to be neat and tidy and put things back in their proper place, like away from her for instance?
Since when did a dictionary provoke sexual thoughts?
Since she became a pervert apparently.
Why would Andy, an extremely heavy sleeper, take long naps in the middle of a trip leaving her alone with him, fiddling on his laptop of course, completely oblivious to the fact that he was very attractive when he furrowed his brows like that, or when he sat like that, or when he typed on the keyboard like that.
This was ridiculous, people shouldn’t have boyfriends and be this sexually frustrated.
They were a couple, right?
Yes, yes of course.
Well, the term boyfriend/girlfriend hadn’t been used yet, but ‘this is Patrick my boyfriend’ sounded right.
Who cares!

“Patrick?” Samantha coughed as she readjusted her shirt all the while crossing one leg over the other.

“Hmm?” Was his response.

“Is it warm in here?” She pulled her shirt up slightly as well as dropped a strap off her shoulder.

“I’m fine.” He replied without looking up from the screen.

“Are you sure?” She arched her back slightly and dropped the strap off her other shoulder before ruffling her hair in an attempt to be sexy or, at least, something close to it.

“MmmHmm.” Patrick glanced at her momentarily before returning his gaze to the screen, “Aren’t you uncomfortable sitting like that?”

Was this kid retarded?
She just wanted to have sex with him for Pete’s sake.
Blah Pete, ok bad choice of words, though she was sure that when Ashlee got an itch Pete would notice that he was supposed to scratch it.
Maybe she should just tell him, like ‘Hey Patrick we should probably have sex right now.’
But she could never she didn’t have the nerve – and the computer in his lap was making any move closer to him rather tricky.
She wondered if the bus window behind him opened and if it did how could she make it possible for the machine to magically fly out it.
This was ridiculous.

Letting out a frustrated groan she stood up and stomped over to him, closing his laptop when she was close enough to do so. Almost immediately however she was reopening it.
“I am so sorry, that was bad wasn’t it? It’s ok right?” She peered over the top of the screen as if looking at it would tell her that she didn’t just cause him to lose all his work. “It’s not broken.” She scooted next to him as she ran her finger over the mouse pad, “I didn’t break it right?” Biting her lip, she sat back on her feet – this is why she didn’t work with computers.

“Actually, everything is lost.” Patrick faked a sigh as he tried to hold back a laugh, he couldn’t help it she just looked so cute.

“Nuh Uh.” Samantha shook her head as she peered at the screen, she couldn’t be sure it looked Chinese to her. “Really?”

“Yeah, pretty much. All gone.”

“Well get it back!” She shrieked, “I’m so sorry.” Samantha put her hands over her mouth, “Was it a lot?”

“A CD or two.” He also covered his mouth but only to cover his smile.

“Oh no, and you can’t get it back? It doesn’t have a back up thingy?” Her eyes started to water, all this because she wanted to have sex, her mother would be appalled.

“No you see, once you close the computer the Apple Elves come and just wipe it clean, it’s all gone.” Patrick started laughing before he even finished the sentence causing Samantha to smack him upside the head.

“That wasn’t funny Patrick.” She pouted, “It’s not my fault that I’m computer illiterate.”

“I know, I’m sorry it was just too easy.” He smiled and kissed her cheek. “But did you want something, I kind of space out in front of this thing.” Patrick raised the laptop in his lap before getting up and stretching.

“I just,” Her cheeks turned a light shade of crimson, “I was thinking that maybe we could . . . ” Samantha trailed off as Andy walked into view, “It’s not that important.” She replied before smiling at Andy who nodded before pouring himself a glass of juice.

“Are you sure?” Patrick questioned while tugging on her arm so she would face him.

“Completely sure.” The redhead nodded eagerly before motioning to the back of the bus, “I’m going to take a nap.”

“Hey yo Sammy?” Andy called after her before she disappeared to the back of the bus.

Turning she acknowledged the drummer,

“Is your Ma coming to Voodoo Fest?” He questioned before taking a long sip from his glass.

Smiling she shook her head,
“No, I’m sorry she has to be at the hospital all day.”

The drummer frowned, “Aw, that’s too bad.”

Nodding she agreed before finally retreating to the back of the bus. As soon as he was sure Samantha was out of earshot Andy glared at Patrick.
“Did you take stupid pills this morning?”

“No I really don’t like the texture of, wait, what?” Patrick looked up from his computer confused. Andy only groaned.

“Uhm number one, your girlfriend wanted to have sex with you and number two, you’re an idiot.” The drummer counted off his fingers, Patrick only stared at him.

“No, I would have noticed.” He scoffed.

“Oh really?” Andy crossed his arms over his chest disbelievingly.

“Shit.” Patrick sighed. “What should I do? Should I go back there now?” He was already standing up by the time Andy noticed enough to push him back down on the couch.

“No idiot, you blew it this time.” Shaking his head the drummer took a sip of his juice before plopping himself down on the couch next to his band mate.

“Are you sure I just shouldn’t –”

“No kumquat. Jesus!” Andy picked up the game controller and promptly ignored the look his band mate was giving him as he picked his character.

“We haven’t had sex yet.” Patrick whispered so low it was almost inaudible.

“Well duh!” The drummer rolled his eyes while taking another big gulp from his glass.

“Do you think that’s bad?” The singer closed his computer and turned to face his friend.

“It’ll happen when it happens, just stop being so stupid.” Andy laughed while patting his friend’s shoulder.

“Right. Thanks.” He agreed while reopening his computer.

“Uhh huh.”

Patrick jogged up to join the band. He was running a bit behind when sound check went over time and was thinking of a laundry list of excuses of his tardiness as he neared the group. Upon arriving however his mood changed, apparently he hadn’t of missed much.

“I’m Brody Montgomery, I don’t usually do this kind of thing, being editor and all, but our field reporter called in sick.” He huffed for effect, no one except Patrick noticed.

Apparently karma wasn’t just shitting on Samantha, if he wasn’t at least cordial to this man it’d be bad press for him, for the band – then again no one says anything to Pete when he gets into multiple scuffles with security guards or when he’s naked on the internet. Raging his own personal war with the man who single handedly crushed Samantha’s heart Patrick nodded politely in Brody’s direction but didn’t offer him anything else – he was a reporter surely he knew his name and if not then screw it.
Patrick allowed himself to not pay any attention as his mind wandered away.
What could she have possibly seen in him?
Ok, maybe he was an all right looking guy and yes, Brody had all his hair - he’d give him that much.
Maybe he was bias but Brody wasn’t charming or funny for that matter – slightly pompous.
Not a nice guy at all!
Well obviously, any guy that would leave his pregnant fiancé at the altar to run off with her best friend isn’t – why would anyone ever leave Samantha, she was perfect.
Fuck him for doing that.
It was then that he noticed that all eyes were on him, clearing his throat he raised his eyebrows in gesture for whomever to repeat the question.

“Not much of a talker Pat?” Brody questioned with a laugh.

“Nope.” Was his only reply before shaking his head in astonishment. Brody once again started to talk by the time Patrick decided to speak up again. “And don’t call me Pat.”

“What?” The blonde smiled in his direction.

“Don’t call me Pat, I don’t like it.” The singer snapped which caused the rest of the guys to raise their eyebrows in surprise.

“What he means is,” Pete glanced at his friend who at the moment appeared very distraught, “His mother’s name is Pat so it’s kind of weird when people call him that.”

“No, don’t tell me what I mean.” Patrick turned to his best friend. “If I would have meant that I would have said it.”

“No calling him Pat, totally got it.” Brody threw his hands up in mock defeat as he chuckled slightly.

“What’s so funny?” Patrick was highly unamused as he turned his attention towards the reporter.

“Easy Bro.” Joe gripped his shoulder firmly and forced the singer to step down.

Brody however wasn’t concerned with the psychotic singer anymore as familiar laughter caught his ear.
“If you guys will excuse me for a second, I think I see an old friend of mine.”

Turning immediately Patrick saw Samantha lagging behind as Marie chased Hemmingway around the backstage area. Attempting to lunge at Brody wasn’t going to work seeing as how Joe had a firm grip on his shoulder so instead Patrick opted to yell a few choice words but before he could open his mouth he was cut off.

“Don’t fucking talk to her!” Andy shouted loudly surprising everyone.

“What?” Brody turned around, he grew defensive – did these people not know who he was? Disregarding everyone with a huff he stalked over to the redhead.

Samantha was sitting on the floor fully enjoying the kisses Hemmingway was giving her when he walked up. She noticed his shoes first, boat shoes, blue boat shoes who no one in their right mind would wear – no one but Brody. She stood up quickly before backing away slightly.

“Hey.” He smiled. She only frowned.
“How are you?”

“What are you doing here?” Samantha asked annoyed completely ignoring his impending questions.

“I had an interview.” He gestured behind him to where the band was standing.


“We need to talk.” Brody stated dryly.

“I have nothing to say to you.” Was Samantha’s response.

“I’m confused.” Joe whined as he furrowed his brows at his band mates.
“Samantha has a kid?”

“Had, she gave it up for adoption, just shut up I’m probably wasn’t supposed to tell you.” Patrick tried to shrug his way out of the guitarists grip to no avail, “What do you think they’re talking about?”

“She looks upset.” Andy threw out the observation.

“So that guy left her all barefoot an pregnant at the altar.” Pete scratched his head as he began to understand why his friend was so upset.

“Just leave me alone.” Samantha said angrily.

“No, you need to listen to me.” Brody grabbed her arms forcefully when she tried to walk away from him.

“You need to let her go.” Patrick replied as he grabbed hold of Brody’s wrist before giving him a shove in the opposite direction. Brody stared at him for a second before cocking his head to the side and giving Patrick a return shove.

“Alright, alright – that’s enough.” Samantha rolled her eyes, boys were such idiots sometimes. “That’s enough!”

Instead of the scuffle stopping however, Pete joined – he pushed Patrick out of the way forcefully before getting into Brody’s face.
“You don’t fucking touch my friends, it’s time for you to go.” Pete spat before instructing security to take him away.

“This is so fucking ridiculous.” Samantha brought up her hands to cover her face.

“Are you alright?” Patrick grabbed her hands and held them in his – she nodded that she was.

“You didn’t have to – you shouldn’t have done that Patrick.” She whispered while shaking her head.

“I’m sorry, I just don’t want him to hurt you anymore.” He replied while tucking her hair behind her ears before leaning in and kissing her forehead gently.

“Fuck you and, and, and fuck your face!” Pete yelled after Brody who was fighting hard against the two large security men. The banged boy flicked him off one more time before turning around to face the couple, “So, how are we? Good?” He nodded eagerly slightly out of breath.

“I, uhm, I’m good.” Samantha nodded slightly before pulling herself out of Patrick’s embrace. Taking a deep breath she walked away from the group trying her best not to hyperventilate from the mere shock of what had just happened. She couldn’t say that she wasn’t upset but it was more of a mixture of emotions. Angry, because no matter what she did she couldn’t seem to get Brody to stay away, but at the same time she was relieved because though Brody seemed like he would never leave her alone it’s not like she had to worry about him hurting her again – she had Patrick now.
Samantha gasped as she hurried up the bus steps trying to get to her sanctuary before the tears started falling. She couldn’t help but smile when she found it empty.

“Samantha?” Patrick questioned after the redhead as he moved his feet quickly to keep up, stomping up the bus steps before she had a chance to close the doors on him.

“Come here,” He gestured her over, “are you ok?” Patrick breathed hard as he rested on his knees trying to catch his breath. He looked at her curiously as she studied the dashboard of the bus arching an eyebrow at her as she finally found and hit the door shut button.
“Samantha.” He called after her as she ignored him, turning her back towards him.

“I’m fine.” She exhaled deeply before allowing him to cradle her in his arms.

“Are you sure that you’re ok about what happened?”

Nodding she leaned up slightly to kiss him, a reassurance that she was ‘ok.’ He pulled away slightly to tuck her hair behind her ears as he sighed deeply.

It was then that Samantha re-realized that they were alone . . . on the bus. Almost immediately her urge from earlier in the day resurfaced. She cleared her throat slightly before standing on the couch in order to reach the curtains to cover the already blackened windows.
Patrick followed her as she crossed the bus and shut the other set of windows.
“What are you doing?”

“Nothing.” Was Samantha’s only reply as she sat down gingerly to untie her shoes, kicking them off when she was finished.

“Samantha?” He groaned when she walked away from him laughing slightly. He followed her to the back of the bus only managing to look even more confused when she was clearing the bed, putting everything neatly in it’s proper place.
“This is hardly the time to be cleaning Samantha.”
She nodded slightly but didn’t acknowledge him.
“Look Sam – I” Patrick started but stopped once she scooted herself onto the bed.

“Yeah?” She questioned as she backed her way to the head of the bed.

“Are you trying – are we going to?” He stuttered slightly as he finally understood what she was doing. He looked behind him apprehensively before turning to face her only to be hit in the head by her shirt.
“Oh - oh my God.”
He went to take a step forward but stepped on his shoelace and tripped onto the bed, recovering quickly with a slight cough as he crawled over her.

“I might be bad at this.” She whispered up to him while biting her bottom lip anxiously.

Patrick laughed slightly, but shook his head.
“You’re ridiculous.” He replied before leaning in to kiss her softly but her hand gripped the back of his head and pulled them closer than he’d anticipated and he gave way almost, collapsing in a undignified heap on top of her.

“Let’s – get – this - /off!/” she said as she tugged at his jacket. He pulled off his hat and glasses, discarding them clumsily over the side of the bed, missing his dresser.

Patrick’s leg hung unceremoniously off the bed where they’d misjudged bed space and he awkwardly maneuvered them both over a bit.

“Ow! Shit!”
The sound of Samantha’s head thudding off the wall was more than clear.

“Oh God! Sorry!” he blurted out, he clutched her head and kissed it better but she was already untangling his 2nd layer of clothing from his torso.

“I want you so bad!” he said into her lips as they shared a deep kiss. Samantha sat them both up, kneeling up, she pulled his t-shirt over his head and then his arms. She playfully tossed it across the compact room that was habitually his second home for many months of the year.

His hands gripped her breasts firmly and she smiled at how assertive that move was.
“That’s good….” She encouraged him. His hands effortlessly girded around her and her tried his hack at undoing her bra clip. She felt embarrassed as he felt around for the clip and she chewed her lip holding back the giggle. Her fingers reached up and un-snapped the clip at the front, the garment falling from her shoulders. Patrick stared at her and then down at he exposed breasts.

He went to speak, to say a word, say anything but all that came out was a sound resembling a grunt.

Samantha smirked and took his hands, firmly putting them over her modest sized breasts.

“Yeah…that’s….that’s –” he stopped and cleared his throat, swallowing firmly.

She unfastened his belt as his hands remained on her breasts, and she looked down at his hands.

“Are you ok?” she asked, giggling.

“I just –” he stopped and he looked at her.

She reassured him with a kiss, kissing was a fail safe. If it was going wrong, just white out it over with kisses. She pushed him onto his back and leaned over him seductively giggling as her hand gripped him in-between his legs on the way.

“Oh god!” he called out and shoved a hand in to her hair as she continued to undo his jeans. He was turned on far more quickly, far more intensely than he should be, for the first time in a while, he wasn’t in control of the stimulation of his member and this redheaded woman was driving him crazy just with her mission to unclothe him.

Patrick pulled her down onto him and he squeezed her tight against his naked torso , feeling her breasts against him as she kissed his neck quickly. His cell went off , vibrating angrily in his pocket.

“Don’t you dare!!” She warned him as he went to reach in to his pocket. She desperately kissed his lips, distracting him from the need to answer his phone and reminding him of the need to fulfill his libido.

His hips bucked slightly against the weight of her small body on top of him and their hands did nothing short of groping each other haphazardly. His fingers knotted in her hair and she winced as he got his finger caught.

“I’m suck at this!”

“No you don’t!” she smiled, her hips moved gently against his groin and he gasped.

“You should…” he stopped and swallowed.

“What? – I should what?” she teased him playfully.

“You should not keep doing that!” he groaned.

“This?” she asked as she put her hands on his tummy and kissed his chest gently.

His hands fisted up and he closed his eyes angrily.
“Oh no - don’t do that!!!” he called out, Samantha sat up quickly and that last amount of pressure against his groin was all he could take.
Patrick stiffened awkwardly and groaned. He put a hand on his face and Samantha leaned down and frowned.

“What’s wrong?” she whispered as she pulled his hand away from his face.
“Patrick?” she asked him.

“I told you to stop!” he said exasperated.

“Stop what?” she asked puzzled.

He put his hand over his face again.

“Patrick?!” she asked firmly, pulling his hand away again.

“I came ok??” he blurted out.

“You what? You came? OH!” she gasped, suddenly the last few moments made sense.
“Ohhhh.” She replied blushing furiously at the result of her teasing him. His brow furrowed in complete humiliation as she watched him. Her hands touched his face softly but he still kept his eyes closed.

“It’s ok.” She smiled and kissed his cheek. He shook his head and looked to the side, wishing there was hole he could trip into and never come out.

“Hey….” Sam said softly, pulling his face to hers, she smiled at him and he watched her. She let out a giggle and he soon found his feelings being hurt by her lack of discretion.

“It’s not funny.” He frowned.

“I know it’s not funny... I know it’s not funny but I can’t help but find it sexy.” She smirked.

“Tell me you didn’t just say that.” He said, the fold of his chin more apparent as he looked down at her on his chest.

“Yup.” She smiled. Her lips softly and repeatedly kissed him. Her hands softly and repeatedly stroked his chest. Her eyes softly and repeatedly looked at him, beckoning him not to let that side effect ruin their time.
She clambered up, standing with a foot planted on the bed at each of his sides and she unbuttoned her jeans and wiggled from them. He sat up and clawed them from her thighs and she playfully kicked them off her leg.

They began the scene again however this time there was less banging of body parts and general clumsiness. Patrick pulled the sheets over them both now that they were finally fully naked and comfortable with their new appearances before one another.

“I’m nervous.” He admitted as he hovered over her and she nodded.

“Yeah me too.”

“I probably won’t last long….” He said shyly. She giggled and ruffled his hair.

“I don’t care!” she smiled, pulling him close to her and the kissed softly. They could tell each of them were nervous.

A last minute fumble of hands between them as they tried to find that right place for each other and she winced as he tried to enter her but getting it wrong.

“I’m so horrible at this – I’m not even kidding!” he gasped, Sam’s hand reached down and gently guided him to her.

“There…..” She barely whispered and they both shuddered as he easily slipped inside her but she felt how tight she was.

“Sorry.” She whispered.

“Don’t be – are you ok?” he asked, she nodded and then smiled at him before closing her eyes and gently letting out a long nervous breath that trembled as it left her lips.

Patrick was barely inside her when he felt himself starting to lose it already. Seeing how her pale skin radiated beneath him, the curl of her lips and her huge eyes watching him with such adoration. He couldn’t tell her how good it felt to be where he was now looking down at her, making love to her. And he was afraid to show her just how much he needed her so he kept his movements gentle, taking care to control himself hard and yet, take in her facial expressions, attending to her every need.

Sex could be so overloading at times. Like now. He wanted nothing more than to lose control and not think about anything but to selfishly take her as he wanted.

When she let out a subtle sound of appreciation he almost lost it immediately but he grit his teeth together and tried to hold himself together, their hips moving firmly and perfectly together.

“Patrick….” Her voice very softly called his name and he looked at her, they watched each other momentarily.

“I love you.” She said honestly and that’s when he couldn’t hold it anymore and she felt him let go hard, her lips opened slightly at the wonderful feeling of that moment when your lover came.

With disappointment in himself, he slumped over her and cursed his inability to be a real man inside his head. Her fingers stroked him gently she smiled to herself widely and reassuringly squeezed him to her.

“I’m so sorry…” he groaned.

“Stop apologizing – it was just perfect.” She smiled and he lifted himself to look at her. Most women would probably have been plotting the kiss and tell story if their lives at this point but not Samantha. He knew that look on her face was real happiness, not a showy display.

“It’s just been so long…” he explained.

“I know, me too.” She giggled.

They laid together for a few minutes before Samantha’s phone began to ring from somewhere on the floor. Bending over the side of the bed slightly she searched for the device that was conveniently still stuffed in the pockets of her jeans.

“How come I wasn’t allowed to answer my phone?” Patrick joked lightly as Samantha flipped open her phone.

“Hey Mom.”

Those two words were the only excuse he needed.
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