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Why oh Why?

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Em begins her story of woe, love and in her case, loss.

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I can’t let him know. I can’t let any of them know. Oh shit, Amy had my bag earlier. She would have seen it. I’m going to have to tell her the truth, I thought to myself, whilst crying my heart out, my back pressed against the door of the bathrooms. I pulled one hand away from my tear stained face, reached up and locked the door before I brought it back down and wiped away the new wave of salty droplets. My breathing became heavier once more as I continued to cry, rivers forming down my cheeks. I heard someone knock at the door, then try to open it, but their attempts were foiled by the lock mechanism. I heard a muffled voice through the door, but I truly couldn’t hear who it was or what was being said, because my cries were drowning them out. A huge wave of nausea came over me that moment, and I shuffled quickly into one of the stalls just in time. I was still heaving, hoping to get the sickness out of me, but it just wasn’t working. I slowly pulled myself up, flushing the toilet and walking over to the sinks, washing my hands. I got some paper towel and wet it, and washed my face of all traces of tears, snot and well, you know...the stuff that begins with V and ends in T. I then washed my hands, and unlocked the bathroom door, to see Amy entering in full stride.

"Would you care to explain this?!" She asked, handing over my bag, but waving a pregnancy test in her hand, directly in front of my eyes. She was showing me the side where it tells the results, and I saw that it was positive. So that's why I've been feeling like sheer crap lately.

"Well, okay, I s'pose I'll tell the truth." I sat myself down slowly on the cool, tiled floor, and Amy set herself down next to me, and listened intently to what I had to say.
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