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Forgetting Love

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Everyone else learns of what is wrong with her, but who says they were happy?

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Ryan woke me just after we landed in Chicago. I didn’t register that we had landed, but Ryan helped me walk off the plane and into the terminal, while bleary-eyed me struggled to remember anything.
“Hey Emmi, we’re headed for Jon’s place first, so we’ll let you freshen up a bit there,” spoke Spencer, leading us to the minivan that would ultimately take us to Jon’s house in the suburbs.
“Sorry to be so blunt, but who the hell are you all? And why are you holding my hand?” I directed the last question to Ryan. He instantly dropped my hand in confusion. By this time, everyone had sat themselves down in the van. I hung around outside, whilst the boys exchanged glances.
“You don’t remember us?” Jon asked. I shook my head.
“Where we are?” Brendon tried. I shook my head again. I clutched my stomach as pain shot through it, mingled with nausea.
“Do you feel like you’re going to throw up?” I nodded, and Jon jumped out of the van. He took me by the hand and hurried me back into the terminal, then into the disabled bathrooms. I quietly, or as quietly as possible, threw up, Jon rubbing my back in comfort. We cleaned up and went back to the van.
“I think we ought to take Emmi to a doctor,” Spencer said.
“Yeah, I think so to. We’ll take her to my one,” Jon replied, as they sat back down in the van after pulling me in. we headed off for Doctor Lewis’ office.

We learnt why I couldn’t remember anything.
“Ms McDermott, you simply forgot to take your medication this morning. That is all! Doing a full scan of your body, we’ve seen that nothing is wrong. But I must ask you one thing,” I nodded my head, slowly remembering after swallowing the tablets almost half an hour ago.
“Did you know that you are pregnant, Ms McDermott?” The single thought of oh shit coursed through my mind, because all the boys were in the examination room with me. How am I going to explain this to Ry? Wait, no, to all of them; they don’t even know that Ryan and I have been kissing and stuff. Ryan was not only shocked, but also disgusted – I could tell by the look on his face. I didn’t want to face any of them at that moment, so I grabbed my jacket from the door handle, and ran out of the doctor’s office, tears streaming down my cheeks.
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