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As Opposed to the Truth

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Amy and Em make peace about the truth, but is Amy happy with Em's desicion? And will she tell Ryan what really is wrong?

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“We ended up…well, you know, occupied. For the past week, I’ve been sick every morning. I took that test shortly before they arrived. But I’m not going to tell him.”
“Not going to tell who what?” Ryan asked from the doorway to the bathroom. I clutched my stomach, feeling another wave of nausea coming.
“Not going to tell you that she has the flu,” Amy replied for me. I nodded a thank you, and she nodded in reply to my nod.
“Why would she be worried about that?” Ryan quizzed, not getting the fact that we want the conversation dropped.
“Because I didn’t want to end up passing it onto you, where you ultimately pass it onto the rest of the band,” I told him.
“Oh, sweetheart, don’t worry about that. I never get sick, and all I care about is your health,” Ryan said, taking my left hand and hauling me up. I staggered slightly, feeling incredibly dizzy. I lurched forward, hand covering my mouth, launching myself into the nearest stall. I made it just in time before emptying my stomach for the second time in mere minutes. Ryan followed me in; making sure my hair was out the way, even though it’s short enough to stay back on its own. He rubbed my back as I started sobbing, collapsing to the floor from lack of support, my whole body shaking. Ryan tore of some toilet paper, and wiped my mouth, tossing it into the bowl before flushing it, and pulling me into his arms. I sobbed into his chest, and he continued stroking my back slowly.
“Do you want me to get you something to relieve the pain?” He asked sweetly.
“No…please…just stay with me a while.”
“I can’t. I’ve got to go back on stage.”
“It’s okay Ry. You go on, and I’ll stay here with our precious girl,” Amy said, slowly slipping me into her arms. Ryan left, and told who I suppose were Lauren, Sam, Abbey and Rachael that I wasn’t feeling too good, and I’d be out in a while. I continued to weep in my friends arms, before she pulled back slightly.
“What are you going to do?” She asked me.
“I’m going to get rid of it. Today is my 21st birthday, and I shouldn’t have to deal with this whilst I’m still so young.”
“Well, are you going to tell Ryan?”
“I can’t, because if I do, he’ll talk me into keeping it.”
“Well, at least think about it. What’s the cut off date for an abortion?”
“Umm, I don’t know. I think it’s like, six months.”
“Yeah, that sounds about right. Give it till a week before the cut off date, maybe two to be safe, and think about it. Only decide then if you really want to end the life.”
“But I might be showing by then.”
“Big deal, we can think of a cover story. But now you have another four-and-a-half months to decide on whether you want to keep this child, and whether you want to tell Ryan, or anyone else for that matter, about the situation.”
“Okay, I’ll do it. I’ll think about it. Don’t tell anyone though. Please Amy. Let me come out with it in my own time.”
“Sure thing. Now, let’s get you back to the fun. We’ll even get you back on stage.”
“I’ll only go on if you come with me. Don’t worry; I’ll be able to get you past Zack. Can you come with me?”
“Yeah, why not?”
“Thanks,” I said, before slowly standing up. Amy got up with me, gave me a once over, and we left the bathroom, for the chaos of the drama rooms.
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