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I’ve Got Some Imperfections, But How Can You Collect Them All and Throw Them in My Face?

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“Fuck you, Adammmm…”

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Title from "Right Here" - Staind

Gerard slumped down on the bus stop. Adam found him two days later, pale and lifeless.
“Gerard, you stupid fuck! You took a fucking plane here? You were as good as stoned.” He growled, gripping Gerard’s arm and dragging him into an alley.
“Drink. Now.” He said, pointing to a homeless man sleeping on the ground.
Once Gerard was done he explained.
“They’re following you. They need to make sure you’re not gonna try and get Frank back. They’re gonna kill you.” He said.
“So?” Gerard replied blankly, “They fucking erased his fucking memory. Why should I care?”
Adam growled again and sharp teeth snapped at Gerard.
“Shut up. You need to get out of here. They sniffed you out back there and are probably right around the corner.” Adam said.
He pulled Gerard forcibly to a dingy downtown motel.
“Gerard. You can help Frank. Just leave him be for now. He’s fine where he is, and you have other stuff to deal with. Toby’s missing.” Adam said seriously, sitting on the bed across from Gerard.
“Toby?” Gerard repeated.
“Uhh, yeah. Tobias? The guy who shot Jake?”
“You’ve been in my fucking basement for 10 years. Can’t you remember something? You’re useless, Gerard…”
Gerard took out a gun from where it was strapped to his leg
“Fuck you, Adammmm…” he groaned, flopping back on the mattress, waving the gun in the air.
“Where the fuck did you get that?” Adam exclaimed.
“From… I don’t know…” Gerard muttered, “But, I bet it’ll hurt if I shoot you…”
“Don’t you fucking dare, Gerard.” Adam warned, eyes completely black.
“Watch me.” Gerard sneered, sitting up and grinning.
Gerard’s finger inched over the trigger and-
-Adam yelped and held his arm.
“What the fuck was that for?!” He roared, blood leaking from between his fingers.
“Sucker…” Gerard sniffed, throwing the gun on the ground and standing less than an inch away from Adam, “You know it’s not true. If anyone’s useless, it’s you.”
Adam’s eyes flashed and Gerard detected the hint of fear.
“You’re afraid of me, Lazzara. Admit it.” he continued.
“Am not.” Adam hissed, wincing and pressing harder on his incapacitated arm.
“It’s the fucking truth. You’re too afraid. You won’t last a decade in this era, Adam. It’s my turn, and it’d be wise of you to leave, hide under your bed, and don’t come out for a century.” Gerard said.
Adam didn’t answer.
“Your brother wasn’t much of a help. He died a coward.” Gerard spat, eyes piercing into Adam.
“My brother was not a coward.” Adam growled, his body shaking half in fear and half in warning.
“He was and so are you. You both were.” Gerard retorted.
They stared at each other, fangs grinding into their jaws for another moment, and then Adam was kissing Gerard hard.
And Gerard kissed back.
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