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Turning of the Tide

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The Gaurdians retake Hogsmeade.

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A/N; I was going to add more to this chapter, but I need to rethink about certain events I'm planning to add to this story.

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The night before Christmas Vacation came up, the Order of the Phoenix began their meeting to address the upcoming war against the Dark Forces.” I been talking with the Potters, about the retaking of Hogsmeade, and I believe we have a working plan.” McGonagall informed an unsure looking group.

“Well what is this plan, and what are the chances of it working!” Someone rudely barked out, while getting some glares from his neighbors.

“Actually there is a ninety percent chance we can pull this off, but the main thing we need to do is place special Runes at the outskirts of the Village, and along the path to Hogsmeade.” Harry started as he got the group attention.” These Runes will help spread out the Wards around Hogwarts to include Hogsmeade.” Harry finished as the Order Members gave it a thought.

“Mr. Potter, will the Wards weaken if we do this!” Shacklebolt quickly asked, as the Guardian shook his head.

“No the Runes will actually strengthen the Wards enough to be stretch without losing its original strength.” Harry informed an impress Auror.

“Then when should we go ahead with this plan?” Tonks quickly asked, as the Guardian picked up a small bag.

“Tonight will be perfect, this bag contains fifteen two-way Portkeys that will take you to the locations I need the Runes to be place.” Harry informed everyone, and soon fifteen volunteers came forward to get a small object. “To make sure you all are safe, I set the Portkey to again activate twenty seconds after arriving, so I suggest that you all drop this Rune the on ground as soon as you arrive at your destination.” Harry suggested as he gave out a small stone with a Rune etch into it.

No less then two minutes all fifteen Volunteers disappeared from the room, and then reappeared twenty seconds later, all gave the Guardian a thumb up, they had accomplish their mission.

With all Volunteers safe and sound, the Guardian smiled.” Well I suggest that we take a rest for now, and tomorrow we head to Hogsmeade to help return the village to its original state.” Harry happily suggested, and the Order quickly agreed before leaving the office.

As the Order started leaving, the Headmistress looked to a Guardian.” Excuse me Harry, but I need your advice on student matters.” McGonagall quickly asked before her professor could leave.

“What is the problem Minerva?” Harry worriedly asked as he and his wife sat before the Headmistress.

“It appears that a student that came from a Dark family wants sanctuary from Riddle.” Minerva informed a started Guardian.

“Headmistress, care to tell me who this student is?” Harry could only ask as the doors opened for a greasy hair Wizard, and a young blond Wizard.

“That will be Mr. Malfoy Mr. Potter.” Snape hissed at the Guardian, as he and the younger Wizard walked in.

“Mr. Snape are you sure Mr. Malfoy can be trusted?” Harry unsurely asked while getting a glare from the former professor.

“Potter wouldn’t have your Wards answered that for you!” Snape snapped at the startled Guardian.

“Yes the Wards would have, but Malfoy was the last person, I would have guessed that would not be sent to my Crystal Prison.” Harry snapped back at the Potion Master, before turning to the younger Wizard.” Mr. Malfoy what are your plans, are you going to fight for the Light or stay neutral.” Harry firmly asked, as the stuck up Wizard looked to him.

“I will not be a goody too shoo and make friends with Muggle-born’s, but I will defend myself against the Dark Lord so call Death Eaters.” Malfoy defiantly informed the Guardian.

“I’ll expect no less from a Malfoy.” Harry sighed, as he looked to his one time rival and nemesis.” But what do you want for Sanctuary here?” Harry firmly asked as his rival looked to him.

“I just want to be free of the Dark Lord's influences, and a place where my family can be protected.” Draco sincerely informed the Guardian.

“Your family, isn’t your father a full supporter of the Dark Lord?” Harry quickly asked, as his rival sighed before speaking.

“My father was, but after being sent to Azkaban Prison he began to rethink everything, and when he saw the results of the so call Dark Lord plans, he knew this isn’t what he wanted, and he isn’t the only supporter that thinks this.” Malfoy nervously informed the Guardian.

It took a few minutes before the Guardian could digest everything the young Wizard had informed him, and once a decision was made he looked to him.” Mr. Malfoy send a message to your father, and tell him I will give sanctuary to anyone that will stand against the Dark Lord, all he needs to do is pass my Wards without triggering it.” Harry firmly informed a wide-eye Wizard.

“What would happen if my father triggers the Wards?” Malfoy worriedly asked, as the Guardian looked to him.

“Right now the Wards are in defense mode, which means it will just capture anyone with Dark intentions, so if your father has no ill intent towards anyone in the school, he should be able to pass the Wards, and if not, he will be automatically sent to a holding cell until I can talk to him.” Harry warned and the younger Wizard nodded.

“I understand when you will be expecting my father.” Malfoy now calmly asked.

“Tell your father to come in two days, and either way he gets here, the Headmistress and I will be waiting to personally talk to him.” Harry informed an accepting Wizard.

“I will inform my father immediately, and thank you professor.” Malfoy informed the Guardian in a surprising polite manner, before leaving the office.

With the departure of their student, the Guardian looked to another.” Mr. Snape is what Draco is saying the truth?” Harry quickly asked, as the Potion Master looked to him.

“From what I seen during the last meeting I attended, that would be a yes, I know many of the Dark Lord supporters is not too happy with him, but since the Dark Lord will kill them without a second thought, they are all too frighten to leave him.” Snape dryly informed the Guardian.

“Then I guess in two days, we will know whose Draco’s family supports, but I do hope it will be us.” Harry sighed before he and his wife decided to call it a night.


Many of the citizens of the Wizarding village awoke to a startling sight as a large number of Wizards and Witches were trap in bluish shields, yelling at the Villagers to release them, but since those who were trap, was the cause of the many problems in the Village the free Wizards and Witches were just laughing at the trapped.

No sooner as the inhabitants of Hogsmeade discover their new found freedom, a couple dressed in white Robes, followed by a large group of Wizards and Wizards dress in golden Robes walked into the Village.” All good citizens of Hogsmeade today mark the turning point of the Dark Times we are in!” Harry simply called out, after placing a Sonorus Charm on himself.” For now and forever after today, the Village will no longer play host to Dark Wizards, and who ever is foolish to try to enter, you already seen the results.” Harry informed the now shock inhabitants.

“What about our Wands!” Someone yelled as another quickly interrupted.

“Forget our Wands, what’s going to happen when He who must not be name hear of this, we are going to be in bigger trouble then we are now!” Another inhabitant quickly yelled, while getting similar warnings, until a loud bang shot out from the Guardian’s hand silence everyone at once.

“I know your fears, but the new Wards around Hogsmeade and Hogwarts are hundred times more powerful then ten Dark Lords put together, so I assure you, we will be safe.” Harry firmly informed the now calming group.” And as for your Wands, Ollivanders had set up shop in the school my friends behind me will escort you all there!” Harry informed the villagers, and slowly they came forward to follow the selected Order members back to the school.

It was a tiring day, as the Guardians and Members questioned well over fifty supporters of the Dark Lord, and immediately they went into a newly created Crystal Prison, that the Villagers decided to make into a Memorial, that celebrated their freedom.
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