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Malfoy arrival and the fourth Horcruxe.

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A/N; I know I sort of rush threw this chapter, but I wanted to get threw the meeting of Malfoys quickly, since I really didn't want to write about him.

Also I don't own Harry Potter and please review.

Hogwarts DADA Classroom

Class was in session as a messy hair professor worked with a group of fourth years, when a crystal on his desk glowed brightly.” What the…” Harry thought as he rushed over to the crystal and looked into it.” Ok this is not good.” Harry thought as he spied some forms in the Crystal and then looked to his worried wife.” Catrina head to the Holding Cells we just caught eight possible Dark Wizards, please check them out while I’ll head towards Hogsmeade with Minerva to meet the others that came with them.” Harry quickly suggested, and his wife nodded before turning to the class.

“Sorry to do this but we have an emergency, so now you will have free period, but homework will be a twelve-inch parchment of what we been studying.” Catrina quickly informed her students before rushing out of the room with her husband.

Hogwarts Entrance

A messy hair professor met up with an Elderly Witch, whom looked firmly at her colleague.” Harry is you expecting trouble from the others?” McGonagall worriedly asked, as the Guardian shook his head as they walked towards the village.

“No the Wards would’ve captured all of them, but I do think we should be ready for anything.” Harry warned and the Headmistress nodded as she placed her wand in place where she can get to it with out trouble.

Hogsmeade path

Halfway towards the Village, several Horseless Carriages met up with a group of Wizards and Witches, all look apprehensive about this meeting.” Mr. Malfoy, I guess you are here for Sanctuary as your son wish for his family?” Harry firmly asked the elder Wizard as he and his Headmistress stepped out of the carriage.

“I am, and my follow friends are also seeking Sanctuary.” Malfoy informed the Guardian in a polite manner.” But I would like to know what happen to the others that disappeared from my group the second they stepped into the Wards?” Malfoy firmly asked, as the Guardian looked straight into his eyes.

“Like I told your son Mr. Malfoy, the Wards are design to captor those with unfriendly Dark intentions towards anyone in the Wards, so they were immediately sent to our holding cells, where my wife is right now interrogating them as we speak.” Harry informed a startled Wizard.

“You are married, so what my son wrote is true.” Malfoy knowingly asked, and with a nodded from the professor he continued.” Interesting I don’t recall seeing the youngest Weasley marriage certificate in the Ministry records?” Malfoy dryly asked.

“Ginny doesn’t have one since I didn’t marry her.” Harry informed the elder Wizard, as he gesture the group to the waiting carriages.” And as to my Certificate, I got married to my lovely wife in another place, so I doubt you will find any record of my marriage here.” Harry informed the Wizard with a shrugged.

After a few minutes of riding, the Elder Malfoy again spoke up.” Mr. Potter I am wondering what is you expecting of us, while we are here?” Malfoy dryly asked, as the Guardian lean forward to look at the Elder Wizard.

“Nothing much Mr. Malfoy, you can stay neutral or help our side in this war with Tom, BUT I only asked that no one would cause trouble between the Muggle-borns, Half-bloods and Pure-Bloods, we all are equals here.” Harry warned and the Elder Wizard nodded.

“Fine I will keep my beliefs to myself Mr. Potter.” Malfoy dryly informed the Guardian, as the Carriage came to a stop and they all stepped off to head into the school.

After a short meeting the former supporters return to Hogsmeade to settle down, and the eight Wizards captured sent to the Hogsmeade Crystal Prison.

Headmistress Office

A day had passed and on the start of the Holidays two Guardians was making plans for their capture of a certain Locket with the Headmistress.” Harry is you sure you two want to do this by yourself?” McGonagall worriedly ask a determined looking Guardian.

“I’m sure both Catrina and I will be enough to get the Locket, since we can go in the Ministry invisible in our cat forms, and then flashed out of there without worrying about the Wards .” Harry calmly informed an accepting Headmistress.

“Fine then Harry, but please promise me you both are careful, since I don’t want to try hiring a new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher yet.” McGonagall smiled as did the Guardians.

“Don’t worry so Minerva, I will make sure my husband comes out in one piece, or there will be hell to pay.” Catrina grinned as her husband shivered.

“Don’t forget Catrina, you also have someone else to worry about.” McGonagall firmly reminded the mother to be.

“Actually with the many spells I got on my unborn child, I think she is more protected then I will ever be.” Catrina smiled as she rubbed her stomach, which her pregnancy was not yet showing.

“True, but please be careful, I wouldn’t want Kat to grow up like he father did.” McGonagall warmed as the couple cringed at the thought, before deciding that they should get going.

.Ministry of Magic

In the busy Atrium, no one notices two cats stalking about, one was a pure Black winged cat and the other a petite Reddish cat, both seem to follow a floating Crystal that is glowing brightly as it hovered about before them.

As the two cats reached one of many lifts, they stopped to hear some Wizards talking.” Did you hear the Dark Lord isn’t too happy about the traitors.” One spat out as he finished speaking.

“I know, but I was surprise that Malfoy had turned sides, I had thought he was fully committed to the Lord?” Another unsurely suggested,

“There was a few that I wouldn’t have believe would turn against us, but at least now we know who can’t be trusted, and soon they will pay once the Dark Lord Curse Breakers find a way to destroy that blasted Wards that is protecting both the school and Hogsmeade.” Another spat out as the others smiled at the thought of what the punishments the Dark lord will inflict on them.

“Actually how close is the Lord is to weakening the Wards?” One quickly asked.

“To tell you the truth, it still might take months, since he did lose several of his top Dark Curse Breakers when we lost Hogsmeade.” One spat out but before they could continue, the lift arrived and a toad like Witch wearing pink Robes and a look that demanded respect walked out.

“Why are you just standing there, get to work or I will report you all for slacking off.” Umbridge sweetly but rudely informed the cringing group before they all quickly left.

With the Rude Witch alone, the black cat turned to his companion.” Head back to Hogwarts I will take care of Um-bitch!” Harry angrily hissed, as his wife nodded.

“Please be quick, I will be expecting you back in ten minutes.” Catrina firmly warned, before disappearing in a flash of blue light.

With his wife gone, the black cat glared at the Witch that had tortured him during his fifth year.” There is only one way to do this without getting into a huge mess.” Harry thought as he grinned at a thought.” Yes that would work, and if Kat can do this, I guess I can too.” Harry thought, as he got ready and immediately sprinted toward the Witch to go behind her and ran up her back while digging his sharp claws as he climbed up.

“What the….” Umbridge screamed in pain while quickly attracting attention, but before anyone could do anything, the Witch disappeared in a blinding light.

Headmistress Office

The Headmistress was waiting for an hour when a flash of light caught her attention, and immediately a reddish cat appeared.” Good to see you back Catrina, but where is your Husband?” McGonagall greeted as the cat flashed into her human self.

“Harry should be back in a few minutes, but first I need to check on something.” Catrina firmly informed her Headmistress before flashing out of the office to the Headmistress surprise.

A few minutes after her professor left, another flash revealed a toad like Witch in pink Robes, struggling against something on her back.” What ever you are, wait until I get my hands on you!” Umbridge yelled in rage, as she danced about trying to get to a cat on her back.

“Incarcerous!” McGonagall quickly yelled to wrap ropes around the unwanted Witch, while the cat quickly jumped off the dancing Witch.

With the Witch tied up, the cat flashed into a messy hair Wizard, whom glared at the now shock Witch.” Potter, but it can’t be the Dark Lord killed you!” Umbridge stuttered out in fear, as the Guardian glared at her.

“My death did not happen, but unfortunately that is something you will not learn why!” Harry spat out as he waved his hand and a silver locket flew out of the Witches Robes to her astonishment.

“Give me back that Locket rightfully belong to me!” Umbridge quickly yelled in rage, as the Guardian snatch the Lock in mid air.

“I don’t think so Umbridge, since I know you stole that Locket from another thief.” Harry spat out, as he place the Locket on a desk, and shot a bluish beam at it, causing it to glow brightly, immediately a loud scream was heard and soon it was over.” Finally just two more Horcruxes left.” Harry sighed at the thought.

Once the Horcruxe destroyed, the Headmistress looked angrily to the Witch.” Umbridge, I’m glad to see you here, since now we can put you where you belong!” McGonagall firmly informed a glaring Witch.

“Like you can do anything to me, I AM fully protected by the Ministry!” Umbridge pointedly pointed out.

“Actually Umbridge since this school is no longer under control of the corrupt Ministry, we can do anything we want.” Harry informed a glaring Witch.

“And what can a lying attention seeker brat can do to me!” Umbridge angrily asked.

“You still believe the lies the Ministry been sending out two years?” Harry firmly asked a glaring Witch.” No don’t answer that, I already have enough of your stupidity!” Harry spat out, as he waved his hand making the Witch disappear in a flash of blue light.

With the Rude Witch gone, the Headmistress looked to the Guardian.” I do hope you didn’t imprison that fowl creature with the school children?” McGonagall worriedly asked a grinning Guardian.

“I‘m hurt Headmistress McGonagall that you would think I would torture the imprison students.” Harry pouted before continuing.” Actually I already had a special prison set up for that Witch, a prison that will suit her quit well.” Harry evilly grinned, causing his Headmistress to look unsure if she wants to know, what the Guardian had plan for the Witch.

Crystal Prison IV

In a flash of bluish light, a Toad-like Witch fell into a Desert like setting.” Ouch, oh wait until I get my hands on that Potter.” Umbridge yelled, but stopped as she felt the sand.” This doesn’t feel like sand.” Umbridge thought as she sniffed at the sand, and her eyes went wide.” This is Kitty Litter, what am I doing in Kitty Litter!” Umbridge thought just as she spied hundreds of cute little cats about her, immediately they all were hissing madly at the Witch.” Oh…” Umbridge started before the cats pounced on her

Headmistress office

With the Rude Witch gone, the Headmistress turned to her professor.” Harry where did your wife go, she just left without saying anything?” McGonagall firmly asked a worried Guardian.

“If I know my wife, she is trying to find some Dark Curse Breakers in our Crystal Prison in Hogsmeade, since they were sent there to break into our Wards.” Harry warned a now worried looking Headmistress.

“This is not good, Dark Curse Breakers uses very Dark and destructive spells to break into Wards, and not caring of the consequences of their actions.” McGonagall worriedly informed a knowing Guardian.

“I know, but I’m not worried about my Wards, they should handle almost anything the Curse Breakers can throw at it.” Harry started but a flash of bluish light got the two attentions.

With the arrival of his wife, the Guardian greeted her. “Catrina dear, did you find them?” Harry worriedly asked, and the young Guardian nodded.

“I did, since the Curse Breakers were easy to find.” Catrina smiled as she was hugged by her husband.” All I needed to do was setup some simple Rune traps which attracted them like flies.” Catrina smiled at her clever plan.

“Yes that would do it, a Curse Breaker would never miss a chance to undue a Rune Trap.” Harry smiled before changing the subject.” Speaking of Curse Breakers, did you learn anything about their plans?” Harry worriedly asked, and his wife looked grimly at him.

“I did, they were placing a Power draining Rune on our Wards, and I’m afraid it’s permanent, there is nothing we can do to remove it.” Catrina gravely informed two shock professors.

“Catrina are you sure about this, there must be something we can do?” McGonagall worriedly asked an equally worried Guardian.

“I’m afraid there is nothing we can do until our Wards dropped.” Catrina warned as she sat down.” Only then we can put up a new Ward, which I’m afraid will take us hours to put one that is strong enough to defend the school.” Catrina warned, and the two professors looked grimed.

“Catrina dear, what if we place a new Ward within our old Wards?” Harry quickly suggested, but his wife shook her head.

“It will give us more time, but I’m afraid the Ward Weakening Rune will start to affect every Ward we put up.” Catrina gravely informed her husband.

“Then we have no choice, we need to find the last two Horcruxes before we lose our Wards.” Harry gulped, as his wife looked to him.

“Then it’s a good thing we got at least two to three months to do it, and I would suggest we start here in Hogwarts, since that is where you had found a Horcruxe in the other Dimension.” Catrina suggested, and her husband quickly agreed.

“Minerva, I think we better call the Order together and we can start our search immediately, I will supply the Soul Detectors to everyone, luckily I can make as much as needed.” Harry suggested as his Headmistress agreed.

“In that case I will call a meeting for tonight, and hopefully we can start early tomorrow morning.” McGonagall quickly suggested, as she got things underway.
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