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Ravenclaw Diadem

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The fifth Horcruxe is found.

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A/N; Sorry I know I did this part quickly, but I wanted to get this search over with so I can concentrate on my plans for Clover and the trouble the Guardians will be in with her around.

In addition I do not own Harry Potter and please review.

Hospital Wing

As night fell one of two couples groaned, as he slowly sat up from his bed. "Oh what happen?" Harry tiredly asked no one in particular.
"I would have to say we just had twins thanks to Toadias." Catrina groaned as she carefully sat up to see her wide-eye husband and soon started telling him what the young Guardian told her,

Once his Wife informed him of the events that gave them twins, the husband loudly groaned. "Twins, we barely can handle one child, what Toadias thinking was sending her to us." Harry complained as his wife sighed.
"Actually how much I hate to say this, we could use Clover help, at least in her Dragon form she will be able to help protect the school, and at the same time keep Kat safe." Catrina suggested as her husband reluctantly agreed.
"I guess if you put it that way, another Guardian here will help us a great deal." Harry sighed in defeat as the door opened for a not so happy Headmistress.

Once the Headmistress entered and stood before the Guardians, she gave out a long sigh. "Now before I scold you both for letting a monster into Hogwarts, I think the DA Members might have found the location of a Horcruxe." McGonagall tiredly informed the two hopeful Guardians.
"Where is the Horcruxe Minerva, I will get right to work on destroying it?" Harry quickly asked as his wife looked worriedly to her Headmistress.
"Oh forget about that Harry!" Catrina firmly started as she turned to her Headmistress." Minerva what did Kat do now?" Catrina quickly asked as her Headmistress sighed.
"Kat and her look-alike set off some Dungbombs in the Orphan's bathrooms, and unfortunately it will take us a while to clear out the smell." McGonagall informed two groaning parents.
"Minerva we are so sorry for our Daughter's misbehavior, and not to worry we will go to the Bathrooms once we leave here, since we have a good deal of experiences with removing Dungbombs smell." Catrina sighed as she and her husband reluctantly got out of bed.
"In that case I will tell Hermione to meet you in the Orphan's Wing, and good luck in removing the smell." McGonagall cringed at the thought before leaving the room.

Orphan's Wing

After using some powerful Scent Charms, the Guardians had no trouble removing the Dungbombs smell, and soon were meeting up with their friend in the hallway. "Professor's Harry, and Catrina, I heard about your recent addition, when are we going to meet her?" Hermione smiled, as her professors looked unsure about releasing their now two troublemakers into the world.
"I'm sorry Hermione, but I'm afraid no one can't see Kat or Clover, until Molly un-ground them, which I'm sure will be for a long, long time before they are allowed out of their rooms." Harry sighed as he informed his best friend.
"Then in that case, I got information about a possible Horcruxe." Hermione excitedly informed her professors.
"That is good news, so what is it Hermione and where do you suppose Riddle hide it?" Harry interrupted before his friend could go into details of how she found out about the object.
"Fine then, I think it is the lost Ravenclaw Diadem, since I got information that it was once in a Romania forest." Hermione quickly informed her professors.
"The same forest Riddle was in when he was still in his spirit form." Harry guess after giving it a thought. "Yes that is a possibility, so Hermione do you have any clue to where it is?" Harry asked after a long thought.
"If memory serves me right, didn't Dumbledore say that Riddle came back to Hogwarts after disappearing for some time, maybe he hid it here during that visit." Hermione suggested but looked unsure.
"True but where would Riddle hid the Diadem, we probably search the entire school already, and since no one came to me about finding the Horcruxe, I'm guessing it still was not found." Harry guess as his friend confirm it.
"You are right Harry, but still maybe it's in a place that magically protected, like the Chamber of Secrets?" Hermione suggested but her friend shook his head.
"No the Horcruxe was not there, since that was the first place I check, unless." Harry stopped as he slapped his forehead just as he remembered another place. "The Room of Requirements, Hermione did anyone check there?" Harry quickly asked as his friend frowned.
"I don't believe I forgot the room can change into anything we want, Riddle could have easily used the room to hide the Diadem." Hermione yelled, since they had been using the room to continue the DA.
"Then lets get going Hermione, that Horcruxe, must in that room." Harry hurriedly informed his friend as he rush out of the room with the others following.

Room of Requirement

After a number of tries, a door appeared before the small group. "Finally lets hope this is room we are looking for." Harry thought as he open the door, and he smiled as his once clear Crystal started dimming. "Ok this is promising, Hermione tell the Order and DA members we might have found the Horcruxe, so they can stop their search." Harry smiled since he was one-step closer to stopping Riddle.
"Harry are you sure, this might not be what we are looking for?" Hermione suggested but her friend shook his head dismissing it.
"I know for certain Hermione, please go and tell everyone I found the Horcruxe." Harry ordered and his friend quickly left his side, while he and his wife entered a large room filled with nothing but junk.

After a few minutes of walking about the room, one of the couple sighed. "What a mess, Harry how are we going to find the Diadem, even with the Soul Detector I doubt we will spot it in this junk." Catrina complained as she kicked some junk about.
"Come on let separate since we will have a better chance of finding the Horcruxe." Harry sighed as they gave each other a good luck hug and disappeared around all the junk.

After fifteen minutes of searching, a yell from his wife got the other Guardian attention. "Harry I think I found it!" Catrina yelled, and her husband rushed around all the junk to see his wife pointing up a very tall shelf. "Harry I think the Horcruxe is somewhere up there somewhere, but I can't pinpoint it with my Soul Detector." Catrina complained as her husband looked up at the very tall shelf.
"There is only one way to do this, I will change into my cat form to fly up there, hopefully I can get close enough for the Soul Detector to show me where the Horcruxe is." Harry suggested before turning into a black housecat with golden wings, and started flying up to the shelf.

After zigzagging for almost ten minutes about the large shelf, the cat grinned as it knocked over a round object, which fell into his wife hands. "I think this is the Ravenclaw Diadem." Catrina thought before quickly dropping it as it on fire. "Darn it Potter, you could have reminded me it was still a Horcruxe!" Catrina scolded as she rubbed her hands from the coldness she felt from the Dark object.
"I'm sorry my dear, I didn't mean for you to catch it." Harry quickly apologized as he waved his hand at the Horcruxe to send a blue beam at it, within seconds an unearthly scream sounded as it glowed blue.

Moment later the couple walked out of the Room of Requirements to find their friends and professors waiting for news. "Harry, Catrina was you mission successful?" McGonagall worriedly asked the nodding couple.
"Mission accomplished Headmistress, and I think you know where this should go." Harry smiled as he pass a now Horcruxe free crown.
"The Ravenclaw Diadem, I thought this was lost for centuries!" McGonagall shockingly asked the Guardian.
"Well I'm guessing Riddle must found the Diadem on his journeys, and turn it into one of his Horcruxes when he realized what he found." Harry suggested, as he turn away. "You better keep that in a safe place, since we still need one more Horcruxe to find before we can get rid of Riddle." Harry tiredly suggested, leaving the others looking in awe at what the Headmistress was holding.
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