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Chapter 2 - Defining Meetings

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Harry comes to Gringotts which will jumpstart his new life away from his minders. Harry's betrothed finds out its him.

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Harry Potter and the Army of Ages
Chapter 2 - Defining Meetings

Tracy Davis stood in her room as she went through her various clothing in her wardrobe. She was very worried that day as she had been told by her parents that she would be meeting her betrothed. Since she was two, they had mentioned to her that one day she would end up getting married to a boy that they had chosen. To say she was angry when she was old enough to understand what her parents did was an understatement. She was livid that her parents wouldn’t let her choose who she would marry on her own. Worst of all to her, they kept who the boy was from her the whole time.

But her feelings about her parents treachery were on the back burner that moment. Confusion and nervousness permeated her body as she tried to figure out what to wear. The thoughts of her having to end up marrying some pureblood pounce that she had to go to school with scared her. She knew that most of the boys in her house would end up following the Dark Lord. The idea of ending up as a subservient wife to a Death Eater that would torture her certainly did not appeal to her.

Tracey was a pretty girl who was just over five feet tall who had all the curves that boys looked for. It was her luck that kept the boys that drool away at school thanks to the baggy robes. With her sandy blond hair and ice cold sapphire blue eyes, she would have been considered one of the best looking girls in school. But Tracy kept her head down and in books so long that people hardly noticed her. While her bodily features took after her mother, she knew she had inherited her father’s Ravenclaw brain.

Startled by hearing someone entering her room, Tracey looked away from the mess of clothing she was going through when she heard her mother coming in. Tracey glared at her as she reminded herself it was mainly her fault she was in her frantic state. Her father was a muggle-born wizard and he did not hold the authority to make a marriage contract with a pure-blood family. It was her family’s good fortune that her mother inherited everything from her family with her being the only heir. Due to her family’s wealth that her father enjoyed managing, it had kept her off the radar of being a half-blood.

“Have you picked out a nice robe to wear to meet him?” Again Tracey glared at her mum. She would love to know exactly who “HE” is.

“No. What does one wear to something like this? I’m not sure whether I want him to find me disgusting or fall over himself when he sees me.” She held up a random outfit and held it in front of herself as she looked in a full length mirror.

Jezebel Davis watched her daughter compare many outfits as she frantically tried to figure out what to wear. It was nearly ten that morning and they were suppose to be meeting him soon. After several moments, she grew impatient at her daughters lack of decision. Going over to the mass of clothing that was piling up on the floor, Jezebel gathered a blue skirt, white blouse, and robes as blue as Tracey’s eyes and handed them to her daughter.

“Trust me sweetheart. I believe you will like him a lot.” She smiled as Tracey took the clothing and contemplated it before going and getting dressed.

With Tracey out of the room a house elf appeared to begin cleaning and putting away the clothing scattered around the room. Jezebel watched in amusement as the house elf worked.

“Mother, you do know I hate you right now right?” Came Tracey’s irritated voice.

“Why’s that sweetheart?” She smiled at her daughter who at that moment came out of the bathroom dressed to impress in her elegant silk robes with a scowl that didn’t seem to fit on her pretty face.

“Because you know I hate wearing skirts.” Tracey had the front of her robe open with her hands on her hips as if to illustrate her point. Her mother only saw a reason for her future son-in-law would have a hard time resisting her daughter with Tracey’s gorgeous legs.


Harry arrived promptly at nine that morning at a private receiving room at Gringotts. Harry felt grateful that no one saw his ungraceful landing. But his relief was short lived as his sight came upon a stout goblin watching him from the only door out of the room.

“It is good to see you again Mr. Potter.” The voice of the goblin caused Harry to relax, having recognized the voice years before.

“You as well Griphook. I’m afraid my portkey landings still need work. Never have been able to stay on my feet.” Harry brushed his rumpled robes to get them straightened the best her could.

Griphook watched Harry as he tried to clean himself up a bit. Griphook did not like what he was seeing. Harry stood there in robes too small and tight for him and was not something that fit Harry’s stature. Griphook was prepared however as he had one of the human employees acquire a proper set of robes that would properly suit Harry for his business that day.

“If I may enquire Mr. Potter, but when did you purchase those robes?” The question caused Harry to look at what he put on that day.

He had come to the decision to wear his dress robes from fourth year. Unfortunately he had grown quite a bit since then. His once loose fit bottle green robes were extremely snug and worn from having been in his trunk for so long.

“I didn’t purchase these Griphook. They were bought for me in my fourth year for the Yule Ball during the Triwizard Tournament. The only things I had close to properly fitting were my school robes. I didn’t think they would be proper for a will reading.”

Thinking as much, Griphook snapped his fingers and a wrapped parcel appeared in his waiting hands. Going up to Harry, Griphook handed the parcel over.

“If you would Mr. Potter. Please change into these and we’ll dispose of your old robes. I hope these new clothes would be a proper fit. I shall await you on the other side of that door.” Griphook gestured with his arm toward the only door in the room.

Harry who could only nod as he did not know what to say. He watched Griphook leave before he started to change. When he opened the parcel, he found fine silk robes and shirt. The robes were a dark green that was nearly black. While the button dress shirt was the same emerald green as his eyes. The ensemble was completed with black pants and brand new black trainers that were extremely more comfortable than his old duct taped ones.

When Harry stepped out into the corridor where Griphook stood waiting, the young goblin could see a significant difference. Harry already had the power to back up what he spoke. He merely had to learn how to use it. But what Griphook saw was no longer a boy, but the man that could wield power beyond comprehension given the chance. The only thing that tarnished that illusion was the slumped shoulders of a boy who continued to emotionally suffer.

“Much better Mr. Potter. Now if you’ll follow me to the conference room, the others should nearly be assembled.” Harry nodded and followed. Harry tried to remain strong through the sad moment he was entering, but his heavy heart dragged him down at knowing this would confirm his godfather’s passing.

Upon their entrance, every eye turned to them. Harry observed everyone’s reaction to him being there. The goblin guards and other personnel looked indifferent to no surprise to himself. Draco Malfoy and his mother and some man he never seen before sat in one group at the long table. Harry could see hatred on the man and Mrs. Malfoy’s faces. But on Draco it didn’t appear as much. Harry wasn’t sure if his mind was playing tricks on him. But he thought he could see a slight tinge of fear in the eyes of the Malfoy heir.

On the other side of the table sat those that Harry pretty much knew would be there. The Weasleys who for the most part looked happy he was there. The notable exceptions were Mrs. Weasley, Hermione, and Ron certainly looked upset at his presence. Harry’s most likely guess was at his being away from his relatives. Tonks and Remus stood off to the side by the walls smiled and waved at him before he went to sit down. To Harry’s immense surprise and relief that Dumbledore wasn’t present seemed to lift the weight of dread off his chest.

Before anyone could say anything further, the old goblin that Harry noticed sitting at the end of the table proceeded to speak.

“Welcome to the will Reading of one Mr. Sirius Black. To all those present, the will is magically binding and can not be challenged due to the nature of the will. If anyone does try, they shall find themselves exempt from the will.”

Those words silenced everyone as a pair of goblin brutes brought in a portrait of Sirius that watched everyone with interest as he came into the room.

Harry felt like he wanted to burst out sobbing. If Remus who had moved up behind him hadn’t squeezed his shoulder to comfort, he would have balled his eyes out.

“Greetings all. I am very glad that everyone I requested was able to come. And those that tried to enter,” Sirius gave a low growl. “I hope they were tossed out on their backsides after getting sufficiently hexed. Now as I had planned to have a portrait of myself done in the event that I prematurely die, I decided that I would dish my stuff out as I feel like.” Harry watched as Sirius seemed to give everyone a close look as if to look for non-noble intentions while he glanced at himself and Remus with regrettable looks.

“To Narcissa, Bellatrix, and Draco. I leave you three nothing. Narcissa and Bella have shown that they have a black heart in their past deeds. But Draco may get a significant inheritance if he swore an oath to ditch his parents and the path they planned for him.” Sirius gave Draco a sharp look. “Do not let yourself fall into the same dead end life that your parents have.”

Sirius turned back to the rest with a more cheerful voice tinged with sadness. “To the Weasleys. I leave each of you with ten thousand galleons and the hope that you will continue to be there as the family Harry never had now that I’m gone. To Hermione, you shall also receive ten thousand, but I can not leave you the Black library as I probably know your hoping for. The library should have already been cleaned out and stored in the black vault. There is too much dangerous knowledge in those tomes to get in the wrong hands.”

Harry saw that Hermione looked both confused and a bit furious at being denied knowledge she felt she was allowed to have.

“To Moony and Tonks. I leave you both twenty thousand galleons and Remus my entire wardrobe. I also request that you become advisors to Harry in the immediate future as after this reading Harry will also gain full control of his parent’s estate. Finally Harry I leave you everything else as well as me. I had figured if I couldn’t be with you in body, then I could be with you in spirit.”

Harry couldn’t stop the tears flowing from his eyes as he stared at his godfather’s portrait. Remus and Tonks both stood behind him supportively. In his pain, he did not hear Griphook address everyone.

“That concludes the will reading. Now everyone needs to leave right now. This room is needed for private matters with Mr. Potter and I have been told only Mr. Lupin and Miss. Tonks are aloud to remain with him.”

The Weasleys and Hermione protested as they should be allowed to stay with him. But the goblin guards stood steadfast and moved to forcibly escort the others into leaving. When Harry finally collected himself he found himself alone in the room with just Remus, Tonks, and Griphook.

“Mr. Potter. As you know, with the activation of the marriage contract,” Tonks and Remus gasped in surprise. “You are now legally able to gain control of the Potter estate.”

Harry cleared his throat. “Um. Griphook I have only ever been aware of my trust vault. I don’t know anything further of what my parents left me.”

“Of course. As we stated in our letter, Albus Dumbledore convinced my predecessor to keep such information from yourself. In effect the estate had been left untended to and is still much of a mess.”

“Kiddo, what I didn’t state in my will was that if I died before your seventeen, that the goblins were to relocate you to one of the homes owned by your family. Coarse I didn’t know your mum and dad had already planned to get you hitched if I died.” Sirius grinned at a blushing Harry. “So when do we get to meet the future Mrs. Potter?” Sirius addressed his question to Griphook.

Remus and Tonks both looked equally inquiring into that answer. Harry however just wanted to find a hole and hide. He was nervous. He never even spoken to her over the years that he did not know what to expect.

“Mr. Potter’s betrothed shall be here soon. The reading went fairly quick and we are a bit ahead of schedule for their arrival.” Griphook pushed some parchment in front of Harry. “Mr. Potter. Many of these forms require your signature before you have full access to the estate.”

With a nod of his head Harry proceeded to sign the various papers in front of him. The distracted Harry didn’t notice Remus and Tonks conversing with Sirius. Sirius told them about what he knew of Harry getting married. But Harry did catch sight of a pink faced Tonks when Remus and Sirius started planning a bachelor party for Harry.


Tracey and her mother flooed into Gringotts five minutes to ten. Both walked with an air of elegance and poise that both had been taught since birth. But Tracey knew that it was all an act. When they approached the nearest bank teller she observed everyone else in the lobby, thinking that her intended was there as well. But all she saw was adult witches and wizards that weren’t close enough to her age.

Turning her attention back to her mum, she noticed she appeared to be waiting. It wasn’t until another goblin approached them did she know.

“Follow me please.” The goblin didn’t even wait or look to make sure they were following it.

For a creature with short stubby legs, the goblin moved quickly in front of them. They were led through doors in the back of the lobby that brought them into winding corridors that seemed to go on forever. But after several moments they arrived at large oak double doors. Tracey took a deep breath as she prepared to meet her future husband. When they entered they saw a few people and a portrait talking to one of the goblins there.

Harry looked over at them while talking with Griphook. When emerald eyes met sapphire, Tracey came to the realization as to who she was going to marry.

“I’m suppose to marrying the Gryffindor Golden-Boy?!?!?!” Everyone reflexively flinched at Tracey’s screech.
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