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Chapter 5 - Harry Gets a Clue

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Following Harry's Birthday, things start heating up between the young couple. A dark plot from supposed friends are revealed.

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Harry Potter and the Army of Ages
Chapter 5 – Harry Gets a Clue

It was nearly midnight and Tracey was back in her library reading parchment that Remus left for her. She knew why he left it for her and not Harry. She was trained to manage her family’s finances since she was seven. Harry on the other hand didn’t have any idea what the various numbers and references she was looking at meant. Remus mentioned that with her parents out of the country it was up to her to manage her family’s money as well. She had no problem with the extra load of work she had to do. To her it was good practice for when she would end up having to merge the two accounts after the marriage.

Bent over a table going over parchment and books was the position Harry found Tracey in when he entered the library. Harry sought out his fiancée after saying good night to the last of their guests. He watched her at first observing how she twirled the quill in her hand and ever once in a while brush the feather against her forehead. Her eyebrows remained furrowed as she pondered over what she read. In any other word Harry was finding the sight of her as beautiful. When Harry cleared his throat it caused her to jump with a start. She didn’t even notice his entrance or how long he was standing there.

“Find anything interesting?” Harry asked as he walked up to her.

“Of course,” she spoke with an air of sarcasm. “Though I doubt its something your small mind could understand. It’s just overviews and history of our families’ money and investments.”
Harry nodded though both knew he had no interest what so ever in what she was working on. Deciding to be bold and see how far he could push his future wife’s patience, he took the parchment she held out of her hands and placed it on the table.

“It can wait until after the sun comes back up. Right now it’s late and we should head to bed.”

Tracey gave an annoyed scowl which Harry seemed to find adorable. When he just went over what he just thought he realized he was doomed. He knew he was head over heels for her now. How that all happened he was still trying to figure it out.
“What are you my mother?” she spat.

“I would like to think I’m the one you’re spending the rest of your life with. Besides you know it’s true. Either you’re tired or those lines under your eyes are a sign you’re getting old.” He teased.

Tracey gasped and quickly searched for a mirror which one was conveniently located enough on one of the walls. She looked carefully for age lines but when she didn’t find any she realized she was duped. She turned back to Harry with an angry glare and her fists on her hips and huffed. Her glare deepened when she saw Harry smirking at her worthy of a Slytherin.

“Now that your out of that chair lets go get some sleep.” A grin stayed plastered to his face as he took her by the shoulders and guided her to the master suite.

Harry let her be once they were upstairs. Tracey in a tantrum stomped over to her wardrobe and got a pair of powder blue tight shorts and t-shirt she slept in and went to the bathroom to change. There she freshened up and planned on how she was going to berate him for what he done. When she emerged from the bathroom she saw Harry was already in bed sleeping. Tracey gave a frustrated shriek at him denying her the chance to yell at him.

In her anger induced state she got into bed next to him without even feeling repulsed at the situation and snuggled into the blankets to fall asleep. She didn’t know what to think when she felt his arm go around her and that wonderful feeling she felt when his arms were around her returned. Deciding to deal with it in the morning came to mind as she blissfully fell asleep.

The next morning found her waking up alone in bed. The space next to her was still slightly warm which revealed that Harry hadn’t left too long ago. Annoyed that he didn’t wake her up when he did she looked around to find her wayward fiancée and she lost her breathe. Standing in the room was a dripping wet Harry in nothing but a towel. He didn’t seem to notice her state of consciousness as he looked through his wardrobe. Tracey watched as he came to indecision as to what to wear.
With a small smile she got out of bed and padded across the cool floor in her bare feet to stand beside him and picked out a pair of black jeans and an emerald green t-shirt that matched his eyes and helped accent his muscled torso. Harry turned and smiled at her and to her amazement didn’t seem to show any surprise that she was standing there, let alone awake. What came next shocked her to the core. He put a finger under her chin and lifted her face higher before placing a tender kiss on her lips. In her dazed state she barely noticed he walked back into the bathroom to get dressed.

“What just happened?” she asked herself. Harry taking initiative and boldly kissing her was so out of character to what she knew about Harry. Touching her lips she felt them tingle.


Remus was the last one to leave after the party ended. He looked at the boy who he thought of as a favorite nephew who was on the verge of becoming a man. What he saw that night during the dinner surprised him. He sat among the troops of an army. At its head sat a king and queen who the troops looked to as a leader to follow. After Harry’s declaration that he was soon to be married, the consensus on Tracey took a dramatic shift from slimy Slytherin to golden queen. Remus had a distinct feeling he was witnessing history in the making.

Harry stood in front of Remus in the entrance hall. Harry gave Remus a hug before he could disapperate which Remus returned. “Don’t be afraid to come around Moony. Being stuck with just her till the wedding could drive me insane.”

Remus chuckled. “I think you have everything well in hand Harry. You two make a great couple from what I seen. And it seems to me that things are getting better between you two from the way you two act.”

Harry looked confused. “What do you mean?”

“Harry I know you’re a smart kid. While you aren’t really as dedicated to your studies such as Tracey or Hermione are. You have a gift to think on your feet and examine a situation better than anyone I know. Haven’t you noticed the way Tracey had been acting around you?” At Harry’s negative shake of the head Remus continued. “She stayed close to you all night. When one of the girls got too touchy with you she would glare at them. Whether she knows it or not, she has fallen hard for you.”

Harry blushed at what Remus said but a smile slowly formed on his face. “She likes me for me. Not the fame or something else doesn’t she?” Remus nodded.
“Harry you have fought Death Eaters and even Voldemort himself. You have looked into their eyes and spat at them. Don’t tell me you’re afraid of girls?” Once again Harry blushed and Remus laughed.

“Remarkable. Harry just remember girls aren’t that bad. Yeah they can yell till you go deaf. But love from a woman can heal the worst wounds on the soul. And from what you have gone through over the years. Yours could certainly use some healing.”

Harry nodded as he thought over what Remus said. “What’s been going on with the Order since Gringotts?”

Remus laughed again. “Oh the usual, people scrambling around to find you and to return you to your relatives. They are really trying my patience. But Tonks and the Twins have been keeping me from doing something drastic.”

A smirk appeared on Harry’s face. “Remus, is there something going on between you and Tonks?”

Remus blanched as he stumbled over his words to find a suitable lie which only caused Harry’s smirk to grow. “Golly Remus. What would dad or Sirius say?” he teased.

“Well your parents would probably tell me way to go,” Remus spoke. “HA! So you admit it?” Harry interrupted.

Remus reviewed the conversation and frowned at being caught. “Alright yes, Tonks and I have been spending time together. Speaking of Sirius,” Remus pulled something out of his pocket and enlarged it to show a grumbling Sirius who was shooting both men glares.

“Remus old pal you really got to clean out your pockets, and you!” He pointed at Harry. “How could you forget little old me back at the bank?”

Harry smiled at his godfather’s portrait giving an innocent look, while Remus chuckled. “Sirius remember how you were when you caught James and Lily snogging in the common room?” Sirius gave a confused look but slowly nodded. “Would your response have been any different had you found Harry and Tracey getting hot and heavy by your portrait?”

Harry took on the facial appearance of a deer in headlights while Sirius started to gag which caused Remus to chuckle more. “Oh don’t give me that look Harry. You wouldn’t be a guy if you haven’t at least thought of kissing your beautiful fiancée.” Remus teased.


Tracey went outside after getting showered and dressed in a white blouse and dress pants. Her white traveling cloak and hair which was put in a ponytail billowed around her in the wind as she watched Harry fly around on their quidditch pitch. Tracey was sure he was pulling off crazy stunts in what she assumed was an attempt to give her a heart attack. When he noticed her outside he flew over to her till he was floating a couple meters before her.

“Expecting to go somewhere?” He asked when he noticed her traveling cloak. His eyes drank in her beauty but his face kept a passive appearance while he checked her out. Remus’s words came back to him and tried to not let his fear of the unknown keep him from being shy, especially around his future wife. The confident Harry seemed to give Tracey pause.

“We are going somewhere. There are still a few things at Gringotts we need to finalize for the wedding and I thought we could go shopping.” The last thing mentioned gave Harry an intimidated look which caused Tracey’s mask to break and allowed a giggle to slip through. “Don’t tell me your afraid of shopping are you?”

Harry sighed. “There are two things in this world that scares the death out of me, shopping, and fan girls.”

That revelation really caused Tracey to break down laughing. Of everything she knew he had faced, it was the two things she would think least likely to scare him.

“Well how about this, since you’re so good with your wand.” Tracey smirked at his blush. She was glad she could bring out the shy Harry she had seen in school. “You protect us from dark wizards. And I’ll protect you from fan girls. So I guess the only fear your going to have to get over now is shopping.”

She grabbed Harry’s arm and yanked him off his broom and headed back to the house. Once in the entrance hall she pulled him into a fireplace and threw some floo powder down and shouted. “Diagon Alley!”

Tracey managed to keep Harry from falling down when they exited the floo which he was thankful for. When the soot cleared from his view his eyes immediately started scanning for danger. It wasn’t so much just for his safety, but he would be damned if he would let anyone hurt the girl whose waist his arm was now wrapped around.

As Harry kept alert for trouble Tracey led them to Gringotts. Bill Weasley who was in the lobby when they entered headed straight for them. He was a bit surprised when a wand was stuck in his face when he touched Harry’s shoulder. So fast was the move he never saw it coming. Tracey who was shocked at the speed Harry displayed also quickly pulled her wand and pointed it at Bill.

“Hello Bill. How is your day?” While Harry sounded as if he was making casual conversation the look in his eyes and the body language he displayed showed that wasn’t the case. He was ready to kill if necessary to protect Tracey.

“Harry. I’m glad I found you. We need to get you back to headquarters so Dumbledore knows that you’re ok.” Harry exerted some more pressure on the wand he held at Bill’s throat that shut Bill up.

“Lets get something straight William,” Harry’s voice took on a no nonsense tone. “I will never now, or ever, return to that dark hell hole. Nor will I allow myself to be returned to my relatives. Should I see the old man before I am ready he will see the business end of my wand. DO I make myself clear?”

Bill nodded as he started to shake a little in fear. Harry’s emerald green eyes were starting to glow. An unseen wind was blowing around them causing Harry’s windswept Harry to move and revealed a scar that held a glowing gold tint to it. The air around them started to feel like it was filling with electricity.

Tracey who was also growing a bit scared at the power Harry was unknowingly wielding. She placed a gentle hand on his shoulder which got his attention and made him look to her. Seeing her face forced Harry to realize what was going on. Taking a few deep breathes the rogue magic that he was letting loose started to disappear. When he opened his eyes again he saw they were surrounded by goblin guards.

“Are you alright Mr. Potter?” Griphook asked. He was standing within the circle of guards and was giving Bill a shrewd look.

Harry nodded and subconsciously took Tracey’s hand into his to make sure she was still there with him. Turning to Bill he glared at him. “Bill, I have loved your family like it was my own. So far I have only seen the twins with any proper sense. The rest seem to be puppets in Dumbledore’s plans. Cross me again or move against me and I will forget that you are a friend and consider you a Death Eater.” Harry’s tone of voice and once again glowing eyes sent a shiver of fear down everyone’s spine. Tracey however couldn’t be prouder of him.

The goblins who had been watching the preceding jumped into action in order to avoid a duel breaking out in their lobby. They forcefully escorted Bill away where they would censure him on his behavior and remind him of his Oath to Gringotts and not to Dumbledore. Griphook remained and led Harry to his new office where the three of them sat down at.

“I’m sorry Griphook for losing my temper out there. I guess it’s been a long time coming for that to happen.” Harry looked down sorrowfully.

“Not to worry Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley’s behavior has been getting worse for some time. It’s been why he has been trusted with less and less things for a while now. I’m sure Miss Delacour has already told you as much?” Harry nodded.

“Griphook, you had sent a message asking us here for something important. What was it?” asked Tracey.

Griphook pulled out a box and some parchment. “With your pending wedding the laws against underage magic no longer applies for you both. Mr. Potter has already signed the papers that allow him to use magic. But you have not Miss. Davis. Also this would seem an appropriate time to give you both the family rings. They act as portkeys to your home. They are very good for emergencies as they have the ability to bypass modern day anti-portkey wards.”

When Griphook opened the box a golden light flashed and inside the box were two rings. Engraved on the face of each ring around a pulsing white stone was a phoenix and dragon in mid flight. Tracey’s ring was a bit thinner than Harry’s. When they placed the rings another gold flash flared in the room and the rings resized themselves on their fingers to a perfect fit. But instead of both stones being white, Harry’s ring became an emerald while Tracey’s became a sapphire. Griphook looked at them satisfied.

“By focusing on the rings will portkey you both home when you want to. Also the ring’s stone helps act like a magical focus. When you cast spells using a wand the power is amplified. When people of sufficient power wear the rings they have gain limited ability of wandless magic, such as summoning charms and shields.” He pushed the parchment on his desk to Tracey who began filling it out.

When they were finished they got some galleons out of the Potter Family vault after his trust fund was merged back into the main vault. Together hand in hand they went through Diagon Alley. Harry would never have guessed but Tracey was a maniac when it came to shopping. She dragged him to every store and tried on loads of clothes at Madame Malkins.

“Don’t you have enough clothes at home?” Harry asked with skeptical eyes as he watched more clothing piled up on the counter.

“Harry dear,” she drawled. “A girl has got to stay in fashion when the new styles come out. I can’t look like I’m out of touch at school. I got a reputation to protect.”

Harry rolled his eyes as Tracey came out of the dressing room with the last of her purchases. After paying for them Madame Malkin shrunk them down and Tracey pocketed them. Harry didn’t notice some very revealing lingerie that Tracey kept hidden from him while she purchased it.

Finished with their clothes shopping Tracey looped her arm with Harry’s and they left the shop to find the main body of the Order of the Phoenix waiting for them. Harry wasted no time in pulling out his wand and pushing Tracey slightly behind him which he received a glare for but didn’t notice.

“Harry.” Dumbledore spoke.

“Dumbledore.” Harry spoke in return.

“Harry you need to come with us.” At that moment he noticed Tracey. “Miss Davis what are you doing here?”

Tracey got around Harry’s protective arm and stood next to him proudly with her wand drawn as well. “I’m shopping with my fiancée old man. We were having a nice afternoon too until your group showed up.”

The people with Dumbledore looked flabbergasted or upset with Tracey. Those with Dumbledore included Mr. and Mrs. Weasley along with Ron, Ginny, Hermione and Kingsley Shacklebolt.

“That is not acceptable. I’m afraid as head of the Wizemgamot I am going to have to break that contract and allow the one with Harry and Miss Granger become active.”

“I don’t think so old man. You have no legal ability to even make a contract for Harry. You never were his legal guardian.” Tracey smirked triumphantly as she looked at an angry Hermione. To Tracey this was amusing her greatly.

Harry who had raised his wand in preparations for a fight was surprised at hearing Dumbledore tried to set up a marriage contract with Hermione. He watched everyone’s reactions and it seemed like the Weasleys never knew about it and Hermione did. Kingsley looked indifferent to it all. Ron looked highly upset.

“No. Hermione is mine not his.” “Harry was supposed to be mine!” Ron and Ginny complained as they looked at Dumbledore. “Get that slimy Slytherin away from my future husband!” Hermione shouted.

Dumbledore merely ignored them as he watched Harry and Tracey. Kingsley decided it was time to speak up. “It’s unwise to cast a spell in front of an Auror you two. You both are under age.”

Kingsley was a bit disturbed at smirks being directed at him. “We are legally able to due to the law that any couple married within the next two weeks is allowed to use magic for the wedding in order to prepare for the binding ceremony.” Tracey quoted. “You got to love pureblood laws when they work in your favor.”

Harry gave an appreciative smile at how smart she was. Wrapping an arm around her waist he held his wand over his ring. “This is your first warning Dumbledore. My life is mine and I will live it as I see fit. Do so and we will no longer be neutral acquaintances.” He glared at the two youngest Weasleys and Hermione. “Consider our friendship over.”

With that Harry tapped the ring discreetly from view from the rest and disappeared in a whirl of color. Pandemonium broke out among those left behind. Non involved noticed the number of eyes watching them. Susan Bones was with her friends and Aunt Amelia. Susan turned to Padma who was with her.

“We lost three of our members. We need to let the others know.” Padma nodded to her.

Amelia who was watching her niece nodded to herself. She had to deal with a rogue Auror and also had to let some people know. Her family had waited for this day and to her relief and fear it had finally come. Looking at her niece again she was afraid for her well being when things really hit the fan.


Harry and Tracey arrived back at Potter Manor holding onto each other in order not to fall. But even after they landed they had yet to let go. When Willow popped in existence to take their things they bought to put away she gasped. Before her was her master and mistress in full lip lock.

“I can’t believe the old man was going to put you with the mudbloo…” She stopped when Harry put his finger to her lips to shush her.

“While I’m not happy with that Tracey, I do not like hearing such language from you or anyone. But don’t worry about them alright. Once we have our wedding no one can try and separate us.” Harry spoke softly. Nothing mattered to him except the girl in his arms at that moment.

“Why did you try and protect me and keep me out of the fight?” She asked him with a bit of heat in her voice as her forgotten anger returned.

“Because I love you,” Harry spoke with such sincerity she couldn’t do anything but believe him. Tracey and the little elf were speechless.
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