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Chapter 4 - Happy Birthday Potter

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The next day brings Harry's Birthday. Tracey is finding it hard not to fall in love with the Golden Boy after sleeping one night with him.

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Harry Potter and the Army of Ages
Chapter 4 – Happy Birthday Potter

Tracey sat in what she claimed to everyone was to be her reading chair, as it seemed to be made especially for people to spend hours reading in. Since that morning Tracey had spent every minute of the day locked in the library and reading over old tomes that only ancient pureblood families still had. She smiled at the thought of what her fellow Slytherins would think when they found out she was married to one of the oldest magical bloodlines still alive. Tracey could already imagine pug faced Parkinson drooling with jealousy while she was still forced to marry the Malfoy rodent.

But her thoughts would constantly drift back to that morning when she found herself waking in the arms of her future husband. She admitted to herself that the feeling of Harry's arms wrapped around her made her feel safe and content. Though she would never admit it to the Golden Boy. She didn't want her future husband to have a big head. Tracey considered herself lucky being able to disentangle herself and slip out of bed without waking Harry. So focused on that effort, she had not noticed emerald green eyes watching her retreating form as she left the bed.

So blissfully enveloped in the feeling she had that morning she suddenly growled to herself when she felt the wards shift signaling someones arrival. Being the mistress of the house, she could sense the presence of every being in the manor. Quickly giving a mental check as to where her fiancée was she was displeased to find him in the same room as the new arrival.

Leaping out of her chair she stalked her way to the entrance hall. There she stopped when she saw some slutty silver haired girl with her arms around “HER” man. The tinge of jealousy was filling her mind as she watched on. Deciding the hug was long enough she cleared her throat and the French speaking tart finally let go of “her golden boy.”

“Harry dear, whose your friend?” Tracey spoke in a sickly sweet tone that confused the young husband to be. But gave a clear message to the invading female.

“Oh Tracey, I'm sure you remember Fleur from our fourth year. She was the Beauxbatons' champion. Fleur, meet Tracey Davis.” Thinking he did good when introducing the two girls figured he must have messed up some how as he noticed the glare his betrothed was giving to Fleur.

Tracey sauntered up to Harry and wrapped her arm around Harry's as she started sizing Fleur up. “Yes I remember you. You went to the Yule Ball with Roger Davis. How's that going?”

Fleur gave a disgusted look. “'e was a ishonerable dog. 'm currently dating Bill Weasley. Bill 's one of Arry's friends.”

“So what brings you by Fleur? I thought no one can find this house because of the Fidelius Charm?” Inquired Harry hoping to extinguish the tension that he could feel forming.

Tracey once again narrowed her eyes at Fleur. “Yes, I would like to know that as well.” Tracey once again giving Harry's arm a squeeze making sure he was with her and not near Fleur. To which Harry gave her another confused look.

“I was thee one who placed thee wards which allowed me thee knowledge. I wanted to 'e ere for Arry's birthday,” cheered a excited Fleur.

Tracey froze and looked at Harry. Of everyone in the room, it was only her that didn't know it was Harry's birthday that day. She wanted to hex herself for not knowing something that the tart in front of her obviously knew. Deciding to find out everything else about the life of her fiancée later on she tried to take Harry's attention away from the over enthusiastic Veela in front of them.

“Oh Harry, why didn't you tell me it was your birthday. This will not do, I'll just have to make it up to you later tonight. Heres a sneak peak.” With that she jerked Harry's head down and gave a kiss that blew his mind away. When they came up for air Harry held a dazed look while Tracey looked at an annoyed Fleur smugly.

“Now Willow!” The little house elf popped into existence at her mistress's call. “Please tend to Miss Delacour while I go and prepare Master Harry's party.” With a peck on Harry's cheek she quickly left the room to start preparations for Harry's birthday party. She vowed not to be up shown by some foreign slut.


Harry watched confusedly as Tracey left the room. With another mental note to one day find out what just happened, he led Fleur to the guest common room on the first floor. His mind was still distracted when he sat down and absentmindedly accepted a cold butterbeer from Willow. Fleur who seemed bubbling with happiness sat across from him with a cup of tea in her hands.

“So Arry. How's life with thee future lady of thee house?” She took a sip of her tea as she watched Harry come up with a response.

“Interesting...and confusing all at the same time. Hermione was right when she told me I will probably never understand women.” He took a long swig of his butterbeer as he chewed on his thoughts of the future Mrs. Potter.

Fleur giggled. “Come now Arry. We women aren't all that bad.”

Harry gave a slight chuckle and nodded. “Maybe, or its just me. Hey! Your English is a lot better since I last saw you!”

She nodded approvingly at his noticing. “Yes. Though me accent do come back when 'm irritated. Bill has been elping me since I started working at Gringotts. He 's even thinking of proposing me thinks. Though 'm not sure whether 'll accept.”

“Why not, don't you both love each other?” Harry asked not understanding.

“Oh I think we love each other. But his actions are not ones befitting a gentleman.” She gave a menacing scowl as she thought of past grievances. “Blindly taking orders from that white haired monstar!! That old man almost got me lil sister killed! Bill and I haven't talked in a while. Not while he is with that group the turkey.”

Harry choked on his butterbeer at hearing Fleur's reference for the Order of the Phoenix. Fleur as well seemed to be also mildly amused at her words which seemed to lighten the atmosphere of the room. But Fleur once again took a somber expression as she reached over and touched Harry's knee.

“They ave no right to do what they do with you Arry. From what Bill 'as told me they treat you like pet and kept in cage. Its why I went to goblins and helped 'em get you free and be a adult. Since you save me lil Gabrielle I 'ave thought of you like a brother that I love. Gabrielle too thinks so. She looks forward to seeing you again on your wedding day.” At the mentioning of Harry getting married seemed to bring a smile back to Fleur's lips.

Harry returned Fleur's smile. “It feels nice to be considered to be someones older or little brother. I used to think Hermione like a sister but. I'm not so sure after my second straight summer of no contact with them.”

“You need to trust very carefully Arry. Friends are fickle. But I will be there for my lil brother.” Fleur teased which she received a blush from Harry in return.


Tracey reluctantly left Harry alone with Fleur but it was necessary for her to complete her new found mission. She deftly made her way back to the master suit on the fourth floor and searched out for Harry's school trunk. Though it did not take her long as it seemed like the battered old trunk was bursting at the seams literally with stuff. Getting Harry to pick up a new trunk before September 1st was something else on her to do list later on.

As she searched through Harry's things she seemed to learn new things about her future husband that she never knew. With the discovery of his invisibility cloak seemed to shed some light to her as to how he accomplished all of his supposed adventures that she heard of. The locating of a photo album saddened her as it seemed to be the only real connection Harry had of his parents. The few pictures of a baby Harry gave her a future ideas of embarrassing him later.

It was at the bottom did she discover a list of supposed friends. She was a bit surprised at seeing it labeled “Dumbledore's Army.” Noticing a few names she was friends with, Tracey began planning her future evening of interrogation. It was no surprise to see the four Weasley names and Granger's as well. But she didn't plan on inviting Weasley or Granger. In all honesty she felt they weren't good for Harry. But she found no fault with the rest. And it was in her own best interest to keep Chang away from “her golden boy.”

With the list of guests to invite for Harry's birthday she went to the stationary desk to immediately begin writing out invitations that she would have the manor's army of house elves deliver. While Owls were good to deliver messages, they weren't as timely or as secure as house elves. She knew all of the pureblood families used them as a way of communication. She left her name out of the invitations as it would probably look suspicious that a Slytherin would be throwing a party for a Gryffindor. The news of her and Harry's pending marriage would come out at the party.

Next up on her list of things to do was prepare the manor's reception hall for the many guests and decorations. She was nearly done when her first guests decided to show up an hour early. Susan Bones and Padma Patil appeared through one of the four fireplaces in the reception hall. Tracey smiled at her two best friends and went over and gave them both a hug.

“Glad to see you both made it early. I'm going to need help finishing the cake since I'm absolutely dreadful when it comes to cooking.”

The two girls had been initially surprised to find themselves invited to Harry Potter's birthday party. But what shocked them even more was that their Slytherin friend who they have known to never have had contact with the famous Gryffindor. Seemed to be the apparent host to said Gryffindor's party.

“Tracey, what are you doing here?” Inquired the ever inquisitive Padma. Being a Ravenclaw she was quick at firing off questions to find answers. Susan still stood there dumb struck at the unexpected sight of Tracey.

“Setting up my future husband's birthday party what else?” She gave a small smirk at their surprised expressions.

“HUSBAND!” Shouted both girls in shock.

“Oh I must have forgotten to mention I was in an arranged marriage with Harry Potter.” She gave a mock show of recognition.

“Tracey you got a lot of explaining to do.” Susan spoke after breaking out of her stupor.

“I'm not the only one.” She showed the parchment listing the names belonging to Dumbledore's Army which caused both girls to pale.

“Well you see...” Padma started. “You know how Umbridge wasn't really teaching us anything last year. We started that study group to learn defense.”

Tracey looked impressed at the cunningness that went into starting a group right under the Ministry bitch's nose. “I didn't think any of the teachers would go against what the ministry said.”

“It wasn't a teacher that taught us.” Susan began to get nervous. “It was Harry who was our teacher.”

It was Tracey's turn to become dumb struck. For the second day in a row Tracey's thinking of the man she was to marry was seen in a new light. To think a Gryffindor would do something absolutely Slytherin and deviousness was profound.

“I expect more details from you both later, right now I got an hour to finish this before I go and get golden boy away from that French tart.” At her friends confused looks she elaborated further. “Fleur Delacour. France's Triwizard Champion.”

“Tracey, who else did you invite?” asked Padma.

“Oh pretty much everyone on that list. Except for Weasley and Granger,” She said off hand. “And certainly not Chang. Not letting her hooks into my golden boy,” she mumbled but was still heard by her two friends.

The pair exchanged amused looks at their friends words. They knew she had it bad for the handsome Gryffindor. Both were well aware if the situation had them in Tracey's place, they would both be doing the same thing.


At the home of the most ancient house of Black the Order of the Phoenix assembled in the kitchen as they were set to begin their meeting. Everyone present knew of what the primary topic was to be about. The order was split on the issue as to what to do about it. What seemed out of place however was that instead of everyone looking ready to start the meeting, a handful of them looked wanting to get away for the evening.

“This meeting is now called into session. I'm sure everyone knows as to why I have called this meeting. It would seem that Harry Potter has disappeared. We have yet to be able to find him and from what Severus have told me, he is thankfully not in the Dark Lord's hands.” Dumbledore turned to Molly Weasley who looked like she was preparing for a good rant.

“The boy showed up somehow at Gringotts of Black's will reading. I think the filthy goblins were helping him. Though I can't see how. Goblins hate all humans.” She spoke with certainty. “Last I saw Harry he was still in the room with Remus and Tonks.”

Remus and Tonks both became slightly nervous at being stared at by everyone in the order. “As with Sirius's last wishes, we have been appointed to be there to advise him when necessary.”

“But I don't think we'll be needed much. She'll be able to 'advise' Harry.” Tonks giggled.

Remus also chuckled. “I know, so much like Lily. Though I don't think she will cow Harry like Lily did with James.” Remus's eyes seemed to glaze over with fond remembrance.

“Who exactly are you both referring too?” Inquired Dumbledore.

“Nope sorry not going to to tell. You'll just have to find out at the wedding,” Tonks spoke with giddy.

“Or more like after the wedding Albus. I doubt your on either her or Harry's favorite person list.” Remus added.

Dumbledore sighed as he realized he probably wouldn't get anything out of two of Harry's most trusted friends. However the news of a wedding for Harry disturbed himself and several others in the room. Harry married to someone other than someone who listened to him was not good for his plans. He turned to Bill hoping for answers to the actions of Gringotts. “Bill what have you heard at work? Has your girlfriend heard of anything?”

“No headmaster. It feels like goblins and humans alike seemed to be refraining from telling me anything. Fleur hasn't spoken to me in over a week after an argument.”

“It seems they are keeping you out of the loop. Please try and find out and seek out your girlfriend to see if she knows anything. Latest events seem to be revolving around Gringotts as of late. Yesterday after I returned to Hogwarts after being...forcibly...rejected from Gringotts, a team of goblins and Ward Breakers came in with an order from the descendant of Godric Gryffindor. They removed several old founder artifacts from the school. Most notably was the sword of Godric Gryffindor.”

“How could they do that Albus? The artifacts are the property of the school!” exclaimed Minerva McGonagall.

“Ownership of the school and everything in it falls to the chosen heir of Gryffindor. The school was built on Godric's lands. And from what I have discerned is that Harry is the heir of Gryffindor. But I have not been aware that he knew that fact. Someone must have told him. My likely guess is the goblins. If he does a blood ritual in the Great Hall. He could take full control of the school and its wards away from me. He can't be allowed to do that. He is not ready.”

Remus and Tonks both stood to argue but stopped when they heard the grandfather clock in the house chime. They along with the Weasley twins who were recently inducted into the order in the beginning of the summer got up to leave.

“Sorry. Its been nice seeing you all be we have somewhere more important to be. Have fun with your manipulations. We've had enough for tonight.” Tonks spoke sarcastically.

The four quickly left and disapperated away before anyone could question them. Moody who had watched them up until the point of their apparation spoke up. “They know a lot more than their telling.”


Tracey looked into the reception hall from the doorway as people who Harry had gotten to know quite a bit over the last year. Until that day, she thought his school social life revolved only around Weasley and Granger. Outside of Slytherin which she wasn't surprised of. Harry contained a number of friends among the other three houses.

“Didn't know Harry was friends with a Slytherin.” Tracey looked at the person who noticed her standing there and came to talk. Neville Longbottom along with Luna Lovegood both stood near her with their wands in hand looking ready for a fight.

“Longbottom, Lovegood. I was surprised to find out you are the closest of Harry's friends next to Weasley and Granger. Though from what I have been discovering about him lately, he must see something great in both of you to become friends.”

“Tracey Davis. A Slytherin soul with a Ravenclaw brain. Maybe even a Hufflepuff heart. But time will tell,” Luna spoke in a dreamy voice as she seemed to study Tracey which unsettled her.

“So where is Harry since this is his place? I know Harry wouldn't throw himself a party since he never had one before. Which must leave you. Susan seems to act like your in charge around here.” Neville observed.

“Very perceptive Longbottom. I did not expect that from you from what I've seen of you in Potions. Harry must have been a very good influence on you.” She drawled finding old habits die hard. “I'm about to go get him now that everyone is here. Please inform everyone so that they can be ready to shout surprise?”

Neville nodded as Tracey left. Once again her mind was preoccupied. She didn't know Harry never had a birthday party. Cursing herself mentally and not paying attention to where she was going She ran into Harry who had been wondering around since Fleur left.

“Sorry Tracey, I wasn't looking where I was going.” His quick seeker reflexes managed to catch her before she fell to the ground when she lost her balance.

Tracey basked in the feeling of once again being in her arms. Shaking herself from her thoughts of being in them again in bed that night she looked up at Harry's face.

“Its alright birthday boy. I got a surprise for you.” She covered his eyes with her hands and started to lead him to the reception hall.

“Tracey what was all that about with Fleur earlier?” Harry asked since he didn't have anything better to do.

“I don't know what you mean.” Tracey decided to go with the deny everything route until she could come up with a suitable lie.

She ignored his snort signaling he disbelieved her. Once they were standing in the middle of everyone she removed her hands and everyone screamed, “SURPRISE!”

The banquet of food the elves prepared and one large round table with enough chairs for everyone appeared. People congratulated Harry on his birthday as everyone started to take food and sit down. Harry who was a bit confused merely accepted the words from his friends while his brain processed the situation he was in.

“Now Harry dear. Why don't you go sit at the table and I'll bring us both something to eat.” Tracey cooed which caused several girls to give her strange looks. Susan didn't know whether to laugh or vomit at Tracey's behavior.

Harry however obediently did as he was told as Neville led Harry to the table. Tracey smiled and went to begin filling two plates with food. Not knowing what Harry liked she filled his plate with a variety of food. Heading back to the table she sat in the equally decorated chair that was beside Harry's. On her side was Susan Bones and on Harry's sat Neville Longbottom. The rest of the members present members of Dumbledore's Army was also there along with Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. They were laughing at the stories being told around the table about Harry.

Tracey tapped her glass with her fork to get everyone's attention after everyone finished eating. She smiled when everyone looked to her and she stood up. “Thank you all for coming. I'm sure pretty much everyone wants to know what I'm doing here since I was never apart of your group last year.”

“Yeah why is a Slytherin here?” Terry Boot asked pompously.

Tracey glared venomously at him. Just as she was about to rip into him Harry stood up much to her surprise.

“Thats enough Terry. Tracey is here because coming this month on the thirteenth she will become Mrs. Tracey Potter.”

As soon as Harry finished speaking pandemonium broke out. The twins who somehow sneaked in their joke fireworks started to let them off. Tracey suspected that Remus and Tonks let the news about the wedding slip to them already. Remus was trying to calm everyone down. While Harry was trying to field questions. However, Tracey couldn't take her eyes off Harry. Harry stood up for her in front of all his friends. A Gryffindor defending a Slytherin. Tracey was sure somewhere in hell was getting a bit chilly.

AN:Sorry for the long wait. Like most things. The real world took up most of my time for writing and lost my muse for ideas. The next chapter is half way done. For those that like a lot of intimate moments, the next chapter will have it. Though I'm trying to make sure its stays within a R rating. Stay tuned.
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