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Chapter 6 - Fight Before Marriage

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The somewhat cozy relationship between Harry and Tracey becomes broken and renewed. The bells ring for Tracey and Harry as they take the step into their new life together.

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Harry Potter and the Army of Ages
Chapter 6 –Fight Before Marriage

Tracey sat alone in her library over a week since Harry confessed his feelings to her. Since that day, she had found herself staying locked away in the library and sleeping in a guest room. Tracey made Willow seal the library from Harry until she decided otherwise. She couldn’t face him then, if ever. Her mind kept replaying his words over and over again. “I love you.” How those three little words frightened her. She knew they were coming but she just wasn’t ready to hear them yet.

Looking back on the incident she realized she also hurt him unintentionally by running away and out of his arms. But she couldn’t think in those arms and had to get away to think. It hurt to remember the pained look that came across Harry’s face. He revealed his soul to her and she stomped all over it. “How he must hate me now!” she cried sorrowfully.

Looking over at the meal Willow left for her to eat she couldn’t find herself being hungry. She didn’t need food right then. She needed her mum to talk to. She always seemed to make things clear for her when she got over her head. Taking some floo powder that Willow kept stocked on the mantle of every fire place in the manor she tossed it in and shouted her mother’s name. She was relieved at the sight of her mother’s face appearing in the flames.

“I was wondering when you would get around to call me young lady.” A tone of frustration was in her mother’s voice.

“I’m sorry mum but…a lot has been happening over here.” Tracey cringed at her words.

“I could say as much Tracey. From what Remus has told me when I called him to see how you both were doing it sounded pretty badly. What did you do to Harry anyways? Remus told me Harry has been starving himself and rarely sleeping.”

Once more Tracey cringed at her actions. She never considered how much she affected Harry. Recalling their first night together, Harry had trouble sleeping due to bad nightmares. Since they have been sleeping in the same bed he had been getting a peaceful nights rest. With a tired sigh she closed her eyes and berated herself on how selfish she was acting.

“Mum it’s been over a week since I talked let alone seen Harry. He told me he loved me and I ran scared. I didn’t know what to do.” Tracey’s eyes started to well up with tears.

Jezebel watched her daughter for a moment before coming to a decision. “Stand back young lady. I’m going to come through.”

Tracey did as she was told and within moments her mother was stepping out of the fire place. She ran to her mother and hugged her tightly as she started to cry. Something Tracey had not done in years but found it to be relieving.

“What am I going to do mum?” She asked.

“Well first off we need to find Harry and make sure he is alright. Then we are going to sit both of you down and talk about this. Oh and happy birthday sweetie,” she gave her a small smile as she led Tracey out of the library.

Together they searched the house but couldn’t find Harry anywhere. When they asked Willow who was looking a bit forlorn, she informed the women that Harry was in the tower. Not knowing where it is Willow led them to a set of stairs that popped into existence in the master suit at a click of her fingers and showed them upstairs. There Harry looked a bit emaciated at his lack of food. Willow had been forcing him to drink water but there was only so much she could do. He smelled from a lack of bathing. On a nearby ledge, Hedwig who had been watching over Harry again like before looked to the two women with pleading eyes to help him.

Jezebel gasped at the sight of Harry and rushed over to him. What little medical spells she knew she casted over Harry and didn’t like what she saw. She looked over at Tracey who was crying and keeping a respectful distance.

“Tracey go and floo Remus, get him to bring some nutrition potions. Then get some soup made for him. Just liquid, his body can’t handle solids right now.”

Tracey nodded as she ran off to floo Remus. Willow who had heard Jezebel popped off to do as she was told. She was very worried for her master. With a levitation charm Jezebel took Harry downstairs to the master suite and cleaned him up with magic the best she could before putting him in bed. Willow returned with some tomato soup and gave it to Jezebel. Remus arrived and gasped at the sight of Harry. Jezebel nodded to Remus to start giving Harry the potions in his hand.

“Is…is he going to be ok?” Tracey asked in a meek voice.

Turning to look at her daughter she went over to her. “He’ll be fine honey. But right now we need to get him fed up a bit. He’s extremely undernourished and must have been up in that tower for a few days now.”

“It’s my entire fault,” Tracey spoke in barely a whisper.

Jezebel gripped her daughter’s shoulder and looked her in the eyes. “I admit you did play a part in this sweetheart. But I don’t think it’s entirely your fault. He seemed to have been plagued with nightmares before you two got together. This was bound to happen before you two met. He should have been taken to St. Mungos to see a mind healer after what he’s been through ages ago.”

Both women watched as Remus forced fed the tomato soup to Harry. After a while Harry didn’t fight Remus’s attempts as much. Both were relieved that it was a start to get Harry better. When Harry finished Jezebel went over to Remus and took him outside to talk which left Harry and Tracey alone in the room.

Tracey timidly watched Harry who was watching her in return. While the cleaning charms did their jobs in removing his smell and dirt, his hair looked like it could certainly use a shower. With a bit of fear in her she went over to the side of the bed and sat in the seat Remus vacated.

“Hi,” she spoke in a weak voice.

“Hi,” his voice cracked from lack of use.

“I’m so sorry for what I did.” Her already puffy red eyes were welling back up with tears. “When you told me you loved me. I didn’t know what to do. I guess it fortified the future from changing and I really was going to get married when I turn sixteen.”

Harry’s arm reached over and took Tracey’s small hand into his and held it weakly. “Tracey I’m just as scared as you are.”

Tracey gave a disbelieving snort. “You scared? I thought you were all for this wedding.”

Harry frowned at her. “Before all this I never properly kissed a girl before. Cho was crying all the time and I never knew how to handle it. Pretty much the only affection I have ever known was the rare hug Hermione used to give me. I’m scared stiff. I have no idea what our futures hold. I don’t even know if we’ll survive this war. And if we do, I ask myself will I make a good husband? Will I make a decent father if I have kids? I’m no longer fighting just so that I can survive. Now I have the added worry if you’ll survive as well.”

Tracey’s heart flooded with love for the man she was looking at as he confessed his deep fears to her. So caught up in herself she never considered the impact the situation was having on him. He has faced horrors that she hoped to never come across and stood up to them. Tracey realized now that she could hurt him worse than Voldemort ever could and it now scared her.

“I’m sorry Harry. I never meant for this to happen to you.” She gave a sad chuckle. “Look at me.” She wiped the tears from her eyes. “I’m crying all over myself like some damn Hufflepuff.”

Harry gave her a small smile. “Yeah I know. It’s horrible that you’re no longer the sarcastic Slytherin I fell for,” he teased which caused them both to chuckle.


Over the next several days found the couple growing closer. Tracey remained with Harry every moment she could nursing him back to health. Jezebel who took a habit of stopping by once in a while to check on them couldn’t help but smile.

The morning they were suppose to get married found Harry watching Tracey sleep peacefully next to him. He couldn’t help but admire how beautiful she looked as she slept. He reached over to caress her face and brush a few stray strands of hair out of her face. The contact caused Tracey to wake and when she saw Harry she smile.

“Hey.” Harry smiled.

“Hey.” She leaned forward and kissed him.

“How did you sleep?” He asked.

“Mmmmm. Heavenly,” she grinned and kissed him more.

Over the last couple days they had been slowly letting their hands explore the other’s body as they tried to comfortable for their wedding night. When Harry’s hand errantly slips under her shirt and touched one of her breasts he pulled back in fear that he went to far. When he looked at Tracey all he saw was her amused eyes.

“It’s ok,” she whispered. Slowly she took his hand and put it back under her shirt onto her stomach. Little by little his hand started to move across her skin and Harry began enjoying how smooth her skin was. When his hand touched her breast again he watched her for a reaction and when he didn’t get one except for a smile, he started to caress her chest. The response was a pleasant moan that escaped Tracey’s lips.

“I love you,” Tracey said hesitantly. It was the first time she uttered those words to him aloud and it scared her. But her fears seemed unfounded as he gave her a gentle smile and kissed her.

“I love you too.” He replied. Relieved and swimming in each other’s love, they spent the next several hours getting more intimately acquainted with each other’s body. Neither could wait for the evening to come.


Harry looked out into the group of people sitting and waiting for the ceremony to begin. People were still chatting over the magical binding ceremony as they had only just arrived from the ritual room at the Ministry. He didn’t see what the big deal was. The only things he noticed happen was he and Tracey spoke vows while Amelia chanted in an old language and conjured ropes of light around their joined hands. Harry got lost in his memory of how he felt standing there and giving his magical oath to his bride.

“Upon my magic I stand before thee heart and soul. To commit myself to my other half in life and death. My magic which protects and defends myself and others expands to include my other half until my dying breath. My magic becomes ours and I become yours.” Harry vowed.

“Upon my magic I stand before thee heart and soul. To commit myself to my other half in life and death. My magic which allows me to perform with great skill and ability expands to include my other half until my dying breath. My magic becomes ours and I become yours.” Tracey’s vow returned.

As Amelia conjured the last rope of light, white magic started to swirl around the young couple until the audience was blinded by it. A soft voice of a phoenix sung in the room as the light started to be absorbed into the pair. When it was all over Harry and Tracey stood only inches from each other and seemed to have not even noticed the disturbances that just occurred. So lost in each other’s eyes they never noticed the looks of awe on their audience’s faces. Nor the fact that both of their eyes were giving off a soft glow.

When the muggle wedding song began to play Harry’s mind returned to his present situation. Turning to look at the precession coming up the isle he was amazed at how beautiful Tracey looked in the gown she only just bought the previous day. He looked at Neville who was standing next to him as his best man. He seemed to be trying not to look at either Susan, who was participating as the maid of honor or Tracey. When Harry glanced at Luna who was watching everything and writing it down could swear he saw a small smirk on her lips when she looked at Neville.

Remus, Tonks, Tracey’s parents and the Weasley twins who had closed their joke shop for the day sat at the forefront of the church. The twins were making a show at dabbing their eyes with handkerchiefs. Behind them sat Augusta Longbottom and Amelia Bones looking proudly at Neville and Susan standing with Harry and Tracey. But when they weren’t beaming at their young charge they were swatting at the twin’s heads to get them to behave. The rest of those present consisted those Harry ‘trusted’ from his study group from last school year.

What Harry didn’t know as he was too busy focusing on Tracey and the preacher who had begun speaking. Was the dozen hidden people stationed around the church. Their primary duty was to protect those vowing to god to be there for each other and protect each other. But each one took the time to enjoy the small but beautiful ceremony. As Harry and Tracey exchanged rings the invisible figures raised their swords in salute.



Our esteemed colleagues in news at the Quibbler have informed the Daily Prophet that one Harry Potter is set to be married this week to a Miss. Tracey Davis. Our sources at the Ministry of Magic confirmed Mr. Potter and Miss. Davis are marrying under a marriage contract made back before Mr. Potter’s parents were killed by You-Know-Who. Mr. and the future Mrs. Potter have yet to be found for comment but young witches everywhere shall be heartbroken at this tragedy.

“A bit behind on the times aren’t they.” Harry mumbled as he tossed the Prophet aside before starting to read that day’s edition of the Quibbler. Tracey rolled her eyes at her husband and picked up the discarded paper to read.

Wedding of the Ages
By Luna Lovegood

This reporter was lucky when she received her invitation to the wedding of Mr. Harry Potter and Miss Tracey Davis. While the location and time of the wedding will remain secret the other details were allowed permission to be told to the world.

It is obvious to most one would consider the Boy-Who-Lived to one day end up having an extravagant wedding with dignitaries and celebrities alike in attendance. It was not somewhat surprising to those that know him that the wedding was fairly small. Madame Bones was asked to oversee the binding ceremony and wed the young couple. As from what I understand, Madame Bones was said to be the only high Ministry official Mr. and now Mrs. Potter trust. This is not really surprising since Minister Fudge and his lackeys have slandered Mr. Potter’s name throughout last year.

Close friends and family were the only ones invited to the small but beautiful wedding. Tracey Potter wore an elegant white gown that I have been told is very popular among muggle brides. Harry looked very handsome in his black dress robes. What surprised me most of all in his appearance was the sight of a sword and sheath tied to his belt. The ornate gold hilt with red rubies really added that personal touch to his appearance.

In honor of their muggleborn parents and muggle ancestors, the pair had not only gone through the magical binding ceremony. But as well as a muggle ceremony held at a muggle church. The pair who stood with the married couple was one Neville Longbottom and Susan Bones who were the best man and maid of honor for the muggle portion of the wedding.

When I asked them what their future plans were this was their response. “We plan to finish our schooling and fight against Voldemort and his Death Munchers. With luck now that the Ministry has finally acknowledge hi s return they will get around to doing something. I would much prefer not having to fight and rather live my life instead.” spoke Harry. “The idiot Fudge is a fool for not acting sooner. They need to get off their ass and do something or get the hell out of the way for people that are.” Tracey spat.

When asking the Minister to comment, he tried to have Harry and Tracey Potter arrested on trumped up charges. Much to Fudge’s embarrassment, Madame Bones who had witnessed the pairs interview found no merit in following through with Fudge’s orders. For further wedding descriptions or about Fudge’s attempts to subvert the truth look inside.

Harry smiled as he folded up the Quibbler and took once last glance at the picture of him and Tracey standing together on the church alter. “Not bad. It’s much better than the Prophet. Luna is likely to only get better with reporting in time.”

Tracey grinned. “I certainly like how Luna leaked the news that we were set to be married the same day she prints her article. It made the Prophet look bad by making it seem like its printing stuff too late while making the Quibbler look good. I never knew that little Ravenclaw could be so Slytherin.”

“I seem to find myself surrounded by Slytherin,” Harry teased his wife to whom he got a kiss on the lips and a smack on the back of the head in return.


Dumbledore was not happy one bit. Not only were his plans going up in smoke, but he had to listen to three children complain every chance they saw him. To top it all off he was finding any future attempt to coerce Harry into his way of thinking falling apart before he could even start. Staring him in the face were smirking faces of Harry and Tracey Potter who were glaring at him on the front page of the Quibbler.

But what confirmed it for him was the letter that Tracey Potter sent that morning with Hedwig.

Headmaster Dumbledore,

I have read in Hogwarts: A History that rooms were set aside in Hogwarts for the founders and their families. I’m sure you already know Harry is Godric Gryffindor’s descendent due to the sword Harry pulled from the sorting hat. As such, upon this coming year due to the educational decree of 1202, married couples are allowed their own private quarters. To which myself and my husband will not be staying in the Gryffindor or Slytherin dorms, but in Gryffindor’s private suite.

Tracey Potter.

He was very unhappy. He had no way of keeping an eye on Harry in the founder suite. It was becoming obvious to him that Tracey’s Slytherin cleverness was planning their actions. He had to make sure she wouldn’t find out that Harry could take control of the castle and wards away from him or he would be done for as headmaster.


Amelia Bones walked into the common room at Bones Manor and spotted a cloaked figure sitting stone still in one of the chairs. While such an incident would have startled her into firing curses first and asking questions later. She kept a cool head as she looked over at her unidentified guest. The shimmering forest green cloak was a dead giveaway to her on the identity of her guest.

“You’re lucky my niece didn’t come in here before going to her room Jovon. She has gotten very skilled on fighting from what I’ve gathered.” A small proud smile at her niece’s accomplishment came to her lips.

“That is not surprising given who her teacher was. He has the warrior spirit of his ancestors in him. You could probably describe the young Potter to be the reincarnate of Godric Gryffindor.” Jovan pulled his hood back to reveal slick back black hair that was in a ponytail which reached mid back. His black eyes seemed to be void of emotion. The most notable trait however was the pointed ears.

“It is almost time to return to Avalon.” Jovon in a seemless move that showed no flaw pulled the sword from his sheath. The glowing ruins on the blade gave off a soft gold color.

“I know,” She replied as she pulled aside the family tapestry to reveal a hidden compartment. Amelia pulled her sword out which looked similarly decorated to Jorons. But while his had carved Elvin wood for its hilt, her hilt was formed from a unicorn horn with woven hair from the unicorn’s main to give it friction to hold onto. The ruins on her blade also glowed a similar color. She knew when the glow turned white they were to return to the castle of magic where the Army would reform after being apart for so long.

“I have already contacted Alexander across the great sea. He is already starting to organize his people.” Jovon spoke as he watched Amelia look over her sword that had been passed down in her family for generations.

“We are going to have to be careful here Jovon. While our ancestors led the people in this land in the past, those in charge won’t take too kindly to our presence once we reveal ourselves. I just hope I can keep my little Susan from ending up on the front lines.” She sighed and placed the sword back into the secret compartment. “People will be scared at first. They have forgotten the Army of Justice and Light. To them the Army of Ages is just a forgotten myth.”

AN: While I am loathed to even attempt to write a lemon chapter. The next chapter will contain some erotic content. However it will not extend beyond the R Rating. Also the next chapter will contain an interlude into the mind of Hermione Granger and revealing her fall from grace.
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