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New Guardian

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A New Guardian arrive at Hogwarts.

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A/N; First of all, I never planed on doing this, this idea came to me when I was playing around with this and my other story, and somehow it stuck in my mind of trying to add the idea.

Second, she was brought here at the time when everyone thought she died at the finale battle, so her stay will not be permanent, and sorry about the cliff hanger, I need more time to work this out.

In addition, I do not own Harry Potter and please review.

Animalia School of Animal Guardians

A large toad like human sits at a desk smiled as a four-year-old messy dark hair child appeared before him. ”Um who are you, and where am I?” The small child worriedly asked.

“Young one, I called you here since I can use your services to help a former student.” Toadias smiled as the child look puzzled.

“My services, what about my brother, I can’t just leave him?” The young child quickly asked, as the Toad like human looked to her.

“His powers at this moment are too weak to support you, but I can temporary bind you to another until your brother can.” Toadias kindly suggested as the little child look worried.

“How long will I be gone from my brother?” The little girl sadly asked.

“I can guarantee that no matter how long you spend away from your brother, only a week will pass for him, so he won’t miss you too much.” Toadias kindly informed a slowly accepting child.

“Ok what do you want me to do, and who am I being bonded too?” The little girl firmly asked, as the Toad-like human smiled, before giving her all the details she will need.


At the start of the Holidays, the school seems empty with almost all of her students returning to their families, leaving those in hiding from the corrupt Ministry to keep watch over the school.

Orphan’s Wing

In a special part of the castle, a large room was set up for the young Orphans of the war against a certain Dark Wizard, there a happy four-year-old messy hair girl smiled as she played with others her age, until a red hair Witch called upon her. “Kat dear are you having fun?” Molly kindly asked as she gathered some snacks for the kids.

“Yes Grandma Molly I’m having lots of fun, but when mom and dad coming to pick me up?” Kat worriedly asked.

“I don’t really know dear, since your parents are helping the other adults so you might not see them all day.” Molly reminded the now sadden child. ”Oh don’t be sad, your parents should be back before you go to sleep, so you can spend some time with them before your bedtime.” Molly kindly suggested, and the little girl nodded, hopping it would be soon.

In no time the little Guardian was playing with the other kids, until a startling presence mad her turn to see a little girl sitting across her, she was a mirror image of her.” Um hello, do I know you?” A puzzled Kat asked a smiling child.

“No we never met, my name is Clover Lakeshore, and your Uncle Toadias sent me here.” Clover smiled at the now wide-eye child.

“Are you from the school my parents went too?” Kat happily asked, but the little girl shook her head.

“No I never went to that school, unfortunately I had learn to use my powers the hard way to protect my brother whom I was a familiar too.” Clover sadly informed her friend, while wishing she did had Animalia knowledge so she could have protected her brother and friends better.

“Oh don’t be sad, maybe you stay and play with me.” Kat smiled as did her new friend.

“Yeah I would like that.” Clover happily smiled as she scooted closer and started playing with the other kids.

Not far from the children, a startled Witch heard what the new girl had said, and couldn’t believe what she heard,” Another one, Harry got to know about this.” Molly worriedly thought as she gestured to some Witches to tell them that she will be back.

Hogwarts Hallways

In the strangely quiet hallways, groups of adults and older teens were scurrying about the school searching for one or two Dark objects, when a couple quickly stopped as their Crystal that was on their wrist glowed. “Great I hope Kat is not in serious trouble.” Harry worriedly thought as he lifted his wrist to his face. “Harry here, ok Molly what did Kat do now?” Harry tiredly asked.

“Actually Harry, Kat been an Angel since coming here, but I’m calling you because she got a visitor from the school you went too.” Molly worried voice sounded from the Crystal.

“What but how.” Harry quickly yelled getting his wife attention.

“Harry what is wrong?” Catrina now worriedly ask.

“We got a visitor from Animalia, Catrina we need to head to the Orphan’s Wing now.” Harry quickly informed his wife before running down the hallway with his wife in hot pursuit.

Orphan’s Wing

As the parents stepped into the room, they both were shocked as they saw not one but two identical daughters playing together. ”Um dear, we only had one child right? “ Harry worriedly asked his equally shock wife.

“Yeah one child, I would have known if I had given birth to two.” Catrina shockingly informed her husband, as both quickly sat on a child-sized chair looking very faint.

After the couple fell to the chairs, a Witch quickly went up to them.” Harry, Catrina are you both alright?” Molly worriedly asked two ready to pass out Guardians.

“We will be once we stop seeing doubles, so where this person from Animalia is?” Harry shakily asked.

“The person IS the double you both are looking at Harry.” Molly informed a wide-eye Guardian, whom just pass out from the shock. “Um Harry…” Molly quickly called out as she bent down to check her surrogated son.

“Let him be Molly, I need some answers to why she is here.” Catrina gulped as she got up and went to the children.

As the Guardian stepped before the children, she did a quick scan and sighed in relief since she could pick out her daughter, but unfortunately her scans also told her the new girl was a Guardian.” Um hi Troubles.” Catrina smiled at the hurt look on her daughter, before she jump onto her mother.

“MOMMY look at my new friend, she look exactly like me.” Kat excitedly informed her mother, quickly forgetting what she called her.

“I can see that dear, and what your name is dear.” Catrina gently asked as she looked to the new girl.

“My name is Clover Lakeshore, and I’m a dimensional traveler like your Harry.” Clover smiled as she stood before the Guardian.

“Why do you look like my daughter?” Catrina only could ask as she digested what the child just said.

“Because I am not from your Dimension, I’m from another where Guardians are created when a Powerful Wizard is in need of us, and I was created to be Harry’s Familiar for that Dimension.” Clover started and sat down to explain about her world.

When the young Guardian was done with her story, the older Guardian sighed as she closed her eyes to calm herself from all the information the child told her.” So you telling that Toadias saved you when you sacrificed yourself to save Harry from your world, to become this Harry’s Familiar?” Catrina guess but the young Guardian shook her head as to say no. ”Wait a minute if not Harry then are you mine?” Catrina quickly guess, but got a no also. “Then who did Toadias want you to bond too unless…” Catrina stopped as she quickly realized whom their Headmaster wanted the new Guardian to bond too.

“Yes Guardian Catrina, I was sent here to be Kat’s Familiar, so she will be well protected.” Clover smiled as the older Guardian passed out.
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