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A Friend in Need Is Well, A Friend In Need

by RyanRossLuver 3 reviews

This chapter is in third person so I can use certain characters.

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Amy saw it as if it were happening in slow motion. She saw her singing along, having fun, enjoying her true passion, clearly flirting with the guitarist, and then a mere split second later, she was on the floor. Amy was quick to react, grabbing her friends bag which contained asthma puffers, medications, make-up and other things that might be needed, and ran to the stage. If it weren’t for the fact that Emmi had fallen into Spencer’s drum kit, then the band would have most likely continued to play. Spencer had already dropped his drum sticks and jumped down to Emmi, cradling her head in his lap. Amy had managed to get past Zack and the other security, and gotten herself on stage, set herself down next to Spence, pulling stuff out of the bag clasped firmly in her hands. Lauren was busy talking to Sam, Rachael, Abbey and Vika, but looked up when Jon said in a loud and father-like voice, “Don’t crowd her.” Lauren glanced at Emmi, splayed out on the stage floor, and ran over in Amy’s wake, after letting out a curse of “Oh shit! Jack!” As Lauren sat herself at the foot of Emmi, Ryan began to try and pull her away, but instantly stopped when he heard a sharp intake of breath, followed by heavy sobbing.
“Are you okay Emmi?” Amy asked, grabbing one of the asthma puffers out and handing it to her friend. Emmi took it from her, and took a few puffs before Brendon came over and shooed the non-band members off the stage. Ryan offered his hand to help Emmi up, and she grasped it, hauling herself up. Once she was fully upright, she staggered slightly, rubbing her temples with her free hand. Ryan let go of her hand, and Brendon handed her a bottle of water, which she accepted. She took a tiny sip, barely letting any water touch her lips or mouth, before she wiped away the tears cascading down her cheeks. She suddenly dropped the bottle on the floor, and ran off the stage, locking herself in the closest bathroom.
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