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Phantom of the opera and Jack are fighting...Why? And how Christine is involved?

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"Ahh sex god is here", Ali jumped up and hid behind my back.
"Where?", I took off my mask and stood on my toes to gain better view ahead of me.
"There", she stuck out her arm and waved.
I smiled, "OK".
"Go talk to him", she pushed me forward.
"About what?", I looked at her puzzled.
"About me", she shrieked like she can believe I dare to ask something so obvious.
"Oh right", I shrugged and wondered off to look for Cole.

I found him standing alone in a corner scanning the room with his eyes.
"And who are you supposed to be?", I slapped his arm playfully.
"The phantom of the opera", he whispered with something close to what I pictured the phantom sounded like, "You?".
"Christine actually", I swirled on the spot to show him my costume.
"Soul mates think alike", his blue eyes sparkled. I swear the sparkle was mesmorizing, it's like you could stare into them forever.
I nodded, "You make a good phantom".
"You're just beautiful", he smiled sweetly.
"Aw thank you", I blushed and looked down.
"Let's go somewhere quieter", he winced when some sunflower threw up all over the table next to which we stood.
I made a face as well at the the puking sunflower and nodded.
Cole grabbed my hand and led me upstairs.
Yeah, I know, I'm not stupid! I know what you usually do upstairs at parties like these but Cole's not like that. We're just friends!
Cole tried a few doors, still holding my hand. Some were locked, some occupied.
He finally found an empty bedroom, I was surprised it was empty, it had all you need for a romantic quick party fuck, a bed, a door and a light switch.
Cole let go of my hand and turned on the light, he looked around the room smirking, "Umm yeah, cozy".
I chuckled nervously, what I really know about Cole? I mean, most of the times we went out, I was too wasted to understand what he was saying, I know he's polite, has nice eyes and went through the trouble of returning my boot.
So he returned my boot...Is that a reason to stay here at the isolated fuck room with him all alone? I should just go back to Alison.
But I didn't. I figured it would be rude to leave so soon, I didn't want to hurt his feelings.
So I stayed, standing awkwardly by the door, "You don't enjoy the party?".
He shook his head, examining the room, "I don't like loud parties. I'm more quiet night in type of guy".
I smiled, nodding, "I know the guy who throws the party. nice guy".
Random much?
"Yeah, Eddie something. Haley's cousin", he walked over to stare out of the window with his back turned on me. I pressed myself to the wall like a scared mouse.
I recalled the reason I was actually there, "'re here alone?".
He turned around, smiling shyly, "Yes. And you?".
"Just with Alison", I shrugged against the wall, "Remember my friend?".
he looked puzzled.
"The girl you met in the coffee shop the other day", some more blank staring, "With the green hair?", some blinking.
How many people with green hair did he know?,"You know when you returned me back my boot?!".
"Ohh", he nodded, remembering.
"Thanks for that by the way", I gave him a wide smile.
"Don't mention it", he sat on the edge of the bed.
More silence. I fiddled with my mask, feeling his eye on me.
"She's nice", I muttered.
"Who?", Cole looked like I woke him up or something.
"Ali", I said.
"Oh yeah", he nodded slowly, "She seems nice".
"She is", I mumbled, "Very nice. You gotta talk to her sometime".
"Will it make you happy?", he asked casually.
What the fuck?
"Um...I guess", I frowned.
"Then I will", he shrugged.
"OK thanks", I smiled, "She's here tonight".
"Who?", he wore his puzzled expression again.
"Ali", I exclaimed.
"Cool", he licked his bottom lip and it sparkled in the dim light.
"Do you want to go look for her?", I shifted my weight from one hand to another, still standing by the door.
"In a while".
"So...Um...Why did you came with Ali?", he asked
"Cause she's real nice. And she owns her own instrument store", it was her dad but what the hell, "And you know she's so talented and smart and funny", I carried on with the kissing Ali's ass campaign, allowing myself to pace a little, "And believe it or not she doesn't date anyone", Wait...that sounded bad like she's a nun or can't find a date, "Well, she did date one of my best friends a while ago but not anymore", Oh great mention the ex, "It just didn't work out. He's out of the city more than he's in, you know, and she's such a catch she needed to be watched", Great..Make her sound like a cheater too, "I mean you know, she needs someone to be there. If I was a guy I would be all over her", Now, that bit was genuine, "So...Um I bet she won't stay single for much longer...So umm if I was a guy, I would've seized the moment".
Cole looked...I don't know how we looked but he kept starring at me, his eyes wide and month hanging slightly open, I guess I really impressed him with all that Ali talk. And I thought I suck at speeches, "So let's go find her", I motioned to the door, better seal the deal while he's so impressed and not distracted.
"Come sit", he patted a spot where he wanted me to sit next to him.
I walked over and sat there, the minute I did he got closer, "So what such a beautiful girl does all alone in a party like this?".
"She's single at the moment but she came with a friend", I winked.
Guys are so weird, one minute he doesn't even remember her and the next she's beautiful?
"Every queen needs a maiden", he ran his eyes over me.
Now that's rude! I might not be as beautiful as Ali but I refuse to be referred to as the maiden.
Bah! But I gotta score this for Ali, she haven't had a date since Ray dumped her and that was ages ago, and besides Cole's the first guy she was that excited about.
I gotta score her this date even if I'm labelled as the maiden, "And every queen needs her king".
"I bet she has these kings line up for her", he sighed, looking into my eyes.
Must we be that dramatic? Queens? Kings? Just ask her out, dude!, "Yeah, but she's looking for the right king".
"She's so wonderful and wasn't able to find a guy?", he moved his hand closer to my hand on the bed, "I don't believe it".
"She's picky", I shrugged, "She won't fall for any kind of guy. She needs someone special. Someone like you"
"Really?", he looked like I just told him he won a million dollars.
Ali deserves admiring dude, she's really unique, "Yeah"
"Am I that special?", he leaned a little bit forward.
Awwww he's insecure that a girl like her could love a guy like him, "Of course, Cole", I stroked his hand, "You're nice and funny and smart and handsome and you know how to treat a girl. Any girl would be lucky to have you".
"Even the most beautiful girl in the party?", he took my hand in his.
He never appeared to be the shy insecure guy...But what do I know, most of the times I was around him, I was wasted beyond belief, "Particularly she, Cole. She thinks your special".
"And I think she's special", he smiled and looked down at my hand.
"Aww Cole", I cooed at him, "But you gotta do something about it".
"And you think she'd go with me?", he squeezed my hand.
"I'm positive, Cole", I leaned a little to whisper in his ear, "and she told me a little secret".
"What secret?", he whispered back in my ear.
His breath sent chills down my spine, it was warm and...ughh focus!, "She told me she thinks you're hot".
"Really?", he brushed his lips against my ear.
I felt alarmed but you know, accidents happen, "Yeah".
"I think she's beyond hot", he got closer, "I think we will good together.
"I think so too", I breathed out, I was so hot...I mean literally, it felt like all the air was drained from the room, and I haven't seen Gerard in a while so I haven't been that close to a guy for weeks and weeks...It was such a rush, my whole body went on high alert and blood flooded to my head.
"You do?", his lips brushed against my cheek.
Accident...Again? The reason they call it accident it because it happens once without a warning but um...Twice?...Maybe he's an accident prone, "I do".
All of the sudden he grabbed my chin and turned it to him, I froze with shock.
What the fuck!
And that exactly what Ali wanted to know when she flung the door open.
I jumped off the bed, "Ali".
Her jaw hung open, and eyes popped, she was holding her mask limply in her hand, "How could you?!"
"Ali I did it for you!", I gasped. I mean, I know what it looked like but I did the whole thing for her.
"For me?!", she yelled, "You little bitch! You did it for me?".
Cole stood up behind me and put a hand on my shoulder, we both turned to look at him in rage, "Don't call her a bitch".
I shook my head.
Ali laughed bitterly, "You pretend to be a little innocent nun but you're nothing but a whore! Sleazy back stabbing slut!", she left the room with the trail of her green hair behind her.
The room went blurry behind the wall of tears began forming in my eyes.
A whore. A slut. A bitch.
These words rang so many bells I had to shut my ears, but it didn't cut the mustard, they were inside my head. Echoing.
My mother's voice interfered with Ali's voice. Both screaming.
A whore. A slut. A good for nothing bitch.
Maybe they were right. If one person say that, it doesn't mean shit but when two people who doesn't even know each other think that...There's probably some truth in it.
"Baby, are you OK?".
For a moment I thought Gerard was here but I opened my eyes to see Cole and I lost it. Completely lost it, "What the fuck were you doing??".
"I...I.. ", he mumbled, "I just wanted to kiss you".
"And who the fuck said you could", I began to cry. I felt dirty but sluts gotta be used to it. I wanted Gerard so badly it hurt.
"You said", he looked confused, "You said you think I'm hot, that I'm special".
"No!", I roared, sobbing hard, "Alison said that".
"But..What?", he crushed on the bed.
"Alison", I held my head in my hands, "The girl that was there. She's crushing on you".
"then why did you say these things to me?", he looked hurt.
"To let you know she liked you", I wailed, "You called her a queen, the most beautiful girl in the party".
"No", he shook his head, "I was talking about you, Skyler".
It caused me to sob even harder, "But I was talking about her. I'm married".
His jaw dropped, "You're...Married?"
I nodded, "To Gerard Way, the love of my life".
He wrinkled his forehead then laughed like he's relieved, "Aren't all girls".
I frowned and wiped my face with my hands, "He's my husband, Cole".
"He's that singer, right?", Cole stood up sharply.
I nodded, "yeah. I'm married to him".
"cut the shit, Skyler", he barked at me, "if you don't want me just say so. you don't have to make up stories".
"But I'm not making this up", tears streamed down my face again and I felt like shit for letting him see me cry, "I'm married to him".
"Sure and I'm married to Angelina Jolie", Cole shook his head.
"No, see?", I flipped him my wedding ring finger, "But it's a secret no one supposed to know".
"Including him?", Cole smirked at me.
"I'm not lying", I dropped on the bed, "It's true".
"You're a liar", he snapped at me, "I get the hint, OK? You don't have to marry celebrities", he was about to storm out of the room when Frank appeared in the door way.
He was the only one home. He was sick the past week and the guys decided to let him spend his birthday home. I didn't even know he came, I left him an invitation but thought he'd rather stay home with Janet.
He was still pale and weak but you couldn't tell partly because he wore make up and partly because he looked so angry, he didn't even looked like Frank.
He glanced at me crying on the bed and on Cole at the door, "what did you do to her?".
"Out of my way", Cole growled at him.
Frank was like 5 inches shorter than Cole, and Cole was ex boxing champion, fucking jock, he could knock Frankie out with one touch.
"What did you do to her, motherfucker", Frank pushed Cole into the room.
Cole was surprised but it didn't take him much time to recover and he charged at Frank.
I jumped up and ran to stand between them. They squashed me between them, pushing and glaring, "Stop. Stop!"
"What happened here?", Frank grunted, "Alison said you were fucking him"
Cole let out a snort, "As if..Apparently she's married to Gerard Way".
Frank blinked at me.
"I had to tell him something", I shrugged.
"To stop him doing what?", Frank resumed the pushing.
"Fucking her smoking body", Cole said sarcastically and rolled his eyes.
I had to physically push them apart, "Fucking stop!".
"Back off bitch", Cole grunted at me. Or maybe at Frank cause he glared at him when he said it but I'm pretty sure he meant me.
Well Frank just exploded, he pushed me out of the way and literally jumped on Cole knocking him to the floor.
He straddled him and just punched like there's no tomorrow, they both got tangled in Cole's cape. Then Cole reached out and grabbed Frank by the throat, Frank turned red and started chocking and coughing.
After I got past my first sensation of overwhelming fear, I rushed to drag Frank off Cole.
I finally managed and hugged Frank, that way neither one of them would be able to hurt the other.
Cole scrambled to his feet, bloody nose and eyebrow, "This isn't the end of it, motherfucker!"

I began sobbing hard. Frank hugged me, he was breathing heavy, "Shh sunshine. Tell me what happened so I can kill that son of a bitch".
After I calmed down a little I told him what happened, Frank kept shaking his head all through the story.
"What?", I sniffled.
"How you manage to put yourself through shit like this every single time?", Frank rubbed my back and used his Jack costume to wipe my tears away.
"I thought he was talking about Alison", I shrugged pathetically.
"Oh and that Alison chick!", he cried out, "The fucker comes running to me the minute she sees me to tell me you're cheating on Gee! Now don't get me wrong, I don't believe you could but she's supposed to be your friend! Not sell you out the second she can"
"No Frankie", I shook my head, "That was my fault"
"Sky", he pushed the hair that stuck to my face away, "You have even lower self esteem than Gerard. Friends don't do shit like that. Friends lock themselves in rooms with motherfuckers just to set you a date".
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