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Chapter 3 - Hello Dear

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Harry and Tracey meet before being whisked away to Potter Manor. Will Harry get past her Slytherin attitude?

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Harry Potter and the Army of Ages
Chapter 3 - “Hello Dear!”

“No no no no no! There is no chance in hell I’m getting married to “HIM!”” Tracey had been ranting for five minutes straight.

To those present held various facial expressions as they watched the young Slytherin witch list the many reasons why her and Harry would never work. The two Marauders there found it amusing at Tracey’s repeated mentioning of insufferable Gryffindors. Tonks and Jezebel however tried to calm Tracey into sitting down so that they could talk. Griphook stood near Harry as they watched the scene unfold.

“Tracey that is enough young lady!” Jezebel shouted at her now pacing daughter.

Tracey was cowed as she looked up at her mother’s frustrated face and knew from past experiences to do as she was told. However she tried to sit as far away from Harry as possible and avoided eye contact.

“Awe! Jez sweetheart things were just getting good. Why’d you have to put a stop to your daughters rant. I was about to get Moony to make popcorn,” jested Sirius.

As Jezebel glared at Sirius who was glad he was a portrait, Griphook proceeded to get down to business.

“Now per the agreement made between the two families, the date of the wedding is set to be a week after Tracey’s birthday. Unless anyone objects, the date of August thirteenth should still be viable.” All the adults nodded and Tracey merely huffed in annoyance.

Harry spent the entire encounter watching his future bride and was learning her every quirk and moves. At the moment she held the full image of what a Slytherin would be expected to do in a situation like this. But he found it was in the eyes could he see through her façade. “Such pretty eyes,” he mumbled to himself. Lost in the girl’s sapphire gaze that he didn’t notice the grin on the friendly werewolf next to him.

“It would probably be a good idea to let them live in the same house together until the ceremony. They need to get to know each other.” Jezebel was a bit afraid for Harry knowing how aggressive her daughter was when she wanted to be.

As if Tonks had been reading her mind she voiced Jezebel’s unspoken thoughts. “And hopefully after spending a bit of time together, they won’t kill each other on the alter.”

The two Marauders burst out laughing. For the first shared thing they ever done in their future together, Harry and Tracey were at that moment sending glares at the werewolf and portrait.

“This is how it will be. If I have to put it up with the Boy-if-you-interrupt-me-you-will-die.” Tracey gave Harry a glare as Harry closed his mouth from speaking. At that moment Harry’s self preservation instincts were kicking in after receiving Tracey’s steel cold glare.

“Miss Davis,” Griphook’s words pulled Tracey away from glaring at Harry. “A plan had already been made. You and Mr. Potter will be taking up residence at Potter Manor in Wales. I believe you know the neighbors closest to you. Amelia Bones and her niece Susan in the Bones Manor near by. Our ward teams have already reinforced the manor’s wards and also placed the Fidelius which the secret keepers will be both you Miss. Davis, and Mr. Potter. Both of you shall spend now till the ceremony in that manor getting to know each other.”

Tracey merely folded her arms over her chest and turned her head away and huff like a spoiled child not getting her way. The corner of Harry’s lips turned up into a small smirk. The whole time he watched Tracey closely and he could see chinks in her Slytherin armor. He had guessed before the meeting she would be like Hermione. While there was still some differences due to probable upbringing. A shy girl who wasn’t confident with herself was what was underneath the tough exterior.

“If there are no more questions, please grab hold of this portkey which will be taking you to your new home.” Griphook held out a small book that held the Potter family crest on its cover. “Your possessions have already been moved there.”

Harry who sighed in relief at not having to go back to the Dursleys for his things reached and grabbed for the book. Tracey did as well but seemed more reluctant in her movements.

“Be good you two, don’t do things we wouldn’t do.” Remus teased while Sirius chuckled. “What didn’t we do?” Was Sirius’s reply.

Tonks smacked the back of Remus’s head as she scowled at both of them. Harry smiled at them as Tracey got a hug from her mum. “Behave young lady.” Jezebel said before they were whisked away by the portkey.

With the departure of her daughter and future son in-law. Jezebel took a seat facing those present. “Now I have something that needs to be said now that those two are gone. Friends in the social circles I belong to have told me that Narcissa Malfoy has been putting up a fuss since her husband was arrested. It would seem that she is whispering in the ears of Death Eaters about me and my marriage to my husband who you all know is muggle-born.” She looked at Tonks. “She also mentioned your mother Nymphadora. You might want to warn your parents that they aren’t safe.”

Hearing the magic word, Remus moved away from the hot tempered woman. “Don’t call me Nymphadora!” Jezebel however looked unperturbed.

“Now now dear. As your godmother, I have every right to.” She grinned at her. “But you seriously need to make sure your parents go into hiding. Narcissa has always had a bit of a grudge with your mum.”

Tonks took a few moments to calm back down again before nodding in agreement. Like her parents, Jezebel who had been there when she was born and was her mum’s best friend. Has always called her by her first name. Most of the time it was just to heckle her.

“What precautions for safety are you and your husband taking?” Asked Sirius.

“We are moving to a flat in Sydney Australia. But we will be coming back for the wedding. And once Harry and Tracey learn how to make portkeys, they can make some for us to visit when we want to. But we’ll probably be having a permanent address there till at least when the war is over.”


Harry and Tracey arrived at a beautifully decorated entrance hall with a thud. Harry’s bad luck with portkeys had an adverse side affect on the young couple with Harry falling on his backside only to have Tracey pulled down and her falling on top of him. Harry was able to get a closer look at the sapphire beauties staring back at him. But after a few moments Tracey was able to get her bearings and returned his curious gaze with a glare.

“You did that on purpose didn’t you. Stupid Gryffindors and thinking they can sweep a girl off their feet like this. Getting a good feel are you?” she scoffed.

Harry’s eyes widen at her sarcastic remark as he misinterpreted it as her believe he was doing something less honorable.

“N…no, this is my luck with portkeys at its finest. Never have been able to stay on my feet on landing.” He rushed to tell her.

Tracey who had seemed to refrain from getting off him seemed to realize she was still on top of him and quickly got up. After a few moments are straightening out her rooms she watched as Harry picked himself up and grabbed the book they dropped. Harry looked at Tracey to apologize again but was stopped when someone cleared their throat. Looking for the noise, they both found a house elf there watching them.

“Its nice to see Master Harry and his new Mistress home!” Came the elf’s high pitch voice. “Please please. I am Willow, head elf to the Potter elf clan. Follow me and will take you both to your rooms to freshen up before lunch. Must be very hungry yes?”

Harry smiled at the elf and found himself reminded of Dobby. Thoughts of asking the excitable elf to see if Dobby would like to come work for him were put on hold till he was able to see him.

“Yeah Willow, I could do with some lunch.” With a quick look at Tracey who appeared to be uninterested with what they were saying. She was busy looking at the beautiful rooms as they followed Willow upstairs. “We both could something to eat.”

Willow beckoned them up the last flight of stairs that went up into a large opened area. The room took up the entire fourth story of the Manor and was decorated in soft pleasant colors of blue, gold, red, and white. On one end contained all of the furnishings you would see in a bedroom with large closets containing new clothes for Harry and Tracey’s clothes from her bedroom at her parents home. A huge vanity area with all of Tracey’s cosmetic supplies around the mirror on the desk. Tracey smartly slapped Harry’s hand as he tried to reach for a bottle to look at it.

After Harry tore his eyes away from the biggest canopy bed he ever saw he noticed what seemed to be a nursery area along with a common area. Couches and chairs were littered about near the fire place. Out on the balcony with a charmed ceiling and walls to keep out the elements was a cozy dining area. A large bathrooom rivaling the prefects bathrrom at Hogwarts was sectioned off from the open floor. The tub was the size of a Olympic sized swimming pool.

The rest of the house Willow mentioned was merely the public space for those not being the masters of the manor. The third floor below the master suit contained bedrooms and areas for the children of the family to live in. While the first two floors contained guest rooms dueling area and potions lab. When Tracey heard that one wing of the house contained a large library. Harry could already see the familiar twinkle in her eyes as she reminded herself to check it out at the first chance she could ditch Harry. A common twinkle Harry was all too familiar with.

“Willow will leave master and mistress to change. Lunch will be served on the balcony in five minutes.” With those final words the little elf popped away to leave the nervous teens to their thoughts.

“There is no way I’m sharing a room let alone a bed with you Potter,” she sneered at him.

The sneer reminded him much of Malfoy’s causing him to loose the grip on his temper. “You know I like you better with you nose in a book. The pages muffled the irritating noises you make.”

Her face got red as Harry removed his robe to cool down. “You stupid Gryffindor. I don’t know why my family set this up with yours. I don’t know why I have to degrade myself to marry a prat like you!”

Harry stood there watching her huff. She seemed determined to get the last word with him. Thinking of a way to throw her off balance he walked over and pecked her cheek as he past by her.

“You’ll get use to it dear,” he drawled as he unbuttoned his dress shirt and took it off before finding a shirt that felt more comfortable.

After Tracey was able to shake herself out of the shock Harry put her in from pecking her cheek, Tracey couldn’t help but watch Harry’s bare back and chest as he searched through his new clothing. From what little she was able to glimpse from the boys from Slytherin. They were either overly large or extremely skinny. Her eyes seemed to melt over the muscled abs that Harry obtained from his quidditch playing.

Harry turned back to look at Tracey. “Something wrong?” Harry was very naive and didn’t think he was good looking and in the end had no idea what was wrong with Tracey.

Once more Tracey put on her Slytherin mask and gave a sniff of indifference before grabbing something to change into and went to the bathroom to change.


The first night they spent together found Tracey tossing and turning on the large bed trying to fall asleep and Harry sprawled out on one of the couches by the fire. She felt strange being in a new situation with the Golden-Boy. She had watched him over the years and found him amusing at the ill planned adventures he had. She always thought he had bed all of the girls old enough to sleep with legally in Gryffindor. But from everything that happened that day, he was probably the most innocent of men she had ever encountered.

Looking over at where Harry was sleeping she could see him tossing and turning as well. But he was moaning out in pain from unseen source. Tracey had gotten up while wrapping a sheet around herself and getting closer. The traitorous thought of him looking more handsome without his glasses came to mind that she tried squashing. Harry’s bangs were laid across his sweating forehead that was perspiring heavily.

When she stood right next to the couch she could make out the faint words coming from his lips.

“Sirius……..Bellatrix I’ll kill you…..cruico!” Tracey was shocked at what she heard.

To her it sounded as if he was battling someone. She was unfamiliar with Harry’s history to know what he was referring to. And from the sound of it he was casting a unforgivable on his nightmare nemesis. The thought of the Golden-Boy dirtying his hands with using an unforgivable seemed to cause her to change her way of thinking.

But it was a thought for the morning. For that moment she needed to get him to calm down. Even if she did manage to get to sleep, she wouldn’t be for long with all the noise he had been making.

“Potter…..Potter….Harry!” Tracey screamed as she tried to wake him. Her shouting seemed to have worked as he opened his emerald green eyes upon her.

“Tracey?” His voice was scratchy from use during his nightmares.

She nodded. “You were having a bad dream.”

He sighed. “Have been since fourth year.” He turned away from her and faced the back of the couch. “They got worse after leaving Hogwarts.”

Seeing a sad miserable boy, the soft part of Tracey’s heart was visible for only a moment. “I guess you can use the bed. No sense in your cramping up on this couch. I don’t know how anyone can sit on it with all of the stuffing in it.”

Harry gave a snort as the chairs and couches were much like the ones in the Gryffindor Common room. To him they were some of the most comfiest pieces of furniture he ever sat on.

“Come on. Don’t be a stubborn Gryffindor or I’ll kick your arse.” With one hand holding the sheet around her, she places the other on her hip as if to back up her statement.

Harry observed her for a moment before struggling to get up. Tracey held his arm to keep him balanced. Once he got in on one side of the bed, Tracey got in on the other. Making sure they kept significant amount of room between them.

“Tracey?” Harry called.

“Mm?” she was falling asleep thought she never considered that the man sleeping near her was any reason why she finally could.

“Thank you.” With those final words Harry fell asleep with his future bride not far behind.

An hour later Willow appeared to put out the flames in the fireplace. When she looked at the bed she seemed to consider something before going over to the bed and snapping her fingers. She smiles as she watched her master and mistress moved closer together in the center of the bed.

“Mr. Sirius said to help them be closer. So Willow help master and mistress.” the elf muttered to herself. Her heart leapt with joy as Harry unconsciously rolled over and wrapped his arm around Tracey’s waist to pull Tracey’s comforting presence closer. With one final glance at them she nodded with confidence as she disappeared with a pop.


Tracey gave a sigh of disappointment at having to wake up and snuggled in her warm soft pillow. To think she had the best sleep of her life was surprising. She brushed her long blond hair out of her face when her hair was tickling her nose. Nuzzling her face into her pillow the smell of freshly cut grass and spring breeze caught her nose. When she opened her eyes she came face to chest with the muscles she had been drooling over the previous day.

With an undignified yelp she lurched back from her pillow and looked at the amused face of Harry Potter. “Morning dear,” he spoke in a low voice.

Tracey screamed before finding herself waking up. Finding herself not laying on Harry Potter relieved her immensely. But the sigh behind her caused her to freeze.
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