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Chapter 1 - Mother's Care

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Harry Potter has never been a normal wizard. When he finds himself at the darkest point in his life, a family secret that had been lost in the winds of time surfaced.

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Harry Potter and the Army of Ages
Chapter 1 - A Mother’s Care

Harry Potter was slumped over his desk in her bedroom at Number 4 Privet Drive. He was resting his head on the book he had been reading as the sun was setting on the horizon. The young wizard had been lucky to fall asleep at that time as his nights were racked with nightmares and untold horrors that he had witnessed over the years.

Since his return to his relatives at the end of his fifth year, Harry had been out of contact with everyone in the magical world. Once again his keepers had found it convenient to keep him in his summer prison and not having to worry about him as Harry did as he was told. Harry’s only companion in his solitude was his snowy owl Hedwig who made a conscious effort in staying close to her master. After the five summers where they were in close proximity to each other most of the time, they developed a bond stronger than any person with their familiar.

Like so many times since the end of Harry’s fourth year, Hedwig watched on as her master stayed awaked for as long as he could before he couldn’t stay conscious any longer. Harry always tried hard to keep his eyes opened in order to avoid the nightmares that plagued his dreams. Hedwig continued to feel helpless as she watched and listened to her master groan from the painful memories. Being somewhat of a mother hen who took it upon herself to be the mother Harry never had and would actively look out for her charge.

That night Harry was stirred from his nightmares after falling asleep an hour ago by his faithful pet. She held in her talons a parcel about the size of the book. It was the first thing he had received from anyone that summer by owl post. Harry smiled at the concerned bird and stroked her head appreciatively.

“Thanks Hedwig. I had thought my friends forgot about me this summer.” He took the parcel from her as she gave him what seemed to be a sad look in her large brown eyes.

Upon removing the brown paper that the parcel was wrapped in, he found that Hedwig brought him a very thin book along with several pieces of parchment. What really caught his attention was the Gringotts insignia in the upper right corner of the parchment. It took a moment for Harry to realize he was holding official documents from Gringotts.

Mr. Potter,

We at Gringotts would like to express our regret for your loss and hope you are well. But with the death of your late godfather, certain parts of your parents will have recently became active prematurely.

To say Harry was shocked was an understatement. He was at first confused at the hearing that his parents had a will. But that feeling quickly passed as anger and frustration soon took its place in the folds of his mind as he continued to read.

With the recent review of your parent’s last wishes, discrepancies have cropped up that we have had to review. Actions taken upon by this bank and Albus Dumbledore have been done that have gone against your parent’s wishes. We apologize in advance at this breach in protocol. Your placement upon their death was not done properly and the overseeing of your family’s finances were overlooked. The goblin placed in charge by Mr. Dumbledore has been “taken care of” and a new manager for you has been put in place by our goblin chief Ragnok.

After an investigation by one of our ward breakers, we have taken the precaution of charming this parchment into a portkey in bringing yourself to the will reading of Sirius Black that was scheduled for tomorrow at 9 a.m. to prevent outside forces from interfering. Upon entering the walls of Gringotts you shall be under goblin protection from those that wish you harm. Until then please go over the parchment that was sent with this letter as we were instructed to send you at this time by your parents.


Account Manager Griphook.

Potter Account Manager
Black Account Manager

The name Griphook brought the memory of his first visit to Gringotts. The short goblin was a bit rude due to normal standards. But Harry sensed in a way, that the somewhat young goblin was being more respectful to him than what everyone else experienced when dealing with goblins.

Tearing his mind away from the letter for the time being, he looked over the rest of what he had been sent. Along with some bank statements on his finances which were considerably far more than what he had suspected. He also discovered a notice to himself about a marriage contract that had become active. What little he knew about magical marriage contracts came from Hermione during one of her rants about how barbaric the magical world was.

He was surprised to discover that his parents had actually arranged Harry’s future by already finding someone he would spend the rest of his life with. Harry always thought that his mother would have been like Hermione after all the stories he heard about her. He thought she would have found such things similar to how Hermione did. But the document was staring him right in the face

Looking over the document and skipping over the paragraphs that sounded a lot like legal jargon that made no sense to Harry, he found the information he sought. Toward the bottom after what appeared to be the standard text you would find on all marriage contracts. The conditions of the marriage and other arrangements were found.

In the event that war still wages in the magical world by their fifteenth year and child no longer has any proper guardian. Than the contract shall come into effect and the children shall wed by their sixteenth year of life. Said children upon being married will have all of the privileges and duties as an adult. The two families will come together for mutual protection and in essence become one family.

A cold numb feeling spread throughout his body as the realization that he was set to be married around his sixteenth birthday. At the names where the parents signed the contract, his name and his future wife’s name was listened in a space near the parents. He was betrothed to Tracy Davis.

Harry knew little about said girl. She never was one of the Slytherins that was actively making himself and his friends’ lives hell. He knew she was in many of the same classes as Hermione and had tended to end up rivaling Hermione at the top of their classes which seemed to annoy Hermione to no end. If Draco Malfoy was his school nemesis, then Tracy probably would be Hermione’s.

Thinking about his supposed bushy haired friend once again filled Harry with anger. He thought of her like a sister and that summer she seemed to have abandoned him to his misery at the hands of the Dursleys.

Harry put the contract aside absentmindedly as he wrote himself a not to speak with whoever he had to about the contract. He wasn’t sure about what he was to do about it. He admitted to himself that he was ignorant when it came to the magical world. He did not know if he could trust Tracy Davis. But he resigned himself to giving it a shot if his parents thought it was for the best.

He finally got around to opening the slim book that was in front of him after thinking for quite a bit of time. So distracted by the letter and the contract he read, the time quickly passed and was close to 1 a.m. When he finally looked at the title, Harry was intrigued.


Never having heard of such things in the magical world as there always seemed to be records of such things that muggles would call myths and legends. With interest he opened the thin but old book and started to read.

The history of the Army spans back to before the time of Merlin when High Elves were the ruling species of the world. The Army were the true defenders of justice as they have been behind most of the most influential times in history. Merlin himself became the leader of the Army in his youth. When the time of men were becoming dominate in the realm of magic. That title he passed on to his son who became king of Britain.

Arthur reformed the army in his time by appointing lieutenants and changed how the army was structured. The knights of the round table became those lieutenants. Medieval muggle and magical fighting had finally been combined to make the warriors even more deadly to their enemies. Arthur had Merlin move the castle of Camelot to the secret island of Avalon upon his death and since then, became the gathering point for the army when called.

Godric Gryffindor was the last reported leader of the Army of Ages. After the war with Salazar Slytherin, the members of the Army seemed to trickle away like water as their duties were no longer needed as often. Public record and evidence of their existence soon began disappearing after the founders passed on.

After a time, the memories and stories of the Army were forgotten and the world moved on. But rumors continue that the separate factions led by the descendants of the lieutenants of old continue their ancestors work until their leader calls them home to Avalon.

Harry closed the book after reading a few stories spoken for many generations that had been written in the book. Harry never even heard of such a tale of such a mighty army. But he was not surprised in a way. Witches and Wizards seemed to think they were always better than others. The idea of cooperation by not only magical humans, but that of elves, and other magical creatures seemed foreign to most.

He had only come to realize in his musing of what he read, that his emotions and thoughts had seemingly calmed. Harry still mourned the death of his god father, but he found that it was no longer at the forefront of his mind.

Harry looked at his familiar and stroked her head once more. “I don’t know what tomorrow brings Hedwig. I’m confused and lost. I hope our lives get better soon cause I don’t think I can stay in the house much longer.”

Hedwig, sensing the turmoil inside her charge, went over and nipped his ear affectionately as he started to cry. The raw pain and misery of his life came out for that small moment he bared his soul to the white owl. As Harry went to lay down to try and get a few hours of sleep, Hedwig settled on the head board of the bed as if to keep watch over Harry.

That’s how they both remained for that rest of that night. As Harry seemed to rest somewhat peacefully, Hedwig looked at the book that seemed to glow a soft gold color. The tear drop that fell on it was absorbed and the book disappeared. She was glad that going to the goblins seemed to help her young charge. She hoped that he would find a human girl to help him finally destroy his inner demons.
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