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The Past Always Comes Crashing Back

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We learn some of Emmi's past, and how stupid Brendon is capable of being

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The final two weeks of Uni passed with exams, which it’s safe to say I think I passed all of them, except for my practical component of my music exam, because of all the morning sickness. You see, my practical examination is singing, and even though I’ve been hanging with the boys since they arrived, with Brenny and Ryan helping me prepare, it all, excuse the expression, went to shit. I still hadn’t made a decision on the whole baby matter, and I hadn’t told anyone else about it either. I’d been so close to telling either Ryan or Jon so many times now that I’ve lost count. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it.
I suppose I was ashamed of how careless I was, how stupid I was to fall for a guy who I can never completely have, because he is too good for me, to good to me, and who is never in one place long enough to commit – he’ll be on tour and recording and at huge A-list parties, and the most obvious reason of all, he is famous. But that didn’t change the fact that I was joining Panic for a little while as I was off from Uni for eight months. We were only going to be in America, so it won’t be too bad. I was boarding the plane with them, headed for Chicago, when the oh-so-tactful Brendon spoke up.
“Are your parents fine with you spending six whole months, Christmas included, with four men? I mean, admittedly two of the said four have girlfriends, but still?” I had just taken my seat by that point, and a single tear trickled down my face.
“Do you have no memory whatsoever Bren?” Spencer asked, sitting down opposite me, Ryan taking the seat next to me, clutching my hand. I was distant. The memories came back, and I wouldn’t listen to the boys at all. The memories were flooding back in, flooding my senses. I could see, hear, taste, feel, and even smell the troubles of three years ago. More tears were spilling down my cheeks, and I snapped back into reality.
“I told you this back in England, but I didn’t expect you to remember with the amount you drank the next night. My parents and I were involved in a car accident three years ago. I was in a critical condition and in the ICU for almost five months, and my parents were announced Dead On Arrival. It was a drunk driver who lost control of his vehicle and smashed into us. I was driving; my parents were both on the passenger side. The driver hit their side. I walked away with nearly half my ribs broken, a collapsed lung, broken leg and arm, and brain damage. I’ve lost over half of my long term memory. Everything up to that day is non existent; I don’t remember it one bit. I’ve lost 17 years of my life.” I was openly crying at this point, and I was holding my head in my hands, hoping that it would help stop the intrusion of memories.
“How did you manage to sustain that much damage when you weren’t the one hit?”
“The impact of the crash pushed the car into a lamppost and a post box, and the post box collapsed onto me, pinning me beneath it.” Ryan took me into his arms, and held me until we were fully airborne and level. I pulled myself away as Brendon spoke up.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Emmi. I’m sorry I forgot, and I’m sorry I brought it up.”
“It’s okay Brenny.” I said before I drifted off to sleep in Ryan’s arms.
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